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A Week in Review 2/02/13

A Week in Review

Yey, it’s Saturday! So I’m trying out something new this week, by making A Week in Review into a wrap-up post for myself and the little bit of the blogosphere that I ran across this week. We’ll see how it goes ;-)

My Week

Days of Blood and Starlight


First, I finished up my audiobook of Days of Blood and Starlight, and it was awesome! I think I liked it even better than Daughter of Smoke and Bone since I’m not actually much of a romance person and there wasn’t that weird split between Karou and Madrigal. I’m having a little bit of trouble getting thoughts down at the moment, but I’ll figure something out :D.



It was then time for a new audiobook (since I was still in the middle of a long drive!) and so I busted out my iPod to cassette player converter and started my review copy of Crash. The narrator is taking a little getting used to, but I’m liking the premise so far! I was in the mood for something a little more urban paranormal YA, so this seems like it’ll be perfect.

Veil by Aaron Overfield I also (finally) finished Veil this week! My review is here and while it wasn’t a perfect book for me, it was certainly interesting ;-). If you are looking for a gritty sci-fi dystopia, this may be the book for you! And Aaron Overfield has released the three parts of the book separately now, so you don’t have to worry about buying the substantial volume all together if you aren’t sure.


Dealing with Dragons

Finally, I needed to take a break from review books and had borrowed this nice short book from my friend, called Dealing with Dragons, perfect for me right?? It’s a fantasy YA before YA exploded and it quite light-hearted with zero romance but lots of dragons. I’m loving it, and enjoying being able to hold the book without my arm getting sore ;-).

In case you missed it, these were my posts this week:

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And now on to the reviews I thought you might be interested in from the rest of the blogosphere (below the fold):

Paranormal Romance

Level 2 from Bookshelves Anonymous

Incendiary from The YA Bookworm (4 stars)

Dark Seeker from Typing Tiara


Graceling from The Oaken Bookcase (YA, 3.5 stars)

Dreams and Shadows from Bibliography Blog

The Cadet of Tildor from Tripping Over Books (YA)

Pure from These Flying Pages (5 stars)

The Last Dragonslayer from The Oaken Bookcase (MG, 3 stars)

One Boy No Water from L. K. Hill (MG)

The Last Unicorn from Resistance is Futile (5 stars)


Prodigy from Xpresso Reads (YA, 4 stars)

Indigo Awakening from Lunar Rainbows (YA, 3 stars)

Cinder from Enticed by Books (4 stars)

Through the Ever Night from The Oaken Bookcase (YA, 5 stars)


Dragonflight from Dab of Darkness (dragons :D)

Altered from Love is Not a Triangle (YA)

Urban Fantasy

Claws Bared from Book Liaison (4 stars)

So that was my week (and a half, oops), how about yours?? What did you start and finish? Get any new books or find reviews to drool over? Link me up! :D

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings – A

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  1. Again: YAY for Days of Blood & Starlight haha! Thanks so much for the shout-out girl – I am really loving this week in review post! ANd I’m definitely going to check out a lot of the other reviews you mentioned here :D

  2. Love how you featured other blogger’s reviews! Very cool! I totally agree on Days of Blood!

    • Awesome, thanks! I always find myself skimming reviews and wishing that I could read them/organize them to have a bunch at a glance by genre, so I figured why not try it out!

  3. Thanks for the shout out again! I really enjoyed Dragonflight and I also love looking through your list and seeing what other reviews came out this week.

    • Yey, I’m glad it’s useful :D I’ve been debating whether to keep doing it each week, since I haven’t been sure if it was actually being used ;-)

  4. Dealing With Dragons is such a great and hilarious book! I read the whole series from my middle school library ages ago, and just loved them. So glad somebody else has discovered this series. :)

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