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5 Reasons to Book Blog

I realized one day a while ago that I had learned so much while book blogging. I proceeded to wonder just how much, and started writing them down. I ended up with five reasons to book blog, if you like reading books, since you learn such fun and useful things. Like:

  1. Designs – Despite the fact that books tend to be lacking in pictures (most of the time), book blogging uses a lot of thinking about designs. Both in order to make my blog pretty and (hopefully ;-) ) well laid out and to talk about cover design with other bloggers, you have to think about and research design! Since this tends to involve pretty colors and pictures, it wasn’t too much of a chore ;-).
  2. Books! –  Before I started blogging and following other bloggers, I didn’t really think much about how books are written. Through reading indie books, talking to indie authors, researching the publishing and promoting process, and reading fellow bloggers’ info posts, I have learned so much about the actual process of getting books written and published!
  3. Writing – This time, I don’t mean books being written. This time, I mean me writing. With the culture today, apparently a lot of kids are having trouble with basic writing skills. This is bad, and reading books is certainly useful to improve this, however actually having practice writing is way more useful. Book blogging fits both opportunities :D. While we don’t always have to be grammatical, we do want to communicate effectively to our audience, and practice makes perf better!
  4. Your Tastes – I definitely had a very limited knowledge of what was actually out there for my reading pleasure before I started book blogging. I like to say that I had an island model of reading. I talked to my parents about books, but that’s about it, and so finding new authors was a rare occurrence. When I started book blogging, I learned that I liked some YA, especially dystopia and fantasy YA. I also learned what kinds of things I should look for in books to appeal to my reading preferences, for example a really cool magic system or other fresh idea for the world of a story is a big plus for me. It’s just hard to really develop an idea of your own tastes until you start talking to other people in depth about what they like and dislike and compare!
  5. New Books! – I learned about so many new authors and books that I had never heard of that I should have when I started blogging and reading other blogs. It’s awesome! I definitely struggled at times to find new books that I was likely to like before I started reaching out to the community, figuring out who had similar tastes to mine, and keeping a GR list of books to read. I didn’t even know that GR existed before I started blogging! Shocking I know….

So that’s my list of reasons, and if you’ve ever thought about trying out book blogging, I think you should! You don’t have to try to be a big blogger (I certainly am not), you just have to like books and want to tell people about them and hear from others about them. I really think that the things I learned from book blogging and hopefully will continue to learn more than repay the time and money I’ve invested in my blog ;-). Also it’s so much fun :D!

What have you learned?? If you haven’t started yet, why not?

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Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -A

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  1. Oh I love this! I agree with all of them, and love your design, btw! It’s unique and memorable and very pretty!
    And I started reading YA around the time I started blogging (maybe a tad bit before) but I’ve discovered so many books from blogging I wouldn’t have otherwise.
    I also love that it pushes me to write. I may not be writing books here, but at least I’m writing SOMETHING and not completely losing any writing ability I may have.
    Fabulous post!

    • Thanks! I even have noticed an improvement in my scientific writing, which is a relief since it was really hard to write fellowship applications before, haha!

  2. Agree with all your reasons! I’ve heard quite a few people say they discovered YA books after starting to blog – there’s just so many great ones out there and they are quick to read! I also think it’s great that it helps us work out our own tastes… so we’ve got a better chance of picking up a book that we really love :) I’m glad you’re stll enjoying blogging so much!

    • Exactly! I probably would have never picked up YA books without blogging, since I didn’t know which ones I would like before! It’s been really nice settling into these realizations since it’s hard to keep up with blogging with school right now. I wanted to make this list to remind myself why I love it, even when things get a little rough :)

  3. I’m also a huge fan of the book blogging community. Until I started blogging, pretty much nobody that I knew read the same books as I did, so there was limited opportunity to discuss them. However, there’s a huge community of people out there who are every bit as excited about books as I am, and it still amazes me.

    • I completely agree! Also I can’t imagine all of the books that I would miss out on if I didn’t hear about them from the community :)

  4. Awesome list of reasons to write about reading books!! Writing a few guest posts has made me think about the strengths and weaknesses of books that I like (or not).

    • Totally :D It was really weird at first to suddenly be constantly evaluating what I was reading, but I feel like I’ve gained a depth that I didn’t have before :)

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