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An Artificial Night Read Along {Week 3}

An Artificial Night Read Along

Week 3!

I don’t even know what is going on with this book! Another crazy week of reading, chapters 18-24, spoilers below!

1. We’ve seen a good deal more of May and her interactions with Toby – any speculation on how this might play out yet??

I like May! I really hope that Toby avoids her death magically and May gets to stick around until Toby is old and crochety. And that May learns to drive.

2. Tybalt – what did you make of his rather cryptic comment about what he found out and particularly that he now knows that Toby didn’t lie to him?

I honestly have no idea what is going on there. Like, I can’t remember anything that this could be about and think Tybalt has lost it. Maybe May went and talked to him and he thought it was Toby??? Yeah, I have no idea.

3. We finally discovered a little bit more about Luna. What are your thoughts on her now, why did she run away, thoughts about her character, why she sent Toby into Michael’s realm?

I definitely can see why she ran away with what her father turned into. I still really think that her transformation may have been his doing and that she didn’t particularly appreciate that. I loved getting a glimpse at her original form since it fits her interests quite well. I worry that she needs to make a sacrifice to Michael for some reason and that was supposed to be Toby….

4. What were your first impressions of the Court of Cats?

Kind of what I expected to be honest, ha! It doesn’t surprise me that there is a lot of fighting and dominance issues with them. They are kind of like the shape-shifters in this world after all (from a traditional urban fantasy sense). I’m kind of surprised at how intense Julie is. I mean, I get that it’s sad, but I wouldn’t expect her to blame Toby to that degree especially since they were friends before….

5. And, finally, back to Tybalt – what on earth just happened!!

Yeah, still lost…. I’m glad he’s back, though I wish he were breathing! Something strange is definitely going on with him, so hopefully we find out at the end here :D.

What do you think of Toby going back again to Blind Michael?

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