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A Week in Review 2/23/13

A Week in Review

Hey all! This week was my birthday :D. Yesterday was actually, and there was pizza and cheesecake and TV watching with friends and boyfriend. While the universe tried to beat me with a foot of snow and car trouble, presents of books, books and more books beat it back! Also, there is an orchid show today and I love plants almost as much as I love books :D. Yes I’m a hippie disguised as a computer nerd >.>.

My Week

Catching Fire

I haven’t been driving as much this week since the boyfriend came to me (yey!), but I’m on the last disc of Catching Fire :D. I don’t really know what I’m going to listen to next, but you all are right that I need to find a copy of Mockingjay stat, crap!



I’m also still reading Cinder, and decided on my birthday to spend a couple “me” hours reading, since it’s my birthday darn it! This week has been crazy busy school-wise, so I haven’t had a lot of time to read this one, but I’m about 2/3 through. Maybe I’m just not into cyborgs at the moment, but it’s not as must-read as I had expected. Definitely good, but I’m not all “omg I must find time to read Cinder!” It could just be the weird reading slump due to stress thing too ;-).

The Great Hunt

This week starts our read along of The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan, so I read the first 6 chapters this week :). I’m enjoying the beginning, though it started a bit slow with the recap and the prologue. We’ve jumped into the action now though :D.

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Reviews Around the Community

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  1. Happy belated birthday Anya!! I hope you had a fab on last week…cheesecake with the bf sounds like a perfect way to celebrate :D Sorry to hear about the car troubles though (and lots of snow – I can definitely relate on that one). Glad that books & plants & goodies made it better though!

    Eeeep I really hope you’ll read Baptism of Fire ( & Incendio)…I thought of you a few times as I was reading the series, I think it’s something you’d enjoy :) Anyways thanks for the review link shout out ♥

    I definitely recall feeling like you did when I was finishing up Catching Fire: where is Mockingjay,NOW!? Eager to read your thoughts on both of those! Same goes for Cinder really so I need to get on and read it already haha Anyways great week!

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