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5 Things to Know About Alix Black {The Bloodbound}

The Bloodbound by Erin Lindsey

Today I’m very happy to welcome Erin Lindsey, author of the new romantic fantasy series The Bloodbound! The Bloodbound is currently out, so after you find out a bit more about the heroine, Alix, be sure to pick up a copy :D.

Following an act of heroism on the battlefield, Alix Black is named as the king’s bodyguard. But not everyone approves of her new assignment. Alix’s commanding officer, Arran Green, voices a number of objections, descending quickly into a debate with the king. During the course of that debate, we learn pretty much everything we need to know about Alix Black.

  1. “She is a scout, not a knight.” Not just any scout, mind you – she’s the stealthiest stalker in the Kingswords. Since childhood, she’s been adept at sneaking – a born thief, as her brother puts it – and she puts those skills to good use in THE BLOODBOUND.

  1. “With due respect to her station…” Alix Black is actually Lady Alix Black, daughter of one of the six Banner Houses. In theory, that makes her one of the highest-ranking women in the kingdom. In truth, though, the Blacks are not what they once were. Alix’s parents passed away when she was only 11 years old, leaving her elder brother, Rig, to raise her. He did his best, but between them, they earned a reputation for being “wayward children”, and are no longer respected by their peers. Restoring the family name is nearly as important to Alix as it is to her brother.
  1. “She is quick-witted, observant, and skilled with a sword.” King Erik knows this better than most. When his knights were cut down at the Battle of Boswyck, Alix charged to his rescue, cutting her way through his attackers and dragging him bodily off the battlefield. She’s also proven herself to be bright and politically savvy. In Erik’s mind, this makes her ideally qualified to be his bodyguard.
  1. “She is a fledgling…” Although she’s a bit old to be in her first year of King’s Service, to a seasoned commander like Arran Green, she’s barely more than a child. At twenty-three years old, Alix has little experience of the world outside Blackhold, and though politics, culture, and swordsmanship are her birthrights, she has a lot to learn.
  1. “… and as willful as an old mule”. And here is the most important thing to know about Alix Black. Stubborn and impetuous to a fault, she’s a true child of Ardin. The god of passion rules her heart and overrules her head, and though this trait can push her to great things – rescuing the king, for example – it can also land her in trouble. A lot of trouble.

King Erik will come to learn these things for himself, and to rue some of them. As for Arran Green, he’ll learn that Alix is more than the sum of her traits.

Thanks so much to Erin for stopping by and telling us more about her feisty heroine! 

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  1. This sounds so good. I like the brother sister relationship and that she has bad traits as well as good. I’m curious to see why a lady chose to be a knight. Nice post! :)
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