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I haven’t done a cool links post in a while, so there are a couple that are a bit old, but there are so many interesting (and really useful!) links posted recently!

Wired’s Sci-Fi/Fantasy Summer List – I realize that it’s not summer officially anymore >.> But this is a list of new sci-fi and fantasy books that came out this summer, and I always find book posts from outside of the blogging community interesting :D.

 A Guide to NPR’s Top Sci-fi and Fantasy Books – Flowcharts = win, NPR recommending sci-fi and fantasy = win, so double win, yeah?

Jim C. Hines explains Ebook Territorialism – I’ve always wondered about all the reasons for ebook country restrictions, even though I’m lucky enough not to worry about them much in the US, and Jim C. Hines is good at explaining things :).

Ilona Andrews on Book Covers in Different Countries – On a similar note, I’ve always wondered why other countries get the prettiest book covers and why I can’t have that cover. Ilona explains all the rights that are bought and sold when it comes to covers, and it’s really interesting….

Patrick Rothfuss is pretty hilarious, and here he is fan-boying all over Tad Williams (and other authors he’s blurbed for), not that Tad Williams doesn’t deserve it :).

Daily Blog Tips wrote 17 Tips for Beginner Bloggers that I thought was a good reminder for the rest of us too.

I’m really bad at measuring traffic and using that information, so this is both a “I really need to read Seven Traffic Techniques from  Problogger” and I think you should too :D.

Link-building is also something I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about, but I keep meaning to read Link-building Tips and Tools from Problogger, and if you haven’t seen it, I recommend you take a look!

Finally, you’ve heard about the awesome BookStore-BookBlogger Connection right? If not, go there now!

Whew, a lot happened in the last month huh? Any cool links you’ve spotted and think I should read? :D

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  1. Loved the NPR flowcharts– they are so cool, and accurate! Like the summer reading list and all your other links, too– I’m still in the process of exploring them. Fun post!

    • Thanks! I was happy to finally get that all together, I’m still getting through all of them myself xD It’s was a good way to be like “Anya, read this!” haha :D

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