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A Week in Review 4/20/13

A Week in Review

Oof, so finals are coming up next week for me (well technically next week is supposed to be the last week of classes, but my professors all decided they want to get finals over with apparently….) and I’m in the denial stage >.>. I keep oscillating between procrastination mode and dreaming about the freedom of being done with my classes. I’ve very much disliked pretty much all of my classwork this term, so I’m relieved it is aaaaaaalmost done! In any case, that denial/procrastination thing  I mentioned earlier led to lots of reading. I’ve also been thinking through the mini-readathon I’m going to have as soon as everything is done (ya know, during real finals week….) and it is totally going to happen. For one thing, I have so much I want to read :D.

My Week

The Rithmatist by Brandon SandersonI of course finished The Rithmatist this week because I couldn’t stop once I got to the last 50 or so pages. The ending was so gripping! I was not planning to finish this book on the night that I did because there were too many pages left and I needed a silly thing called sleep. But I just couldn’t stop! It was so good :D. While the beginning of The Rithmatist was a little too “magical school and young protagonist trying to fit in” for me, the ending was the epicness that I expect of Sanderson ;-). And if you like magic schools, then you’re in luck!

Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson

Omg *melts in a puddle* I continued with my Sanderson mini-readathon with Steelheart. This is the second of his YA novels coming out later this year and wow can Sanderson write dystopias! Steelheart is about a future where some people get super-hero powers, but they all use them for evil. Everyone keeps hoping (until they lose hope) that a good super-hero will come along to defeat all the super-villains, but no one shows up. Instead, the world is taken over by varying Epics that fight between each other for power and kill normal people without a care. The arguably worst of these is called Steelheart. He is invincible, can turn inanimate objects to steel (like all of Chicago for instance) and shoots deadly energy beams (the most powerful Epics often have several powers). Our main character, David, has seen Steelheart bleed. Every Epic has a weakness, something that stops them from being invincible or drains their powers, but no one could ever figure out Steelheart’s. David also has a vendetta against Steelheart, and so joins a group of Epic assassins (ie assassins that kill Epics) to help them figure out and use Steelheart’s weakness to bring him down! This was another one where I wasn’t actually planning to finish it the night that I did, but I stayed up two hours past my sleeptime because I just could not stop reading :D. Get excited all! Also enter to win an ARC of Steelheart from Krys in her Steelpunkk giveaway :D.

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Happy Reading!

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  1. Yikes I am majorly jelly of your Sanderson New-Release read-a-thon…while being totally happy and excited for you of course XD I love how you couldn’t put down either Rithmatist AND Steelheart at the end and I look forward to your reviews on both :D

    Best of luck during finals week Anya…I certainly could never read for fun when I was in Uni so I hope you get plenty of down-time reading once the insanity is all over!!

    • Haha, I was totally thinking of you while writing those updates!! You’re going to love them though, such great books!

      Oof, completely done with one class now (though the final didn’t go great D:), one last lecture for another tomorrow, then just a final paper and I’m done :D

  2. Jenn @ A Glo-Worm Reads says:

    Thanks for the link to my discussion AND review! :)

    I’ve never read any Brandon Sanderson before, but it sounds really good! I love and hate books that will keep me up late at night (I have a child that makes me get up before 7 every morning :( ) I need my sleep!! But sometimes the book is just too good!

    • You’re welcome :D

      Hehe, yes staying up late is not a good idea for me either (ugh classes), but I just couldn’t resist ;-)

  3. OOO The Rithmatist & Steelheart! I’m so jealous. I love magic schools and can’t wait to read them both. I didn’t read book by Sanderson I didn’t adore yet.
    New books for me this week…

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