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Adam by James Bushill {4 Stars}

Adam by James Bushill is a sci-fi thriller with a twist on the idea of artificial intelligence and a whole lot of action. I was excited by the prospect of a sci-fi inspired by Frankenstein and loved the futuristic world portrayed in this story right away. While I wished for a bit more discussion about why Adam chooses to do what he does, I heartily enjoyed reading this indie and definitely recommend it.

Note: This is an expedited review; I was paid to provide an unbiased review to the author and they chose for it to be published. For details, see my review policy.

Adam by James Bushill {4 Stars}

Adam by James Bushill
Published by Author on March 11th, 2016
Genres: Adult, Sci-fi
Page Length: 300 pages
How I got my copy: Author
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2101. The asteroid Metis. A runner jogs along a silent tunnel, tracked by a pool of light. Then there’s a noise, a low rumble, and in the distance, another light, which becomes two headlights moving fast, the lights of an enormous mining truck. Its cab is completely empty.

Ten years earlier, Victor and his wife created Adam, the world’s first biological supercomputer. They dreamed of changing the world.

Now, Victor sleeps alone in a hospital corridor in the pollution-shrouded city of Missoula, Montana, his dreams in tatters.

He doesn’t think his life could get any worse.

But then he’s forced to return to Metis.

And when that mission becomes a desperate fight for survival amid the dark tunnels of the abandoned mine, he must finally confront the terrifying consequences of his past actions.

4 Stars


  • I’ve read a lot of stories about AI computers turning evil or overly logical, etc., but I’ve never read a story about a biological computer. Despite the horrible ethical considerations, I love thinking about the possibility of a biological computer, i.e. a brain in a vat, and enjoyed the opportunity this story gave me to further think through the implications.
  • From reading the acknowledgements, I found out that Adam began as a screenplay, and you can really tell. There is pretty much non-stop action, especially in the middle, as the characters try to stay alive. I definitely felt like this story would do well on the big screen.
  • This is a standalone as far as I can tell, so the story wraps up nicely and you won’t be left waiting for a sequel or committed to another never-ending series ;-).
  • There is a fairly large group of secondary characters that accompany Victor and I was impressed that I grew attached to all of them, even though some didn’t have much screen time. There was something unique and touching about each of them that really made them real to me and therefore made certain scenes all the more painful *sobs in a corner*.


  • Throughout the story, I couldn’t help wondering why Victor didn’t try to talk to Adam or vice versa. Given Adam’s origins, Victor is basically his absent father, and it seems like those two would want to at least yell at each other when one is pissing the other off.
  • I’m shocked that I can say this, but there were times when I almost felt like there was too much action and not enough speculation about the mystery. I guess I’m a reader who is really driven by whatever mystery the characters are grappling with, so I found myself wondering ‘why’ more than I was wondering ‘what will happen next.’ Definitely personal preference though, ha.


Adam is a gem of an indie and a great sci-fi thriller to pick up if the idea of a biological computer intrigues you. There are some wonderful characters to get to know and I dare you to figure out what is really going on until the very end ;-).

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings

Have you read this one? What did you think? Are you excited for it if you haven’t gotten to it yet?
– Anya


 Adam by James Bushill

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