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So I’ve just recently discovered this cool concept of ARC trading. I suppose I always knew in the back of my mind that it was a thing that could be done, and I have seen “traded” on some people’s book haul posts, but I never really thought about how it might relate to my life. To be honest, I don’t get that many physical ARCs straight from the publisher, but I do get to raid a certain friend’s stash from time to time. This means that I have a lot of old ARCs which are just handy to have to read, and a couple of new ARCs. I try to read all of the ARCs I have access to a week or two before the pub date (if not more), so that means that I have gently used ARCs that could be read at least once more before the publication date!

ARC Swap

Here enters ARC trading. I actually have been in a Goodreads group ARC Swap for a while but when I didn’t have any physical ARCs to trade, I just gazed longingly and forgot about it. Then when I went to purge my group memberships of ones that I don’t actually pay attention to, I found it again and was delighted! I, like many of you I’m sure, really really really want to read an ARC of Cress, so I figured I might as well put up my trade-able list in case I can entice anyone to trade with me (btw, I’m happy to send you multiple of my books to trade for Cress >.>). No luck yet, but I’ve been having fun poking around other aspects of this phenomenon. I did spot someone looking for a copy of The Chaos of Stars, and since I had just finished reading my ARC, I swapped them for Linked since I still want to read that. I’m mostly just excited to get stuff in the mail >.>.

ARC Trade Wishlists

Anyway, in order to be proficient and organized about this whole new book related activity, I started trying to figure out what upcoming books I actually really wanted an ARC for. There were a couple of books this summer that I wanted to read, and I was actually able to get review copies for them! However, now I find myself with actually very few ARCs I’m wishing for. There are the obvious sequels (Laini Taylor, Marissa Meyer, Leigh Bardugo), and a couple of other sequels from lesser known series. But that’s about it! I don’t know if I just haven’t been paying as much attention to what is up and coming, or if I’m just becoming an old fuddy-duddy (totally possible, haha), but I haven’t spotted any first books or standalones that I must read right this instant. How do you come across new books to look forward to or request ARCs of? This is my trade wishlist currently, and you can see that I definitely stuffed it with sequels I know I’ll want to read, haha. (If you have any of them and want to trade, let me know!)

YA Book Exchange

I tend to become a bit obsessed whenever I stumble across something new with books, so I proceeded to search GR to see if there are other ARC trading groups. I found YA Book Exchange which has a lovely user interface and is obviously for trading YA books in general with a category for ARCs. I’m a bit put off by the necessity to list each of my to-trade books separately, so I haven’t actually started on that site yet, but I might. Or I might just keep stalking the ARC category for pretties ;-).

Do you belong to any ARC trading groups or events? I’m curious to know how often you hang on to your read ARCs and how often you offer them for trade. Do you find yourself often finding other people to trade with or only once in a while? If I’m missing any other trading communities, I would love to find out about them because I’m obsessive like that :D. What sci-fi and fantasy ARCs are you most craving? Remember that if you want to trade, I would love to hear from you (because I’m obsessive :D).

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  1. Sarah (@EscapingSarah) says:

    I love swapping ARCs and books with Goodreads friends and bloggers! Media mail is my best friend. I use YA Book Exchange very often and have set up many trades through it.

    The only thing that kind of bothers me about swapping is that I’ve noticed sometimes people become a little bit too obsessed with release dates. I’ve seen interactions in ARC Swap groups on Goodreads where someone has a book up for swap that comes out in December and someone else offers a book from that person’s wishlist that comes out in November and is rejected because it’s not the same release month. For me, a book isn’t more or less “valuable” based on its release date–I often swap my upcoming ARCs for titles that have already been released.

    I’d love to find someone who lives near me who I can swap, borrow, and lend books with in person. It would be awesome to be able to avoid the postage costs because they do add up, but I haven’t found anyone yet!

    • <3 media mail! That is weird, I haven't noticed that yet, but it's good to know so that I don't get disappointed! I actually am perfectly happy swapping 2014 books for 2013 books since I want to get the 2013 pubs completed, haha. I also have access to a lot of ARCs that I haven't read the first book for a sequel and so I'm like: likelihood of me reading both of those books... low. Much better to trade for sequels I actually want to read :D

      What part of the world do you live? We might be close :D

  2. Great topic! I’ve actually been trading on YA Book Exchange for almost a year now and I love it! They have two different ways that you can add books for trade. One way is through the Google Doc but like you mentioned above, you can only do one book at a time. They also have their email on their so you can add multiple books at a time.

    I hope you find a trading site that works for you :)

    • Oo, thank you for pointing out that I can email multiple books at a time, since I kind of want to just send them my GR shelf, haha

  3. I usually pass along ARCs to the people I love on the internet. I do not get enough physical copies to justify a group. :<

  4. It’s so awesome that you’re able to trade ARCs with other people! I find it a bit more difficult because I live in Australia, and there aren’t really THAT many other bloggers here to trade with :) And I suppose quite a few of my ARCs are eARCs and you can’t really trade those haha.
    Nice post Anya!

    • I definitely have more eARCs that physical too, and trading those would definitely be against the rules ;-) I’ve come across a couple groups for other parts of the world though too :D

  5. Okay, first of all, I am so jelly that you guys get to trade!! I’ve actually never requested for a physical copy of an ARC, because I’m an international blogger, and the opportunities for me (or lack, thereof), are pretty small. But it’s great to know that you can use your own ARCs to trade them in for other books you really want! So yeah, I’m not helping here. Great post anyways XD

    • Hehe, I have seen some international bloggers talk about getting to know the publishers in their country since they are much happier to send you ARCs that people in the states ;-)

  6. I’m in the bookswap group on GR but no one has wanted any of my list. I plan to make a page on my blog and just keep that updated. For my friends I normally just give/send them the book and I don’t expect a swap because hey you’re my friend, so’s I hooks you up muuwhahahah. So if you’re dying to read any of these just holler at me.

    ARC Impostor by Susanne Winnacker (ya sci-fi)
    ARC Antigoddess by Kendare Black (might just give this away on the blog)
    PB Anatomy of a Boyfriend by Daria Snadowsky (ya contemporary)
    TP Blood Feathers by Lou Morgan (adult UF/Angels & demons)
    ARC Super Stories of Heroes & Villains edited by Claude Lalumiere
    ARC The Scar Boys – Len Vlahos (ya contemporary) – still need to read
    ARC Ink by Amanda Sun (ya paranormal fantasy)
    ARC Wounded Prey by Sean Lynch (Adult mystery)
    ARC Magisterium by Jeff Hirsch (ya sci-fi?)
    ARC The Wolf Princess
    ARC Cherry Money Baby by John M Cusick (ya contemp)
    ARC Lawless & the Devil of Euston Square by William Sutton (adult mystery)
    ARC Relic: The Books of Eva by Heather Terrell
    TP Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce (ya UF Fantasy)
    TP Where You Are by J.H. Pearce
    ARC Something Red by Douglas Nicholas (alternate history fantasy)
    ARC Black Feathers by Joseph D’Lacey (ya or adult fantasy apoc/post-apoc
    ARC Sunblind by Marc Griffo (ya UF shifters)
    TP Broken Wings by Shannon Dittemore
    ARC What’s Left of Me by Kat Zhang (ya dystopia)
    MMP The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson (epic fantasy – 2 copies brand new)
    ARC Yellowcake by Margo Lanagan (shorts, dark fantasy)
    HC The Rose Throne by Mette Ivie Harrison (YA fantasy)
    ARC Wait for You by J. Lynn
    ARC The Cambodian Book of the Dead by Tom vater (adult mystery)
    ARC Audio Close My Eyes by Sophie McKenzie

    • Awesome! I should do that… though it would probably be easier for me just to have a link to my wishlist since it’s easier to keep a goodreads shelf updated, haha. Did you read Antigoddess? I keep seeing it around but was skeptical and now everyone is liking it >.>

  7. I don’t get physical ARCs so I don’t see those places as being too useful for me, but I’ll keep them in mind for the future. I see that someone else mentioned ARCycling. I was looking at that site a few days ago, just out of curiosity.

    • ARCycling is a good option too, I had trouble since I didn’t know which ones I would want until they were all gone anyway xD

  8. I sometimes trade on YA book exchange but I am in the UK and most people are not willing to post internationally, so I mostly keep my ARCs or hold a giveaway on my blog. Great discussion!!

    Kate @ Reading Under the Willow Tree

    • Giveaways are awesome too! I have such a hard time deciding whether to host a giveaway or hold on to a book for trading, decisions!

  9. Given that I get most of my ARCs in e-book format, trading isn’t really an option for me. :p I’ve been tempted by book swaps before, but never really came across any that caught my fancy or else nobody there would ship to Canada. It’s a cool concept, and definitely is great because it allows people a chance at books they might not otherwise get, but it’s not something I’d consider giving another shot, at least for a long while. I have enough books on my plate for the moment!

    • That is so true too! I’m mostly hoping to be able to get some of the more in demand ones second hand >.> I really want to go to an actual physical book swap, it seems like a good way to meet fellow book lovers :D

  10. You made me laugh with the line about how you just like getting stuff in the mail…I love getting mail with a surprise book in it! :) I can’t part with my books however. I really only giveaway to friends books I know they’ll like that I didn’t like. If I like the book/ARC, I just can’t bear to part with it!

  11. I’ve only traded ARCs once before (through the ARC Swap group), but I was really pleased with the experience! I just haven’t done it more because I couldn’t think of any ARCs I really wanted to trade for. That and I spend most of the year in the UK, where I can’t trade with most people (who are in the US).

    • I just got my first trade from that group too, yey! I actually spent a lot of the last two days going through 2013 and 2014 releases to figure out what is coming out that I want to read, haha.

  12. Hi there, Anya! You are so lucky for being able to trade physical ARCs. I am an international blogger so the opportunity for me to get physical ARCs is pretty nil. Unless we take into consideration shipping ARCs to and fro which would be really expensive. Winning giveaways is my only chance to get physical ARCs. Hang on, I’ve met this kind lady on Goodreads who hated her ARC for Doon and offered to give it for free. Seeing that it was the ARC that I’ve requested months ago and got rejected, I immediately took her offer. She shipped it to me but I haven’t received it yet due to the fact that our postal system is kinda slow.

    Anyway, I am blabbering too much. Regarding your question about ARC communities, have you heard of ARCycling? It’s also a community where people trade ARCS. You can visit this link.

    • I hope you get Doon soon! I keep meaning to check that one out, looking forward to seeing what you think :D Yup, I used ARCycling once before, it’s just too stressful for me since I don’t know what the books are and then they’re gone D:


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