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15 Book Confessions

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge Day 1:
15 Book Confessions

So a few minutes ago I was procrastinating from working (omg code that isn’t working is so annoying) and spotted April’s 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge. I probably won’t do all the challenges in the next 15 days, but I figure I can spread them out a bit too ;-). It’s a completely chill challenge, so you should sign up!

Now on to my confessions….

1. I buy books just to have the pretty covers that I can pet whenever I want. There is no room on the schedule to read them any time soon, but at least I have them to look at!

Addicted to buying books

2. I have a horrible “grass is always greener” problem with books. A book on my shelf is always more tempting than the book I’m currently reading (unless the current read is freaking fantabulous).

3. I don’t mind mismatching series or incomplete series on my bookshelves; I just want the books I haven’t read yet.

4. I have several review books that I got when I first started blogging that I haven’t reviewed yet and I feel horrible about it. I just never feel like reading them since there are so many new and shiny books to read.

5. I used to dog-ear pages, but I’ve completely stopped since I started book blogging. I still have a hard time keeping books nice if they come on trips with me though.

6. I always bring my science brain into a sci-fi or fantasy. I’m happy to suspend disbelief, but the system has to be internally consistent and I want all the details about it.

7. I grew up in a home with bookshelves filled to bursting everywhere and didn’t feel at home in my apartment until I had two bookshelves mostly full. I haven’t had to move since then though and I’m a little nervous about that….

8. I like to organize my shelves by how much I want to read a book/how urgent they are. I have a shelf for old ARCs that I probably won’t get to and a shelf for omg exciting shiny purchased books and ARCs that haven’t been released yet.

9. The books I want to read soonest/I am most excited about get to be on the shelf that I can see from my couch because they make me happy to look at.

10. If I am not liking a book a lot but still want to finish it, I start speed reading and don’t bother to try to figure out a sentence I didn’t understand.

11. I’m afraid I’m going to be judged by that previous confession D:

12. I’ve only purchased 3 Kindle books after owning my Kindle for more than a year. I have so many freebies and eARCs that I never feel the need.

13. I’m not willing to spend more than a few dollars on Kindle books; I’d rather spend the $10-20 to get a physical book.

14. I can never like a romantic interest that starts out mean or abusive. I don’t like bad boys and always end up liking the nice guy of a love triangle better.

15. At this point in my life, I’d rather read than anything else, which has been proving problematic for getting research done.

Whew, some of those are a bit weird, sorry! I was worried about hitting 15 for a bit there, but I figured it out ;-). What do you think of my confessions, do you have similar problems or opposite? Link up if you are doing the challenge too :D.

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings– Anya

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  1. I agree with you completely about a fantasy or sci-fi world needing to be internally consistent! A book doesn’t have to be believable in relation to our world, but it disrupts my suspension of disbelief if it’s not internally consistent.

    • Exactly, it’s hard for me to articulate that sometimes when I’m reading a book about fantasy creatures and then complain that it isn’t realistic, haha

  2. Jenn @ A Glo-Worm Reads says:

    I also don’t mind having mismatching books for the series, for the most part. Some series I have to have matching, although I’m growing out of that. And I used to dog-ear all the time :(

    I never buy books for my Kobo, just the freebies and earcs here

    • I never actually realized dog-earing was bad until I started blogging and saw someone else commenting on it. Then I was like… uh-oh!

      • Jenn @ A Glo-Worm Reads says:

        I never knew better when I was little. Then I started using any scrap of paper for bookmarks. Now I have a million bookmarks, so use them!

  3. I have the worst case of “grass is always greener,” too. Unless the book I’m reading is seriously amazing something else will inevitably catch my eye. I don’t even want to think about all the books I’ve abandoned halfway through over the years. I never buy books for my Kindle either. The reason I got it was just for e-galleys. I would almost always prefer to be reading. And I don’t at all judge you for your speed reading confession. :) Great post!
    -Natalie @Natflix&Books

    • Whew, I’m not the only one! For a while I was worrying it was because I wasn’t in love with reading anymore or something D:

  4. Hahahaha yessss I love petting books too, I need to own certain books just so I can always look at them.


    I love how you organize your shelves especially the part about having the books you are going to read next right in view, I think that’s a great idea.

    Number 14 YES. YES. This.

    Thanks for joining in, your confessions were great!

    • Exactly! If a book makes me happy when I look at it, it seems to be obvious that I should own it so I can always be happy :D

  5. Oh my Gods OH MY GODS!! I laughed so hard, I cried. I so get you (and now I want to do this). I love this! #1 – All the way, girl.

    • Yey!!! Let us go pet our books together. Sometimes I want to make a pile and dive into them, but then I worry about bending covers :(

  6. I’m a bad book owner. I don’t dog ear pages but I do break paperback spines. I can always tell the new books from the old by the spine. (Did I read that yet? Spine isn’t creased, I must not have….)

    • Oo, I totally forgot about that! I’m horrible about breaking spines. I didn’t actually realize it was a thing to avoid until I started book blogging, hehe. I’m working on it now though, but with some of those paperbacks you can’t freaking read the inside words without breaking it :(

  7. Guilty of #4 too.

  8. Number 2 is so me haha. I just buy books with the eventual intent to read them (but not really), but they do look so amazing on my shelf. *so pwetty*, plus if anyone comes over and wants to borrow them, I just hand them over! I like playing the librarian XD

    • I love playing librarian! I love encouraging friends to read since a lot of them think they’re too busy, but I shall tempt them to the dark side, mwhahaha

  9. I have the same “grass is always greener” problem! It is particularly bad when I lend books out. I want to read them as soon as they have left my hands, haha!!

    No judging on #10 :)

    YES YES YES #14

    • “distance makes the heart grow fonder” haha!

      Thank you for not judging me :D And yey, I’m not alone!

  10. #2 and #8–oh my goodness, are you me? It’s especially awful when I can tell I’m not going to like the rest of the book and I end up just thinking about the next book I can pick up. And my old ARC shelf is shaming me with all of its titles. Hopefully we can get to them soon!

    • Hehe, *looks in mirror* I think I’m still me, but you might be me >.> dun dun dunnnnn

      To try to deal with the old review copies, I’ve been slipping one in a month in the schedule, this is the first month I’m trying it though, so we’ll see how that goes, haha

  11. “15. At this point in my life, I’d rather read than anything else, which has been proving problematic for getting research done.”

    I’ve reached the conclusion that if I become independently wealthy, I’m probably going to end up devoting most of my daily life to reading. And loving every second of it!

    • Omg, that is my day dream…. but I do actually really love what I research, it’s just more frustrating than reading sometimes, or all the time…

  12. I definitely have some of the same problems you do! I plan on doing the challenge

    and have my list half made out already, but won’t be posting it for a few days. I

    already have other posts scheduled I’m too excited to get out there, and don’t want

    to double up on any of the days (to be nice to people’s readers).

    #2 is why I am constantly juggling 4+ books in different genres.

    #3 I agree with totally. I actually like them mismatched, gives them more character.

    #6 I would bring my cooking brain into novels as well except I haven’t read many involving food. The ones I have get my chef brain suuuuper excited over food descriptions, especially sweets or unusual things.

    #7 yes, books everywhere! Enclopedias, novels, dictionaries, comics, everything!

    #13 I can’t justify spending more than a few dollars for a digital file of something either.

    #15 yes! Especially if “reading” includes reading book blogs. :D

    • I was trying to figure out how to get things to fit in and then was like, meh, I had a guest poster today, so I can do a post myself too right?? ;-) I’m thinking I might compact a couple days together since I’m not sure how much I’ll have to say about some of it, hehe

      2. I know I’m having problems though when I have multiple books in the same genre, hard to keep track of everything then!
      3. Yes! Exactly, I liked bookshelves that are all crazy since it reminds me of home ;-)

      13. Yeah, it’s something about not having anything I can actually show for it that bothers me…

      • Haha there you go, always a way to work things out. :) I might end up having to combine some days myself, but I’m unsure so far. I haven’t tried writing out posts for any of them beyond the first day yet (although I really should get on that!).

        #2 – Oh I know, it’s nearly impossible! If you’re reading a bunch of the same genre just one at a time, I think they start getting confused after a while. I haven’t read much YA yet but it seems like authors put out a *lot* of books, and put them out quickly, and really like to follow trends. I can see how it would be easy to mix them up. The only time I read ones in the same genre is when I’m reading pastry books but those are impossible to mix up.

        #13 – That and I think also it seems like you aren’t getting your money’s worth. An entire novel is what, $10-$15 now? And a novella at $3-$5, when it’s not even a quarter of the length of a novel. The proportions get skewed there and half the time they aren’t that great.

  13. We definitely have some things in common! I used to dogear the pages of my books too…bad reader! I also speed read when I’m not especially enjoying a book and want to finish it quickly. Great list!

    • Whew, I’m glad I’m not the only one who speed reads! I’m quite glad I learned how to do that to get through some of those 2-star books, but I also worry I’m not giving the book its due D:

  14. I found you via this challenge, but I’ll definitely be back! New follower! *waves*

    #4 – I’m exactly the same. I accepted every review offer when I first started (more than two years ago now) and I still have the second book I ever accepted on my TBR. It’s unlikely to be touched now, but I feel too guilty to get rid of it!

    #7 – The first thing I did when I moved out (and then back in and then out again…) was to unpack and organise my books. I had my clothes and television shoved to one side in boxes while I sat there for hours and patiently alphabetised my book collection. But hey, I like my priorities where they are, thank you! :)

    #9 – I’m the exact opposite though! I arrange my TBR by the order in which I obtained the book, with the oldest closest to my bed where I can see them. THEORETICALLY this makes me want to read them more. Theoretically.

    • Yey, thank you!!

      Oof yes, so glad I stopped doing that, since often they weren’t very high quality books either :(

      Hehe, I’m so glad I don’t alphabetize, I think I would go crazy since I would keep stopping to read >.> Though the oldest first would probably make more sense, I just get easily distract- *wanders off to read* ;-)

  15. #13 I wish they would sell them all bundled together, Hardcover, digital, and audio. That would be ideal! The hardcover could go on my shelf and stay in pristine condition, and I could either choose to listen to the audio or read the ebook.

    • Yes, that would be awesome! Or even give me a choice between audio and ebook, or do the cool sync that Amazon has…. I haven’t had a chance to use that yet, hehe

  16. I do #6 too but, with my medical brain. Completely agree with #14 and #15! Great list!

    • Hehe, that must be difficult when reading certain books, do you find yourself thinking about whether magic could be possible?

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