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2013 Bookish Goals Update

2013 Goals

Bookish Goals Update

So I made a couple of goal lists as far as book and blogging are concerned for 2013, and it’s about time I checked in on them ;-). First up are the goals from my Top Ten Bookish Goals list:

1. Read 60 books – According to Goodreads I’m well on my way to this goal and probably should increase the goal since I’m 17 ahead I think…. That will be even farther ahead once I’m through with classes and have a read-a-thon for myself ;-).

2. 3 Older Sci-fi/Fantasy – Hmmmm…. Well I read Dealing with Dragons and the first two books of The Wheel of Time series. I realize I started the first one in December 2012, but it still counts right? I’ll read another just to be fair, haha.

3. 2 Contemporary – I read The Elephant of Surprise and Geography Club. They aren’t quite the contemporary I was planning on, but still totally count :D. I probably will try one more, but I’m pretty sure I prefer my books with dragons.

4. 1 Steampunk – All right, I need help here. Does Clockwork Angel count as steampunk even though there is no steam? I was picturing this being more of a fantasy/sci-fi set in Victorian with crazy inventions, so that would count…. Thoughts?

5. Fewer Review Books/Specific Ones – I’m totally succeeding in this goal! While I’ve still been requesting books from Netgalley and publishers, they have been ones that I’m not sure I will get and am really excited if/when I do. I’ve also in general been giving myself a break on the backlog of review books I still need to read until I’m done with classes for the semester.

6. More from my favorites – This I’m still not doing great on. I wanted to fit more of my favorite authors’ older work in around all the latest and greatest releases, but I’ve been very release crazy so far. I still haven’t read The Way of Kings D: .

7. Reread – Yeah, not going to happen…. There are so many new books that I want to read and there isn’t anything I really want to reread. Maybe something will strike, but so far I’m okay letting this one go.

8. Reading Speed – I think that this has improved. I’ve certainly been reading a book in 2-3 days more often than not (when I focus on one), so that makes me happy. I’ve been able to get ahead on reviews and get some ARC reviews ready for their release dates long in advance. This definitely helps keep the stress off!

That’s it for now! There are two more lists of goals that I’ll probably check-in on at some point, but I’m feeling pretty good about how this year is going :D. Did you make any new year resolutions for your books? How are your goals going?

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  1. I’m one book behind on my Goodreads goal :( But my goal is 150 books. Last year I had to keep increasing my goal and I had 136 at the end of the year, so I think I can read more this year. I wanted it to be a challenge. You are doing great on your challenge!!

    I challenged myself to some rereads as well, so far I’ve done About to start a second one though!

    My reading speed has generally stayed the same. I can read one 300 page YA book with on and off reading in a day if it’s good. But clearly I have to look after my daughter, so can’t sit and read all day ..:P

    I like your challenge to read a few older books, I feel like I never get to the older ones anymore, they still need to be read though!!

    It looks like you’re doing pretty good on your goals so far!

    • Nice! I based mine off of last year’s as well, but I was just starting with reading so actively last year which is probably why I’m reading so much more now, haha, yey book blogging!

  2. I wish I could read husband can speed through several books in a day!

  3. Great work on your goals so far!

  4. If you are looking for Steampunk, I would highly suggest Vampire Empire. I LOVE the series.

  5. I also pledged to read 60 books this year and I’m 16 ahead of schedule. Woot! I haven’t increased by goal yet, though, because I’m not sure I’ll always have as much reading time as I’ve had so far this year.

    You have so many goals, but I like them! I also made a goal to reread some books this year, but that’s just not gonna happen. I reread one and that was enough. With so many new books to read, I just don’t have the time.

    I’m not sure that Clockwork Angel counts as steampunk, but I haven’t read that series yet. You could always read another one just to be safe. ;D

    • yeah, I wanted to keep it at that goal until I get waaaay ahead. But I’m planning to have more time to read in the summer anyway, so I’ll probably have to increase it, lol.

  6. Go for 100 books this year! That’s what I’m doing. I’m currently 2 behind, but I suspect with me being off work until my surgery date, I’ll probably be able to catch up on that pretty quickly. Besides, having read 100 books in a year is one heck of a bragging point!

    That’s pretty much my only reading goal that I set this year. Unofficially, I’m also trying to cut down on the number of ARCs I request from NetGalley, and so far that’s been a success, but I still have a hefty backlog that I need to get through, and more good books keep getting published every day! Whether or not I’m lucky enough to get a review copy!

    • I think I might have to! I’m already half way done with the 60 goal, haha. Throw in a couple of readathons and I’ll finish it before too long!

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