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Review Policy

Current Status: CLOSED. I cannot accept any books for guaranteed review. You are welcome to send something and let me know about books you think I’d be interested in, but I will not agree to a copy in response to an email because it can be construed as an obligation. I often read books that arrive in the mail when they interest me, but I also often pass them along or don’t get to them for over a year. Similarly I cannot participate in blog tours of any kind because there will always be a chance that I will need to suddenly stop blog content.

Titles may be mailed to:

Anya J
932 Broad St #501
Grinnell, IA 50112

I will not sell any ARCs I receive, and  I will be very careful with your digital galleys and delete them when I am done reading. Piracy sucks. I do however frequently hold giveaways for physical ARCs and I’ll assume that is fine unless told otherwise.

Books I am specifically very interested in and am likely to read immediately:

Goodreads ARC-Wishlist

In case you are interested, here are my ratings by genre (some categories are off because my old reviews don’t have star ratings, sorry!):

Genres (Number of Books)Average Rating
Adult (233)3.64
Alternative History (4)2.63
Comedy (6)1.83
Contemporary (8)3.06
Contemporary Fantasy (29)3.45
Dark Fantasy (28)4
Dystopia (35)3.43
Fairytale Retelling (21)4.1
Fantasy (508)3.66
Genre-bender (21)3.29
Gothic (3)3
Graphic Novel (3)3.83
Historical Fantasy (41)3.84
Historical Fiction (1)3
Horror (2)3.5
Literary (3)4.33
Magical Realism (2)4.5
MG (95)3.73
Military Fantasy (3)3.33
Mystery (10)3.7
Non-fiction (3)2
Novella (9)3.61
Paranormal (4)4.38
Paranormal Cozy (5)4.1
Paranormal Romance (11)3.32
Post Apocalyptic (12)3.83
Romance (12)3.58
Sci-fi (182)3.61
Short Story (5)4
Steampunk (23)3.93
Superheroes (3)4.17
Thriller (11)3.55
Urban Fantasy (102)3.62
Weird West (2)3.5
Western Fantasy (5)4.4
YA (265)3.7