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A Preview of Coming Attractions….

Hello everyone! Sorry that there wasn’t a review today. Through the combination of moving to a new state, starting graduate research and two conferences this week, I didn’t have it in me to type up the many posts that I have waiting in the wings :(. Instead, I thought I’d show off what you all have to look forward to :D

In the coming months there will be:

  • Return of a guest reviewer!
  • Reviews of: Blade Song, Morrigan’s Cross, Bane, Second Skin, Waking Dream and many more :D
  • Giveaways!
  • “My Journey”
  • Pottermore Review
  • NEW design!
  • More awesome stuff :D :D

Yes, so I’m very excited, both because grad school research has me pumped and because my labmates love books as much as I do and have completely re-inspired me (thank you all!!!).

But for now…. I must rest because there is more conference tomorrow!

-AAnya from About The Story

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