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A Local Habitation Read Along {Week 4}

A Local Habitation Read Along

Final Week!

It’s heeeeeeerrrrrre! We finally know what actually happened, yey! This is our final week discussing A Local Habitation, so obviously all the spoilers ;-).

1. Alex and Terrie’s secrets are finally revealed. Was that the outcome you were expecting? If not, what theories did you have concerning the two?

I totally guessed that they were the same body shape shifting, didn’t I???? :D I was pretty chuffed that I got that right even if I was wrong on everything else xD.

2. We get Toby doing more powerful things with blood during the course of this story aside from gleaning information. What are you thoughts on this? Do you think we’ll start to see her doing more wondrous things over the course of the series?

I like that she’s trying harder magic and that it is more taxing to her to do. I don’t want her to grow too powerful since that is such a typical thing, I hope that things stay hard!

3. Did you expect Tybalt to actually show up at Tamed Lightning? What’s your take on this “not-friendship” that is developing between Toby and Tybalt? Does learning more about the cats and sensing Tybalt’s own feelings about what has occurred make you feel differently about him or see new aspects to his personality?

Yes! I assumed he was going to be showing up though I kind of wished for a more dramatic entrance to fit his style, haha. I like this actually friendship thing though I really hope it doesn’t develop romantically, there need to be more male-female friendships in urban fantasy! I’m obviously falling hard for him and seeing how much he cares about his people just reinforced that.

4. Despite being misguided, what did you think of the attempt to create something lasting for Faerie after hearing Elliot’s explanation? Is there a way to save and preserve Faerie or is Toby right that maybe its end is near?

I think it’s fascinating since virtual reality, etc, is fascinating. It makes a lot of sense if they honestly think Faerie needs saving, though I’m not completely convinced of that. There’s also the point that Toby makes and if Faerie is dying, maybe it is time for it to go.

5. What do you think will happen at Tamed Lightning now that Jan is gone? Do you think April will be able to maintain or do you think things are just getting started between Tamed Lightning and Dreamer’s Glass? Do you think others will be willing to go to Tamed Lightning after this?

I like that April has apparently decided to grow up and she seems to be doing a good job at it. I hope that Tamed Lightning can hold on, though I also kind of want April to be able to go to a safer and larger knowe so she can talk to more people, etc. I suspect Tamed Lightning is going to be a source of stress for a while here though.

6. Overall, what did you think of A Local Habitation? Did you like it more or less than the first book? Are you still excited to see where Toby’s journey leads? Any favorite parts? Least favorites? Gush as much or as little as you want.

I looooooved it! It pulled me in more than book one partially because I love the technology side of things and how much the world expanded based on that. I’m really excited to see what happens next, especially now that Toby has friends established and is back into the PI game. I loved that I couldn’t guess the mystery and that I ended up sympathizing with the villains in the end while recognizing they were wrong. There are so many directions this series could go and I’m pumped!

Can you possibly resist jumping right in to book three??

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  1. I like your thoughts on Tybalt. I wouldn’t be averse to a romance because there’s definitely some sexual tension between the two I think but having said that I would be happy for things to continue as they are as I like the banter that they share and developing it into a romance usually tends to change things in that respect.
    April had definitely matured at the end of the story – it will be interesting to see how she will develop Tamed Lighting. Their experiment didn’t work but maybe they’ll find a way of using something from their project? I wonder whether people will flood back to TL now or whether they’ll be scared to.
    I loved this one too and can’t wait for No.3
    Lynn :D
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