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Anya’s 24-hour #ImpromptuReadathon – Today’s the Day!!

24-hour Impromptu readathon

Today’s The Day!!!!

Omg y’all today is the day! Hopefully I’m already reading at this very moment since I made sure to keep a book next to my bed to read the second I woke up ;-). Just to remind you, my plan is to sleep as long as I need since I’m not a morning person, but then I’ll start reading asap and listening to my audiobook while doing things like making breakfast and brushing my teeth, hehe. I’ll be updating here throughout the day when I finish books, need a quick break, decide to do a random fun “challenge” activity (hopefully Book Spine Poetry!), or need a word of encouragement. I’d love for you to leave comments if you have a chance :D.

To remind you what my books for the day are:

  1. Bitterblue – This is the audiobook I’ll be listening to whenever I need to do things other than read!
  2. Ironskin – Finished! Freaking amazing, go read this NOW!
  3. The Thief – Finally, if all else fails, The Thief is short and highly recommended, so I will switch to this if I get tired of everything else!
  4. Dark Star – Finished!!!! This is the first medium length book I’ve ever started and finished in one day and I’m pretty proud. It’s only a meh book for me, making it all the more impressive that I pushed through ;-)
  5. A Creature of Moonlight – A Creature of Moonlight is an ARC that is DRM-protected, so I have to read it on my new Kobo Arc and I’m counting on it keeping me awake late in the night ;-).

Progress So Far:

12:38 pm: So I was so good and got up around 7:30 to start reading, but then I was so sleepy that I took a nap at 10 >.>. I’m so not a morning person ;-). However! I only have 2 hours and 50 minutes left of Bitterblue and I’m 158 pages in to Ironskin. Ironskin is such a wonderful combination of Beauty and the Beast, Jane Eyre and creepy Fae :D. I luuuuurve it and I don’t normally like any of those things (or at least have never been intrigued by them before?). My plan for the evening is to go to Catching Fire (because I can’t miss that!) and then stay up as late as I can reading to make up for my late start ;-). I just downed some more caffeine, so I’m off!

1:55 pm: I’m being slow, only at 208 in Ironskin, but progress right ;-). Also I changed plans, won’t be going to Catching Fire tonight, so there is a lot more time for reading!

4:06 pm: Just finished Ironskin! I’m freaking floored by this book, definitely going to be 5 stars, how is this series not bigger?? I’m so excited to start Copperhead, though it’ll have to wait until tomorrow when I can write reviews, don’t want to confuse them ;-). I’m going to go for a walk and listen to Bitterblue now since I’m freaking stiff from sitting too long ;-).

I added a couple of books to the list since I’m going to try to stay up late! Dark Star is a library book and a prequel to an ARC, so that is what I’ll start when I get back from my walk. Then A Creature of Moonlight is a new ARC that I have on my Kobo Arc (love that name, hehe), so it will be lit and it’s about dragons so I’m hoping it’ll keep me awake late in the night!

12:17 am: I’m feeling the mental strain of reading all day, but I finished my second book of the day: Dark Star! It was decent length at 350 pages, so I’m quite proud to have made it through! I’m thinking I’m going to poke my nose into The Breeders, which is a reaaaally old review book that I have just to see if it’s readable next, and otherwise switch to The Thief or A Creature of Moonlight. I’m aiming to make it to at least 1 am, if not 2. Wish me luck!

Challenges for Fun:

Hopefully Book Spine Poetry at some point ;-).

Teaser of current book (Ironskin):

The steamer was one of Poule’s inventions: a copper and iron contraption on spoke wheels.

Ironskin has a distinct Jane Eyre feel to it, but it’s set in an alternative history where Fae and Dwarves are known to exist and a war with the Fae just concluded. So fascinating!


*two days later* >.> I ended up finishing two books (Ironskin and Dark Star) that I basically started that day (Ironskin I read a tiny bit of the night before), which is a huge accomplishment for me! I read 700+ pages which is just kind of a fun thing to know I can do in one day ;-). I also have already written my reviews for both books because Sunday was a weird day after reading all day Saturday, haha. This was awesome and I’m very much going to do it again the next time I get a weekend alone :D.

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -Anya

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  1. I’m going to write my update post now. I hope to finish at least one book today.
    Rachael @ Rachael Turns Pages recently posted…2013 Christmas Sprit and Christmas Readathon Sign UpMy Profile

  2. I liked Ironskin too! I haven’t gotten around to reviewing it yet, but I loved all the little ways this connected back to Jane Eyre, especially the fairy thing. Very fun :)

  3. Ooh this is a great idea, good luck for the rest of the day!!

  4. Jenn @ A Glo-Worm Reads says:

    I completely forgot about this!! Good thing I have done a bit of reading today :) I still have 6 hours without staying up late since I’m a night owl and go to bed at Should be enough time for at least finishing one book! I have a plan for a bath after the daughter is in bed :)

    I read Ironskin when it first came out, it’s very good and definitely doesn’t get enough credit! Glad you enjoyed it :)

  5. Good luck Anya – you picked some awesome books :-)
    Tanya Patrice recently posted…#WeekendReading & A Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss Gift Pack Giveaway}My Profile

  6. Good luck today! I wish I could join you but my weekend is packed full of stuff :(

    Have fun :)

  7. Good luck! It’s a really great idea, I’m definitely going to have to do it someday. I hope you get all of your books read! Especially The Thief! It’s a crime that you haven’t read it yet!
    Jennifer @ Live to Read, Love to Read recently posted…Friday FavouritesMy Profile

  8. DanaSquare says:

    I am excited to see how much reading you get in!!

  9. Good luck with your reading! :)

  10. LeKeisha Thomas says:

    Happy Reading!!! I’m finishing up ‘Eyes of Ember’ and I just started ‘Not A Drop To Drink’ last night.


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