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A Local Habitation {Week 2}

A Local Habitation Read Along

Week 2!

Hello everyone! Welcome to week two of our Local Habitation read along :D. This week we read chapters 9-16 and things are getting interesting. Spoilers below up to chapter 16!

1. ALH is a very odd place – what do you make of it so far and it’s inhabitants? It has a different feel to the last book doesn’t it?

Very different feel for sure! There is much less omg Toby is going to diiiiiiiiiiie and more I hope Toby figures this out before people we know die, ha. I mean, I’m sad about the deaths so far, but it feels less stressful and more like a puzzle this time around. I like the oddity to be honest, it makes it fun to try to figure out what is going on, ha.

2. There is certainly a lot going on at ALH – different dynamics, what are your feelings on the people you’ve met. Anything at all about those remaining and those who have died.

I’m still suuuuuuuuuuper suspicious about the wonder siblings. It seems like it would be easy for them to use their mojo to hide from being discovered. Or perhaps it’s January that has some ulterior motivations…. We’re going to be crazy surprised I’m sure! I like Gordan and I think she’s just a red herring ;-).

3. The phone call with Tybalt. I was curious about his comment about Riordan and what do you think he intends to do next? We’re learning a little bit more about the Cait Sidhe – what do you think Tybalt’s next move will be?

Well Tybalt is clearly PISSED and I pity whoever gets in his way. I suspect he’ll be showing up guns a blazin just when Toby needs back up, especially since his being a cat puts him outside the traditional hierarchy so maybe he’d be able to get away with it.

4. Barbara – what do you make of the new evidence that has come to light with her dealings with the Duchess of Dreamer’s Glass? What is she up to?

Uh oooooooohhhhhhh! Definitely a spy, maybe a double agent who was actually just trying to help out January? I suspect we’ll find out about some deep trauma she suffered and has been seeking revenge for.

5. It looks like Toby is going to try and summon the Night Haunts? Any thoughts on how this will go and speculation about the Night Haunts?

YEY!!!!! This is what I’ve been hoping she would do all along. I mean, who else would know what is going on right?? :D It’s definitely going to happen, though I’m sure surprising things will happen, ha. But gah, I’m so excited!

6. Any guesses so far as to what’s going on?

Hmmm, too many perhaps? I will forever be suspicious of Alex, so I’ll go with him, haha.

What do you think??

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  1. You are so excited about the Night-haunts and I expect they will be so spooky!

    I also think Gordon is a red herring. Her crankiness reminds me of the Luidaeg, so I even like her a bit.
    nrlymrtl recently posted…Splinter the Silence by Val McDermidMy Profile

  2. In the event that Terrie and Alex aren’t the same person, Terrie feels like the likelier suspect. I think I’ve settled that they are probably an incubus and a succubus or whatever the fae equivalent would be. But honestly, I sort of want to stick to my guns and say they’re the same person and still some type of incubus/succubus fae creature type. However, Terrie is the too obvious choice that it feels like I should be saying, she’s the red herring. But then, that would also make her the perfect culprit because it was so expected. Not having a clue about these things and just throwing things out there is exciting.

    Cats do whatever it is that cats want, and I think that is going to come up again in this book.

  3. I definitely feel very suspicious of Alex. He acts very oddly every time someone mentions his sister. Part of me thinks he’s an impostor – like maybe he killed the real Alex and Terrie and is impersonating both of them. Don’t know how that would work and I can’t remember whether the two of them are ever together at the same time?
    I’m looking forward to seeing what exactly the Night Haunts are! Scary!!!
    Lynn :D
    Lynn recently posted…A Local Habitation (October Daye #2) by Seanan McGuire, readalong week No.2My Profile

    • Ha! That’s the same thing that I was thinking that maybe Alex and Terrie are the same person because we’ve never seen them in a room together. That is great logic in a world where logic is pretty much out the door. LOL.
      Tiara recently posted…A Local Habitation Read-Along Week No.2My Profile

      • I’m glad someone has been keeping track if they are ever next to each other! Oh yeah, their whole opposite work hours thing would be very convenient

    • Oh yeah, I love that theory! Though I’m not sure how they would both have the same power… maybe a team of impersonators!

  4. There is SO MUCH here I want to comment on, but can’t. Darnit. ;-)
    Lisa (@EffingRainbow) recently posted…SF/F Read Alongs: A Local Habitation, Part 2My Profile

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