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An Artificial Night Read Along {Week 2}

An Artificial Night Read Along

Week 2!

I’m running a bit late this week, but better than never right? ;-) This week we read chapter 8-17 and wow what a section!

1. Toby makes her journey to Blind Michael’s realm with the aid of the Luidaeg – who is back and on form and has, as yet, decided to hold off on killing Toby. What did you think of Toby’s journey by candlelight and her first encounter with the Wild Hunt? What do you think this favour is going to cost her with the Luidaeg?

Given how soft the Luidaeg’s heart has proven to be on the inside, I suspect it won’t be a price that Toby can’t pay. The Luidaeg clearly wanted to get back at Blind Michael anyway, so it seems like the bargain was more for appearance’s sake, or at least I hope! I loved how interpreting the children’s rhyme literally was the way to get into this children’s realm.

2. As a prisoner of Blind Michael, Toby encounters a disturbing number of altered and transformed children and, assisted by Quentin, discovers the children who are yet to be toyed with. What were your thoughts when Toby discovered these child monsters and other detainees? Do you think there is any hope for them? And what did you make of Quentin’s bargain with the Luidaeg?

I’m really hoping that Toby can manage to kill Blind Michael and thereby reverse his magic and save everyone. However, I suspect that the children already changed both physically and mentally are going to have some long lasting consequences. Even if they are reverted physically, they clearly have been seriously messed up by the experience. The ones that have been there a while are probably a lost cause unfortunately….

3. In spectacular style, Toby swoops in and relieves Blind Michael of his prisoners and vows to put an end to his evil ways. How do you think Blind Michael will react when he discovers Toby and the children are missing? What do you think Toby will do for those she left behind?

I’ve been worrying this whole time that the fact that Toby took back more children than she bargained for is going to be a problem. Since Blind Michael made the bargain with her, he can’t really punish her for those he agreed to since she did make it out. Obviously Toby isn’t going to be able to leave the humans and is going to do something to save them yet I’m sure. We have a lot of book left after all!

4. Whilst straying into the forests within Blind Michael’s realm, Toby encounters Acacia whose revelations regarding Blind Michael and her own daughter are nothing short of astounding. Were you expecting this? What were your thoughts and reactions?!! How does this change your view of the characters involved?

I guess it makes some sense that Luna has a dryad mother. I wonder if Blind Michael used his transformation magic to change Luna into a Kitsune and then she escaped? I’m quite curious to hear how Acacia ended up being Blind Michael’s consort since she doesn’t seem to agree with him.

5. Toby seems to have escaped Blind Michael’s clutches – for now! – and is currently enjoying the company of her Fetch, May. What do you expect will happen from here? Do you expect her to pursue Blind Michael to the end? And what are your thoughts on Toby’s sentient portent of death and its implications for her future?

I think that either May is going to stick around for the rest of the series or Toby is going to have a near-death experience, but somehow make it back alive and that will fulfill May’s purpose. I definitely think Toby is now going to try to end Blind Michael’s reign and rescue all the kids she had to leave behind since she is Toby ;-).

What an exciting section! I really like that this isn’t sticking to the formula introduced in the first two books since now I have no idea what is going to happen next! What do you think of the goal being accomplished in the first half?

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -Anya

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  1. I bet Toby goes to her local library after all this and checks out a few books on children’s rhymes just so she can be better prepared in the future.

    All good questions about Luna, Acacia, and Blind Michael. Since Luna is so good with roses, it does make sense that at least part of her heritage is from a dryad. I wondered if Blind Michael took Acacia as his consort after Luna left or if Blind Michael is her father – but reading other people’s posts this week, it looks like Blind Michael is her dad, which sucks.

    The goal being done so early in this book did throw me a little – it was a pleasant surprise. So now I guess we have to have a showdown between Toby and Blind Michael for the rest of the book?
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