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A Week in Review 3/9/13

A Week in Review

Where did my spring break go? I swear it was here one week and gone the next…. oh wait, that’s how it normally work isn’t it? Darn it! Breaks always go too fast don’t they? ;-) Oh well, I got a couple of books finished this week and am excited to start on more fun books from the library!

My Week


I literally just finished Mockingjay on Friday and there are so many feelings! At first I was all mad at the way the conclusion was going (end of rebellion, scenes in the capital, you know what I mean!) and then there was more and I was getting more angry at the things that were being discussed and suggested by certain rebel leaders *ahem* and then it got better and more satisfying. It was a bit of a strange ride I have to admit! Everything was so awesome until they went to the Capital…. Then things just got a bit… weird. I think I might have a normal review without spoilers and then an in-depth discussion of the ending since many of you have read it I’m sure. I just need to think through all these feelings, gah! Haha.

Grave Mercy

I had a lovely bout of insomnia this week, during which I finished Grave Mercy :D. While it got a bit slow in the middle, the ending of this one is simply delicious and awesome and mystical (more feelings!). This is my reassurance to anyone thinking about reading Grave Mercy: don’t worry if the action slows down in the middle, the ending is totally worth it!


I had to make sure I had another audiobook ready to go in case I finished Mockingjay while still on my long drive this week, so I got Divergent from the library’s Overdrive as a backup. This is one that I’ve been meaning to read for FOREVER and I even own a physical copy, but it just kept getting pushed aside for other books that had to be read immediately. Fortunately, I’m always short on audiobooks, so now I will most certainly finish Divergent!

Above World

Finally, it was time for another physical book and I had gotten Above World unexpectedly from the library this week (I was like third on the waitlist, guess the other people were busy). I have been craving a good (not overly romance-y) mermaid book, and Above World is peeeeerfect! Seriously all, I can not recommend this one enough to anyone in the mood for awesome mermaid-type people without a heavy romance/stalker element, haha. It is apparently MG, but it seems more like YA with young protagonists to me *shrugs*. The concepts are definitely not too juvenile in my opinion and I’m not a bit MG reader :). But seriously, love this book, so freaking thrilled to have found it!

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Happy Reading!

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  1. I just bought Grave Mercy glad to hear you loved it!

  2. haha yeah you summed up the Hunger Games trilogy perfectly for me: SO MANY feelings!! Gah! I have to say I’m eager to discuss things further even though I feel like I may have forgotten a lot already o.O I’m psyched you enjoyed Grave Mercy too even though it slowed in the middle – at least I’ll know what to expect when I dive in! Oh and I hope you’ll enjoy Divergent as much as I did…it was certainly the perfect read for MY Hunger Games hangover :)

    • Haha, I didn’t even think about dealing with my Hunger Games cravings, but you’re right; Divergent is perfect!

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