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2013 TBR Pile Reading Challenge

TBR Pile Reading Challenge

That’s right all! Thanks to Hannah’s suggestion, I’m going to join the TPR Pile reading challenge. I already had a goal of reading more books that I wanted to than books I had to for review, but I still have guilt issues D: . To combat those, I’m hoping this challenge will provide me a convenient excuse to read at least one TBR Pile book a month :D. I don’t want to make this add to the stress though, so I’m only going for the easiest level of 1-10 books “Firm Handshake”.

I am going to have a nice list to choose from though! There are a couple more books I might grab that I can’t think of right now, but this is the list I’ve been really hoping to read for a while!

  1. Tuesdays at the Castle – finished!
  2. For Darkness Shows the Stars
  3. The Night Circus
  4. The Cloud Roads
  5. Legend
  6. Poison Study
  7. Duplicity
  8. Searching for Dragons – finished!
  9. Winterling
  10. The Way of Kings
  11. The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
  12. The Vicious Deep (this’ll count for my mermaid challenge too!)
  13. Vessel
  14. Touch of Power
  15. Throne of Glass
  16. Throne of the Crescent Moon
  17. Girl of Fire and Thorns -finished!
  18. Gunmetal Magic
  19. Seraphina
  20. Falling Kingdoms

Update 6/21/13: These are some late additions. Some of them I read before officially joining the challenge but this year ;-). These actually have already put me over my goal, so let’s up the ante huh? I’m now going for A Friendly Hug 11-20 books.

  1. The Book of Three
  2. Of Poseidon
  3. The Dragon Reborn
  4. And All the Stars
  5. Legion
  6. Clockwork Prince
  7. Shadow and Bone
  8. Covenant of the Faceless Knights
  9. Clockwork Angel
  10. The Assassin’s Curse
  11. The Mermaid’s Mirror
  12. Royal Street
  13. River Road
  14. The Demon King
  15. Forbidden Sea

Haha, I just realized that that is nearly all fantasy…. Probably won’t get sick of it though, so many awesome books to read!

Are you joining in the TBR Pile challenge? I know I’m late to the party, but I’m excited :D. What level are you going for?

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -A

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  1. I should do this for my ARC TBR list, which seems to grow larger by the day. (I won’t even mention how many NetGalley books I have on my Kindle that I have yet to read, but I will say that if you guess the number, I’ll give you $5. :p) Best of luck in getting through some of the backlog!

    • Hehe, Netgalley is a dangerous place, I’m going to go with 37 :D

      • Not even close! :p Add about 200 to that. Then a few more, for good measure. (I have a problem! T_T)

        • Wow! Seriously?? So are you still getting approved pretty regularly? I have this fear that if publishers can see how many I have waiting, they won’t want to approve me, but it sounds like that isn’t the case?

  2. You have some very interesting books on here….I am going to look them up – thanks!

  3. I signed up for the 2013 TBR Reading Challenge but totally forgot about it :( I just found it again and so I guess I’m starting mid-year. How are you going so far with your list? I’m a huge list writer, but I find that I rarely stick to my book list when I make one, so I don’t really bother, I just write it up when I do finish.

    I’m amazed at how quickly this year is going! I haven’t really read much in my TBR pile this year as I’ve been participating in a lot of tours etc but hoping to change that, trudging through my Netgalley reviews too.

    Angelica @ Paperback Princess

    • Yey we can start again together! Hehe, that is true, I love making lists and plans and then don’t like sticking to them as much… I should make a master list for all of the challenges and goals I had, hmmmmm ;-). I actually have been purposefully avoiding reviews this year so that I have time to read the fun books in between NG books! Highly recommended, hehe

  4. I hope you like Throne of the Crescent Moon, I adored that book! Night Circus was a lot of fun too.

  5. Hannah @ Once Upon A Time says:

    Yay! Do you know what got me over guilt issues? Review copies giving me reading slumps! I seem to be back to my old tricks at the moment, but I’ve also learned that if I’m not enjoying myself – move on, else bad things happen! :D Good luck!

    • Excellent point! I’d feel better reading anything instead of a reading slump, they make me sad D: I need to give a last couple of old review books a try but I’m thinking I will probably not make it through them based on what I’ve seen so far D:

  6. Legend or Poison Study :D

  7. Oooh, look at all those awesome books in your TBR pile! And YAY that you’re currently reading The Girl of Fire and Thorns!!! Good luck on this challenge. I wish I had the time to read this many books in a month. :)

  8. A lot of those are on my TBR list..looking forward to your reviews!


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