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A Week (Or Two) in Review 5/03/13

A Week in Review

Oh crap, it’s May already?? Where did April go? Well, at least it’s over with since my finals were in April, haha. In all seriousness though, sorry about missing last week. My professors did that fun thing where they give their finals early so that they are spread out, but that assumes that some professors still give finals at the normal time…. Instead I just had all my finals early :D. But now they are done and I am celebrating by spending at least half my day reading (I can’t manage to not work because the guilt kills me, haha).

My Week

Shadow and Bone

I was able to snag Shadow and Bone from the library (after being on hold for months D:) and finally understand what everyone is raving about. This book is amazing! I loved the Russian feel to it and a fantasy with an unusual setting like that is always at the top of my happy list. I was worried about a love triangle there for like a page, but then it got all better, haha. But wow, I’m super excited for the sequel, when is Siege and Storm coming out again?? >.>

Covenant of the Faceless Knights

I finally had a chance to finish a review book during Dewey’s Readathon! Covenant of the Faceless Knights has ben on the TBR pile for almost a year, so it was a relief to get that guilt off my shoulders, haha. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out to be quite up my alley, but if you are hankering for an easy fantasy with a heavy table-top roleplaying game flavor, you might check it out.

School Spirits

I had a chance to read School Spirits through NetGalley and tore through that over the last couple of days. It was so much fun and a really realistic approach to a monster fighter family. The teenage daughter of this supernatural fighting family had to start going to school to investigate a haunting there and I loved Izzy’s approach to figuring out high school: watch high school TV shows and read those teen magazines, haha! Needless to say, it wasn’t quite what she expected, but it was a lot of fun meeting nerdy friends and accidentally beating up bullies with her! (It’s not her fault she is unnaturally strong and very well trained, he shouldn’t have been bullying!) Definitely keep your eye out for this one. Review coming up next week :D.

Through the Ever Night

Yes, there’s more *dies* I might have been reading more than studying some nights >.>. I got Through the Ever Night through my library’s ebook borrowing system. I also had to wait several months for this one, but it was so worth it! I was so much happier with Through the Ever Night than Under the Never Sky (liked that one too, but the romance was too central ;-) ). I seriously can’t express my excitement for the next one! Review of course coming!

There were a couple more that I finished last week, but this post is long enough and they will all have reviews, haha.

And in case you missed it, these were my posts this week:

I participated a bit in Dewey’s Readathon. There was lots of reading, just not lots of online posting, haha.

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Book ratings! How do you all deal with rating books??

I reviewed Assassin’s Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke – strange ending but a fun read (4 stars).

I celebrated all the awesome Netgalley books I got, thank you to the publishers!!

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Happy Reading!

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  1. Jenn @ A Glo-Worm Reads says:

    Must read Shadow and Bone. Seriously, I stare at it almost everytime I’m in the bookstore. I wanted to request School Spirits via NetGalley, but resisted it. And I really need to read Under The Never Sky already. it’s been on my bookshelf for over a year!

  2. Siege and Storm was a nice follow up. I did like the first book, but the second one held its own and really did an outstanding job!!

  3. Wow, you read some excellent books this week! I can’t wait for your reviews of Shadow and Bone and Through the Ever Night! :D

    • Yey! I’m actually going to be guest reviewing Shadow and Bone but I’ll link here when I do :D

  4. Hannah @ Once Upon A Time says:

    I tried reading A Gathering Dark (Shadow & Bone) and found myself struggling. Couldn’t stomache the young adult feel at the time so it went back to the library but one day I’ll pick it up and try again. But yeah.. you have to wait months?? That’s nuts!

    • Haha, apparently it is really popular with local teens ;-) We have a really active YA section, so I think there are a lot of younger readers, which is great to see except when they interfere with my reading! I’m sorry to hear you didn’t like it at the time. I would definitely try again if you get in the mood for YA fantasy since I thought it was an excellent example of the genre!

  5. April seemed to fly by for me, too. Hard to believe that it’s May already!

    And thanks for linking to my post looking for guest bloggers while I’m recovering. I appreciate it. :)

  6. I liked Through the Ever Night more than Under the Never Sky too! It was way more exciting, explained a lot more, and so incredibly addicting it was hard to put down.

    I want to read School Spirits, I have to read book 3 in Hex Hall first though.

    Shadow and Bone was definitely amazing!

    Looks like you had a week full of good books!

    Miss J @ Miss Book Reviews

    • Yey! Addicting it definitely was, haha. Oo, I need to read the Hex Hall series, they look like fun :D

  7. YAY! SHADOW AND BONE IS AWESOME! I loved the sequel as well!

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