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Anya’s 24-hour #ImpromptuReadathon

24-hour Impromptu readathon

Anya’s #ImpromptuReadathon

A couple of weeks ago I discussed the pros and cons of 24-hour vs. week-long readathons. I also had to confess that I’ve never actually seriously participated in a 24-hour readathon because the timing never works out! Well, turns out Mr. Boy is heading to Germany for two weeks so I’m going to have a weekend completely free of distractions! What should I do with that free Saturday do you think? Readathon :D.

So, I’m going to be holding my own little #ImpromptuReadathon with no official challenges or any of that fancy stuff that takes careful planning. Instead, I’m going to be reading as much as I can all of Saturday 23rd and update you on how it goes! I might even try some Book Spine Poetry because I’ve always wanted to, hehe. You are completely welcome to join me by posting on your blog (feel free to borrow the banner, just link back please!) and Twitter with the hashtag #ImpromptuReadathon . I could certainly use the encouragement ;-).

In my obsession with reading about readathons but rarely participating, I have picked up a few tips! I know that I need to make sure to have a variety of books ready and switch between them as necessary, so here are the books I’m going to include in my choices (in priority order!):

  1. Avalon – This is one of my current review books, so hopefully I can finish it!
  2. Bitterblue – This is my current audiobook, so I’ll be switching to this if I need to give my eyes a break :)
  3. Fireborn – Next review book on the pile! This one is MG so it seems great for a readathon, plus dragons :D.
  4. Ironskin – Library book, so I need to get to it! It’s also a pre-review book since I received Copperhead for review.
  5. The Thief – I know, I know, I know! I must read this book asap! I bought it because my book buddy recommended it (ie handed it to me >.>), plus it’s short so I will switch to this if I need a guaranteed awesome book :D.

I feel like I should probably include more books, but I’m actually hoping to finish one or two of these, and I find it unlikely I’ll finish them all ;-).

Now, I also know that I need to be prepared with food, but I’m horrible at food, so this is my current plan:

  • Breakfast: oatmeal as always because it’s my thing. Cup of tea!
  • Lunch: Pizza! I have an easy homemade pizza (with pre-bought crust) recipe that I will whip up fresh while listening to my audiobook. Plus, the leftovers will be snacks :D. Plus coffee, mmmmm.
  • Dinner: Green smoothie because I’m trying to be healthy and it’s easy.
  • Snacks: I have some slimfast that I like to drink if I’m really hungry but don’t actually want to eat food (like my stomach is hungry, but not my mouth, ya know?). Plus, I’ll only eat half the pizza for lunch, so that will be good to munch throughout the day. I’ll also definitely be drinking tea and coffee throughout the day because it’s nice while reading!

So this means that I need to make sure that I have stuff to make green smoothies and pizza and slimfast before Saturday, can do! (I don’t need to buy tea or coffee, trust me, I’m stocked up >.>)

I’ll probably be reading on my couch for the most part, though I might have to switch to my bed if my bum gets sore from the couch ;-). If the weather is nice, I’ll go for a walk while listening to my audiobook!

Am I forgetting anything in my preparations??

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -Anya

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  1. Right now I’m doing my own impromptu readathon.. it’s until the end of November, so I;ll deff try to hop in!
    Sassy @ My Never Ending Pile recently posted…Random Readathon!!My Profile

    • Woot! Is it the Novemberthon? There is definitely a slightly organized readathon through the end of November you could join :D

  2. Good luck, and have fun! I’ve done this once on my blog, and got a fair amount of reading done. I didn’t plan as much as you did, though. Good thinking on the food… I always get hungry when I read and guzzle water so I don’t eat and eat.

    • Exactly! I’m going to need to get a big water bottle since I always drink a lot but then have to get up and get more!

  3. I’m going to join you! Next week my kid goes on Thanksgiving break so I won’t have much time for reading. This is a perfect way to cram in some me time before the craziness!
    Octavia recently posted…20 Facts About Me!My Profile

  4. Dragana @ Bookworm Dreams says:

    It seems like you are prepared for everything. Good luck with a read-a-thron. I never have enough time for these events, but they do sound fun.
    Dragana @ Bookworm Dreams recently posted…Waiting On Wednesday: A Creature of Moonlight by Rebecca HahnMy Profile

    • Right?? That’s why as soon as I found out I would be completely free this weekend I knew I had to do it! I will probably never have time again!

  5. I wish I could join you, but I’m getting read for my first committee meeting on Monday, so it definitely wouldn’t be the responsible thing for me to do, haha. I hope you have a great time though :)

    • Gulp, good luck! I guess I should probably figure out when I need to start doing that……. my adviser hasn’t mentioned it yet though >.>

  6. I wish I could have a free weekend to do a readathon! But there’s no way I’d get 5 books read, lol. Usually when I have a free weekend I think I’m going to have ALL this time to read, woohoo! But usually I end up doing other things like cleaning and shopping and stuff I don’t do with my husband, so my reading time gets severely shortened. I usually do end up finishing at least one book, though. :D

    Best of luck on your readathon!
    Kelley (Another Novel Read) recently posted…Review: Steelheart by Brandon SandersonMy Profile

  7. I haven’t done a readathon since this summer, when my roommate went camping and I had almost a solid week to myself. I got quite a bit of reading done then and really enjoyed myself.

    Having a 24 hour readathon every once in a while might be a good thing for me to experiment with, actually, and I’d probably end up really enjoying myself and making some good progress on things I might be otherwise lagging on. Maybe I’ll have on on the first Monday of December. Just because I’m off work that day and my roommate will be at school and there’ll be nothing to distract me for almost 12 hours of the day.

    • Oo nice! That sounds so peaceful :D Exactly, that was what made me decide to try this, since I just have to find the days when I have absolutely no distractions and take advantage of them! Of course Sunday will be devoted to catching up on homework, sigh.

  8. Jenn @ A Glo-Worm Reads says:

    Sounds fun :) I suppose I can try and do some reading Saturday, but not 24 hours Maybe get a book or two done ;)

  9. Wish I could join! Next time, definitely. Good luck!

  10. I’m in! And those tips are pretty good ones. I’m going to need food and probably some coffee myself… :D
    Lisa (@EffingRainbow) recently posted…Welcome To My World: A deleted scene, by Francis KnightMy Profile

  11. I don’t know how much I will be able to participate, but I’m in. I will put a post up on my blog about it later.


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