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A Week in Review 4/13/13

A Week in Review

This week had a fair amount of “I don’t want to do anything because I’m sick, so I’ll read :D” which was pretty fun. But then the second part of the week was catching up from all that not doing anything, haha. I’ve been managing to get a lot of reading in anyway since it helps keep me sane when finals threaten to crush my brain ;-).

My Week

The Testing

I finished The Testing pretty early in the week and am working on my review! Remember that this one doesn’t come out until June 4th, so there is still time for someone else to read it and get ready for the publication date. Hence why I’m going to be holding a giveaway for this one and another ARC that I received (Plague in the Mirror) for those of you who want some more ARCs :). Keep your eye out for that giveaway next week probably starting Tuesday.

The Assassin's Curse

Next, I had briefly started The Assassin’s Curse when I first got it from the library a freaking month ago. Then I got sidetracked with new releases and ARCs that were more urgent on the reading and reviewing front. However, I found time this week to read this one and it was quite fun. It also helped quench my current obsession with deserts >.>. I have to admit that I was a bit confused with the ending, since not a lot actually happened. The back of the book made it sound like they would actually pursue three impossible quests in this book. Guess I have to get the next one in June :D.

The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson

Finally, I’m soooooo excited that Krys from Bibliopunkk lent me her ARC of Brandon Sanderson’s first foray into YA! The Rithmatist is coming out in May and ya’ll better get excited :D. This one has a magical school where Rithmatists study how to draw magic chalk drawings based on circles and lines to attack and defend. They can also draw Chalklings which are any small doodle that can go off and attack your opponent’s chalk or defend your own. That’s right, you can make awesome dragons that come to life (in 2D) :D. While it’s taking some adjusting to the YA setting and main character (which I’m just not used to with Sanderson since he hasn’t done this before), I’m loving the Rithmatic diagrams at the beginning of every chapter and drawings WITHIN the chapters. There are adorable doodles along the pages showing what Chalklings people are drawing and they act things out, it’s awesome!!!

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Happy Reading!

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  1. Awww sorry to hear you were feeling sick. You are definitely allowed to not do anything else but reading if you feel like it :) And I’ll be getting your hands on Rithmatist helped at least a little :D Weeee congrats on getting a hold of that little gem and glad you’re enjoying it overall so far! Anxious to read your review for that one!! hehe The Assassin’s Curse is another one I’ve been wanting to read. I love desert stories too but I’m a little bummed that the ending was weird/confusing o.O

    Anyways nice looking week all around & I hope you’re feeling better!

    • *happy dance* I know, I was so excited that my friend got a copy and would lend it to me ;-) If I remember her phrasing correctly, she explained that I was the bigger fan, haha! I might be a little crazy >.>

      Yeah, Assassin’s Curse was a bit disappointing in that respect, but I’m really hoping the next book fixes things, haha

  2. Oooh, you got The Rithmatist! I’m so jealous. Can’t wait for your review! Also, I’ve been meaning to say this for a while: I freaking LOVE your blog design. It is so cute and aesthetically appealing and it’s just so great! (I’m sure you know how awesome it is, but I just squeal with glee every time I come here, so I had to let you know!)

    • I know, I was so excited when my friend said I could borrow her copy!! Aw, thank you so much :D That is just so nice to hear <3

  3. I didn’t like the end of assasin’s curse either!

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