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A Local Habitation Read Along {Week 1}

A Local Habitation Read Along

We’re continuing our binge of the October Daye books with book two, A Local Habitation! There’s still time to join us :D. This week we’re discussing chapters 1-8 so there will be spoilers up to that point!

1. Some familiar faces are back for book 2 (hi Tybalt!), but we don’t waste much time getting to meet some new people, most notably Sylvester Torquill’s niece, January, who is … less than upfront with Toby at first meeting. What do you think of January so far?

Hi Tybalt! I like January; it’s obvious she might be in over her head, but I think she’s trying to do the right thing and do it well. It’s understandable that she would be cautious about things until she could be sure that Toby was a good guy, especially given her inability to contact Sylvester, what is up with that??

2. Another new face is April, who’s got a rather unique back story according to Alex. What do you make of her so far, and what do you think of the merging of magic and technology that seems set to be the underlying theme in this book?

Oo April is an interesting one! It’s funny since I’m reading Revisionary by Jim C. Hines right now and one of the characters is a dryad haha. I love how they moved her to an information tree, since that totally is a data structure heavily used in computer science. As long as they stay realistic about the technology side of things, I love this combination!

3. Do any of the rest of the new faces stand out to you here? If so, who and why?

Ahem, Alex? I’m very suspicious of this brother and sister pair that seem to be able to put anyone attracted to their gender into a blubbering mess, and yet heavily annoy anyone not attracted to them. I hope that Toby still likes the guy or at least isn’t too pissed when she realizes that something suspicious is going on….

4. We get some explanation of the political situation where Tamed Lightning is concerned, and by the end of this section we’ve got a body on the ground at ALH Computing… Got any initial thoughts/suspicions/things you still want to know?

Can we take a minute to appreciate the names of these territories please? Tamed Lightning, really??? I can’t stop laughing ;-). I think something is haunting the technology because January fiddled too much with combining magic and tech! At least, that’s my first gut idea haha, probably wrong!

How are you liking book two so far??

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  1. I also enjoyed the name Tamed Lightning. Initially, it makes me laugh, because it’s lightning, which is always wild. But then I think – huh, what if we could take it?

    April and the information tree is a fascinating idea. I’m always a bit leery when an author tries to combine science and fantasy, but I’m willing to keep an open mind with this author.
    nrlymrtl recently posted…Splinter the Silence by Val McDermidMy Profile

  2. I’m very excited about this mashup up tech and magic, especially since I’m such a tech nerd myself. CS is even what I majored in in college. So, I’m bouncy about all of this. Give it to me!

    Alex and Terrie definitely stand out because of the extreme reactions they seem to bring out in both sex, and also the fact that nobody really thinks about why this it other than Toby vaguely being aware that she’s acting strangely in their prescence. After this week, though, I’ve officially put on my tin-foil hat and started with my Alex/Terrie conspiracies.

    Also, I keep wanting to sing Tamed Lightning to the tune of Greased Lightning. Tamed Lightining! Go, Tamed Lightning!
    Tiara recently posted…A Local Habitation Read-Along Week No.2My Profile

    • Me too! I’m a CS grad student :D *high fives*

      Oh god, now I’m going to have Tamed Lightning playing in my head toooooooooo

  3. April is such a cool character! My favourite thing about this book was how much Toby struggled with all the tech aspects – I guess 14 years in a fishbowl will put you behind the times, haha! This one wasn’t my favourite in the series (I don’t think it really hits its stride until book 4) but it’s definitely one of the most original single-novel UF plot lines I’ve read in a while. I’m glad you’re enjoying this series, Anya! :)
    Danya @ Fine Print recently posted…Graphic Novel Reviews: Alex + Ada Vol. 1 and Orphan Black Vol. 1My Profile

    • Yes, I really love the whole catching up with life after 14 years plot line. It’s so funny to think of how strange everything would seem to someone who missed even just a few years. It reminds me of a scene from House, MD with a coma patient that woke up and asked what an ‘ip-hone’ was XD

  4. It’s really good to be back in the world of Toby Daye! I’m so suspicious of everyone right now.. April, January, Alex and Terrie… even Sylvester! It doesn’t help that Simon is his twin!

    I love the mash up of magic and technology. Definitely makes for a refreshing read! But as you say, it could be the very thing that’s causing all the problems! I guess we’ll have to read on and find out!
    proxyfish recently posted…Read Along: A Local Habitation by Seanan McGuireMy Profile

  5. I’m enjoying this so far – I thought it got off to a really good start, in fact the story kicked in almost immediately. Apart from a few hurried moments spent with Tybalt we were pretty quickly thrown in.
    I wonder about January. I don’t trust her to a certain extent but now I’ve read your comment, yeah, why should she trust Toby? She comes across as wanting to do the right thing but also a little bit crazy somehow – a bit like she’s trying to keep too many plates in the air and is desperately trying to save face.
    Alex and Terrie are a very odd pair – it’s like they have some sort of charm ability to just schmooze whoever they choose. It’s interesting that they they’re focusing their efforts on the two newcomers isn’t it?
    I like your idea about maybe January having taken on too much by mixing fae magic and IT – it’s not something you usually see the fae dabbling in. I can’t help connecting it to the fact that Sylvester and January seem to be having their communications messed with.
    Other than that I’m clueless!
    Lynn :D
    Lynn recently posted…A Local Habitation (October Daye #2) by Seanan McGuire, readalong week No.1My Profile

    • yeah January definitely is twirling too many plates, I think she’s determined to handle whatever is going on on her own to prove to herself and everyone else that she can handle it even if she can’t…

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