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2014 Series Challenge – 12 Series, 22 Books, Let’s Go!

2014 Series Challenge

2014 Series Challenge!

Yup, I’m doing another 2014 challenge that may or may not be a horrible idea ;-). This one is going to be a bit more of a stretch, but series that are currently incomplete count as long as I catch up so I’m guaranteed to get at least a couple :D.

So what books in series am I going to try to read in 2014 you ask?? Take a look :D

Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson

The Way of Kings 

Love Sanderson and we’re having a read-a-long for Way of Kings in January so you should join in! I’m also on the list for a review copy of Words of Radiance so *finger crossed*.

The Edge by Ilona Andrews

Fate's Edge Steel's Edge

I bought these books for my mom and then she leant them to me and now I’ve had them for a year >.>. I’m two books in to this series of companion novels and I am determined to finish and return them D:

Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews

 Magic Breaks

I am generally caught-up with the Kate Daniels series (yes, I love Ilona Andrews, could you tell??), but Magic Breaks comes out next year and hopefully I’ll be getting a review copy! Gunmetal Magic is a spin-off but I count it so it’ll be part of this series, plus it’s another book I borrowed from my mom and need to return >.> I’m pretty sure I said this last year too….

Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs

Night Broken

I’m very much caught-up on Mercy Thompson, but Night Broken is coming out next year so I’m going to catch-up again :D. Plus, hopefully another one that I will get a review copy of!

Incarnate by Jodi Meadows

Incarnate Asunder Infinite

I hear there are dragons >.>. I have the first two books, so I really have no excuse ;-). Plus maybe I’ll find out why this girl has so many growths on her eyelids, haha!

Syrena Legacy by Anna Banks

Of Triton Of Neptune

Yes, I’ve read Of Poseidon and enjoyed it in a guilty pleasure kind of way ;-). I want to continue this series since it’s fast and the next book is coming out!

Legend by Marie Lu

Prodigy Champion

I read and enjoyed Legend a month ago and I hear it just gets better :D.

Divergent by Veronica Roth

Insurgent Allegiant

I read Divergent a while ago and keep meaning to continue. It was a bit gritty for me at the time, but my taste has shifted to grittier this year, so I’m excited to continue and kill off some characters :D.

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Throne of Glass Crown of Midnight

I started Throne of Glass on a plane once and then got distracted (it happens while traveling ya know?). However, I have both of these and am really hoping to start and catch-up with this series in 2014. When does book three come out??

The Grisha by Leigh Bardugo

Ruin and Rising

No picture for you because there isn’t one yet! But yes, I must read Ruin and Rising the second it comes out!!!

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

Dreams of Gods and Monsters

Another trilogy finale that I simply cannot wait to read *drools*.

The Archived by Victoria Schwab


Finally, I’ve been dying to read The Archived ever since finishing Vicious, and it’s sitting on my shelf, so I need to read that and then eagerly await The Unbound :D.

Whew, 12 series and 22 books. Totally doable! Now let’s just see if I stick with my plan >.>. That means I’ll be going for the Platinum Badge :D. But I’ll totally be updating with each badge as I hit it because who knows if I’ll actually manage this!

Which series do you think I should start tackling first?? Are you joining in the series challenge for 2014 (you know you want to!)??

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -Anya

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  1. I seriously need to do this! So many series that I need to challenge myself to finish, pick up or continue.
    Pabkins recently posted…Review: Once We Were by Kat ZhangMy Profile

  2. Wow, what a challenge! I’m thinking of attempting this one but am so bad at doing challenges, I’m not sure I’d do very well. Maybe I’ll try it with a small goal :)

    • Hehe, small goals are good ;-). I’m trying to focus on challenges that I’ll do at least part of them for sure anyway. I absolutely know that I will be reading some of these books because they are either top of my release wishlist or review books, haha. That gives me a nice boost ;-)

  3. Ooooh good luck with all these amazing book goals!! YAY for the Stormlight Archive and the Way of Kings read-along :D A lot of your other goals for next year are series I also want to get into or caught up with in 2014: Incarnate, Legend, the Grisha Series, Dreams of Gods & Monsters, Allegiant and The Archived! I hope we both get caught up with those in the new year! Oh and I hope you’ll ADORE Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight as much as I did!! ♥ I also quite enjoyed Insurgent – though a bit less than Divergent but I hope the reverse is true for you hehe !
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows recently posted…Review: Magic Marks the SpotMy Profile

    • So many good series!! I just got the Insurgent audiobook, so I’m hoping to get to that sometime soon. I’m curious, since I didn’t like Divergent’s darkness, but my tastes have changed so much that it’ll be interesting to see how Insurgent goes ;-)

  4. Dreams of Gods and Monster – I’m seriously dying to get. I am also very curious about the final Grishna book. I’m highly interested to see what you have to say about the Allegiance series!
    Lyn Kaye recently posted…Stacking the Shelves #68My Profile

  5. That’s a pretty hefty goal. I think good luck hardly goes without saying. ;)

    And I’d probably start with The Archived. I haven’t read it yet, but, like you, I’ve heard tons of great reviews about it.

    • Hehe, thanks! It’ll help if some of them are review books, since then I feel much more justified in reading the prequels, haha. I might end up reading The Archived this month actually, getting an early start :D

  6. I agree that I need to read Ruin & Rising right after it’s published! I hope you’ll catch up with Throne of glass, the second book is epic :) Good luck, I’m also participating!
    Mel@thedailyprophecy recently posted…Life of a blogger: Career.My Profile

    • Yey! I’m keeping it down to two challenges this year, this one and a review book one, so I’m really hoping to actually succeed this time around, haha.

  7. We have so many in common!!!! I read Gunmetal Magic this year, but I didn’t know it was part of a series O_O so now of course I have to start from the beginning. I’ve been wanting to try Of Poseidon too. May have to add it to my challenge, since obviously I don’t have enough books on my list lol! ;)
    Octavia recently posted…Stop & Chat! Drugs, sex and violence in YAMy Profile

  8. I’m doing this challenge too and it is going to be quite a challenge to finish all the series I started.
    Rachael @ Rachael Turns Pages recently posted…End of the Year 2013 Readathon Cram ProgressMy Profile

  9. What challenges are you doing? I haven’t decided on any yet.

    • I’m sticking with just the Series challenge and the Review pile challenge (post going up next Saturday) since I’m not actually a huge series fan. I like doing the ones that I would do anyway, haha.

      • I’m doing the TBR Pile one too (or at least, one of them… I’ve seen three different ones already, but they all have the same idea). I have a lot of books that I’d like to read, and some reviews that I’d promised people almost two years ago that I haven’t gotten to yet.

        I’m so so on series as well. I like it when each book in the series has a self-contained plot, and there’s a trashy pulpy sci-fi series that’s my guilty pleasure. I get irrationally annoyed though when a plot cuts off without resolution and I have to wait for an author to write the next book. If I had a super power, it would be making authors magically release the next book in a series at exactly the moment that I’m ready to read it. :)

        • Definitely a good one! I know that there is one that is for older books and one that is for review books. I tried to do the older books one this year and completely failed. I get so excited about new shiny review books, so I figured I would just go with that in 2014 ;-)

          Hehe, definitely! I most love taking breaks in between series books, therefore they need to be a complete story on their own for me. I don’t see the point in publishing a book if it doesn’t have a self-contained plot of some kind!

          • I like old books and shiny new books, which is why I tend to rotate between pulpy books from the 60s and shiny new review copies. :)

            The one I’m doing says any books from your TBR pile with a 2013 or earlier publication date. Mostly I wanna try to catch up on the older review copies that I have laying around. I’m thinking I might try to organize my bookshelves and put all the unread books together…

          • Makes sense ;-) Oo, that’s a good idea! I keep going through different organization schemes, haha

  10. Oh ya, the Geisha series is high on my list. And dispute being lukewarm to Sanderson’s series I will almost certainly read the second book.

    My personal joy is that Wooding’s last two Kitty Jay books are finally coming to the states. As is The Anxiety of Kalix, third in Martin Millar’s series.
    Nathan (@reviewbarn) recently posted…Fantasy Review: ‘Moon’s Artifice’ by Tom LloydMy Profile

  11. INCARNATE. Haha. PS, there are dragons in the novella for the series, which I just finished last night. Acid-spewing dragons.

    If you get a review copy of Night Broken and it goes missing, I’m innocent. *whistle*

  12. LeKeisha Thomas says:

    I’m really excited to start Legend soon. I was going to go ahead before the yr is over, but I’ll wait. I’m also looking forward to starting Daughter of Smoke and Bones. Good luck on your reading challenge! I completed my goal this yr for 75 books. I’m glad I only reached for 75, because I’ve been swamped with work and other things. It all worked out! *happy dance* I’m gonna go with 100 for my 2014 goal, only becausemy hours at work are “supposed” to go back to 40 per week instead of the 60-72 that I’ve been pulling all year.

    Hope your day is well. Mine will be spent Christmas shopping and tonight is our annual family Christmas party. Tomorrow I’m going to see The Hobbit!! I’m excited forthat!

    • Oo congrats!! Omg you must read Daughter of Smoke and Bone and then we can fangirl together :D Are you feeling any better??

      Omg, yey, I’m hoping to see the Hobbit with the rents when we visit next week, that way they’ll pay haha

  13. Sounds like some great books. I’ll look forward to hearing what you thought about them :)
    Happy Holidays

  14. Hmm, interesting challenge. I have a few series that I know I need to catch up on, and ones that I plan to put some focus on in the coming year, so just for fun I might join the challenge too. Can’t hurt, and it’ll give me a good excuse to check out a bunch of other reviews while I’m at it. :)

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