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A Week in Review 3/23/13

A Week in Review

Sorry that I’m late this week! I had a migraine last night and couldn’t bring myself to write a post :(. I figured you all would understand, hehe. Also make sure to check out the discussions section this week, since there has been a lot of awesome blog posts this week!

My Week

Divergent by Veronica Roth

I am aaaaaalmost done with my audiobook of Divergent, so exciting! I would have been finished if I hadn’t gotten sleepy when driving and needed to switch to some hardrock, haha. I am a big fan of the romance element in this one, it’s so sweet ;-). However, overall Divergent has been a little too sad . I can handle one or two big sad events at epic endings, but there were so many sad things all throughout the book D: . My bleeding heart can’t handle it! Is the next one just as sad??

The Summer PrinceI got The Summer Prince from Netgalley, and isn’t it preeeeeetty?? I’m about fifty percent through and it’s been slow going unfortunately. There are so many words that I’m pretty sure are Portugese that I don’t know :(. I’m sure that it was meant to add to the futuristic Brazil setting, but it makes it difficult to get into the world if you can’t actually picture what is going…. I’m hoping that the ending gets more exciting and engaging, but so far I’m not actually sure what the plot is unfortunately.

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  1. Eeeep, I’m curious about your review of Divergent! You’re so right that it is quite sad…I don’t recall Insurgent being AS sad…it was a little more frustrating at times though >.<

    Ahhhh the Summer Prince is SO pretty! I hope it got better as you went along Anya :D

    • Hehe, well I’ll definitely be trying Insurgent when I find a copy, but I’m not sure how frustrating is going to go for me either ;-) I guess I like a little happier of books to escape into, hehe

      Summer Prince has an awesome ending (just finished in a couple hours ago!), but it wasn’t until the very end (last 90%) that I got super excited and into it. If you can stand pushing through some less interesting parts, the ending is worth it ;-). Also if you are better with Portugese than I am, perhaps you’ll have an easier time understanding what is going on, haha

  2. Thanks for the shout outs :D I’m off to read about blog tours!

    • Yey, you’re welcome, I really thought it was great to get expectations for blog tours laid out so well!

  3. As for the sequel, yes just as sad if not more so LOL

  4. Thanks a lot for linking me here Anya!

    I think Divergent is a bit sadder than Insurgent, at least as far as I can remember. They are both wonderful books though (:

    Your blog has a great layout by the way, I love the dragons!

    • No problem ;-) Aw, thanks about the layout, I love dragons, hehe! Good to know, I will definitely have to continue with Insurgent

  5. Smash Attack says:

    Thanks for the shout out! Lots of great links in here! :)

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