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A Week in Review 2/09/13

A Week in Review

Yey, it’s Saturday, whew! That means it’s time to sleep right? Or read :D

My Week


With all the driving this week, I finished Crash! Maybe it wasn’t the best book to be listening to while driving in the snow, since it has to do with a girl seeing visions of a plow crashing on a snowy day, but I didn’t jinx myself yet ;-). Apart from a couple of annoyances, I really liked Crash. My review will be coming next week, since I’m now swimming in audiobook reviews, haha.


Spirit Singer

It was of course time for a new audiobook, since I can’t be without one, and so I started on my next review audiobook: Spirit Singer. This one is narrated by the author, which is not something I have run into yet! I’m really liking the magic and characters so far, though I just can’t seem to get used to male narrators off the bat. They never seem to pull off female voices very well unfortunately :-/.

Persistence of Vision


I realized that I didn’t mention the Kindle book I’m reading last week, oops! I’m reading Persistence of Vision for L. K. Hill’s blog tour, and I’m freaking loving it!! This is a solid dystopia sci-fi with really great characters and dialogue. My heart was pounding while reading the action scenes and we aren’t even at the epic final battles yet! I’m really excited to see what happens next :D.

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  1. Crash looks really interesting, I’m anxious to see how you’ll like it! Spirit Singer looks promising too though it’s a bummer about the bat’s voice coming out weird >.< hope you'll get used to it or that the bat isn't in the story much LOL Have a great week Anya!

    • Hehe, I never quite got used to Spirit Singer’s narration, but the story itself was quite good, so I recommend it as a physical book!

  2. Agh be careful in the snow!

  3. Livvy @Nerdy Book Reviews says:

    I’m looking forward to your review of Crash next week! :)

    • Yey, I’m glad! Apart from some minor annoyances, I highly recommend it! Maybe as a physical instead of audio though

  4. Crash looks good! I’ve read her other series and it was really awesome. Great haul this week:)

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