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15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Bed Time Reading

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge:
Day 2: Bed Time Reading Ritual

The 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge is hosted by April over at Good Books and Good Wine, check it out!

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge

I had insomnia frequently throughout my life including taking an hour or more to fall asleep because of racing thoughts. This caused me to make reading an integral part of my sleeping habits since it calmed me down the best. I always have to have fiction of some kind to read before bed and here is how the schedule usually goes:

  • Hour or so before the time I should sleep, I turn off screens and start reading (any excuse to read right :D)
  • Half hour before should be sleeping time, I brush my teeth etc and get into bed still with a book.
  • I read for however long it takes for me to get sleepy, though these days that is closer to 15 mins than the hour it used to be. There is something to be said for a busy life!
  • If the book has a scary part, or even just a vaguely disturbing part, I have to read past it. I need to end my nightly reading on as high of a note as the book can offer so I don’t get scared ;-).
  • I sometimes will stop in the middle of a chapter or page because my eyelids get so heavy that I can’t focus the words!

Because of this association between books and sleeping, I sometimes find myself falling asleep while reading even in the middle of the day, oops. I also generally don’t like reading during the day on workdays and in the morning on weekends (unless I’m working out!) since I associate reading with cozy nighttime and winding down. I worry that I would get completely out of whack if I read in the morning, haha.

So that’s my story, and a strangely personal aspect of my reading. Omg, it’s like I’m a real person >.>. Can you read during the day? Do you use books to wind down at night too or are they not as calming to you? Link me up if you are doing the challenges too :D

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings– Anya

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  1. Jenn @ A Glo-Worm Reads says:

    I’ve always used reading as a way to fall asleep when I’m having trouble with it. Lately I haven’t had trouble but when I am reading so I’ll fall asleep, I will stop mid page/chapter if I’m going to fall asleep.

    Because of this, I too struggle to read during the day without falling

  2. Love this! Reading is a great way to get me to sleep. And, if I can’t sleep, why waste that time?

    • Hehe, exactly! It was awesome when my doctor told me it was totally fine to get out of bed if I can’t sleep and go read for a couple of hours >.> Doctor said it so I don’t feel guilty :D

  3. I don’t read immediately before bed, because I have a hard time putting the book down. I read when I get home from work, and often I’ll do a book and a bubble bath though. Before bed is a great time for reading blogs, because they are much shorter than books. :P

    • Oo, book and bubble bath :D I have trouble with blog reading before bed because then I would stay up too late, hehe. I have so much harder a time closing my computer for some reason

  4. i can read during the day but i do think it makes me tired. like you i tend to read during cozy down time so i think my mind associates it with that.

    • Exactly! I also have a tendency to lose hours to a book if I’m not careful >.> Gotta get all the daytime chores done first, hehe

  5. I use books to wind down too…though I also read at various other times at night. Great post!

  6. I’m so used to reading before I go to sleep that it makes me sleepy during the day too! Which is terrible, especially if you try to read academic books that really need every inch of brain power.

    • Yes! I fall asleep so frequently when trying to read papers and textbooks…. that could be because of the writing though, or reading on the couch >.>

  7. I fall asleep if I read in the day too! I never associated it with my nighttime ritual. ALL these years and it took coming here to finally realize what thats all about. I could of been wide awake and energetic and I sit down and read a book or magazine and BOOM asleep! Same when I am on my PC too. I often fall asleep while on my pc. huh.
    Cant wait to see the rest of your posts :)
    Scandalous Bedtime Reading Rituals

    • Yey! Happy to be of service :D I promise to get around to doing the rest of them soon, I was on vacation this week so I barely opened my computer D:

  8. Hey, A blog I know is actually doing this too!

    I always tend to stop in the middle of a chapter because i’m like fixing to die…but I always try my very best to make it to the bottom of a page since I don’t use bookmarks and words on the bottom of a page are easier to find!

    Also, from yesterdays post, the way you organize your bookshelf had me laughing for like 3 minutes!

    • Hehe, that’s me! Wow, you don’t use bookmarks?? You just remember the page you were on? I read multiple books at a time so that could be tricky, but I also just have a horrible memory, haha

      Haha, you’re welcome to borrow my organization method :D

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