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Balancing Blogging: No Posts Mondays or Thursdays?

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I Need to Better Balance Blogging

There is a poll in the middle of this post where you can vote whether Mondays or Thursdays are my dead air days going forward, I would really appreciate you taking the time to click through and vote if you care at all ;-).

I’ve found recently that my life has become a bit hectic. I don’t precisely mind prioritizing reading and writing blog posts over chores and sleep, but I’m realizing that might be a bad idea long term. I think what I’m realizing more than anything is that I need to shift my priorities a bit. I love blogging and I love reading and I’d go crazy without them. However, I’m also trying to get more involved with the science blogging community and am gearing up for serious research mode. Secretly I’m also TERRIFIED of being a teaching assistant next term and am convinced it is going to suck all possible time I have away >.>

So while I am actually quite happy on the surface with posting every day, I think that I need to force myself to chill out a little so that I have those extra minutes to think about science a little bit more or really relax with a good book that just happens to be nonfiction ;-). Instead of just reassuring myself that I’ll do a little less, you’ll see, I realized I need to be very firm with where the line is in order to actually make a real change. I also want to make an official declaration to you so that you can hold me to this decision (with the exceptions of the blog tour posts that I’ve already agreed to >.>).

Therefore, I’ve decided to only post six days a week. Normally I post 2-3 reviews a week, so I’m planning on slimming that down to 1-2. I love all my regular features such as Top Ten Tuesday, Sci-fi and Fantasy Fridays, and Updates from the Lair, so I just can’t part with any of them, which only really leaves reviews and giveaways, ha. Since reviews are the posts that take the most time, it seems to make sense to focus on those to make some time. So I want to know: do you have any strong preference on whether Mondays or Thursdays are the review day that no longer has content? I included the only other options as well in case you have very strong preference for one of those. If you have an argument in any direction, I’d really love to hear it since I’m kind of just shrugging and tossing a coin at this point!

Should Monday or Thursday be the day I don't post anything?

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Do you ever find yourself messing up priorities because reading and blogging are just too much fun and too addictive? ;-) Do you think I’m crazy for decreasing my daily content production or is this the right move? Do you have any other ideas for how I can get my priorities back to a better balance?

Thanks in advance for your help deciding :D

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -Anya

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  1. I used to take large amounts of time of from blogging because of school, but i have been really inspired and want to post as much as possible. I totally understand needing to alleviate the work of it!
    DanaSquare recently posted…The Twelve Nightmares of Christmas: Nightmare Six + GIVEAWAY!My Profile

    • I should really take blogging breaks when school demands more of my time but I just can’t resist and give up sleep instead haha

  2. I’m cutting back on blogging myself, although I don’t currently post on a regular schedule and I rarely post all 7 days in a week! I hadn’t thought about it, but I’m pretty impressed that you’ve been managing to keep that up on top of grad school. I’ve just started writing a paper, and while I sometimes have the time to write reviews, I find that I have the mental energy to want to write them less and less often. Perhaps I should try some features too. Yours seems like a lot of fun and it sounds as though they might be less draining than writing a review.
    Katie @ Doing Dewey recently posted…FacehookedMy Profile

    • Yeah, I find writing things that are more structured help me a lot with dealing with writing overload. Basically, I just try to write things that are easier to write than papers since then I feel productive and less drained :)

  3. I don’t know how you manage as it is. Blogging takes so much of my time and my sister who just finished her masters had no free time at all. (Basically, you’re amazing) I’d rather Monday be your day off, but it doesn’t really matter. I just have more time to read blogs on Thursday.

    I wish I had a suggestion, but I’m still figuring this out myself. (and since I only manage two posts a week clearly you’re better at this than I am.)
    Molly Mortensen recently posted…Top Ten 2014 Books I Read this YearMy Profile

    • Haha, aw thanks! I’m going to aim at Mondays I think, though it’ll vary some weeks if I have blog tour guest posts that the pub prefers Monday for, ha. Pfft, better does not factor into the equation, it honestly gets easier the longer you do it!

  4. I’ve been terrible. Life has been so hectic that I don’t blog as often. I write post and they sit in my google drive. I always want to do cool things and then run out of time to do it. So if you are still going to do 6 days a week, you rock.
    Jen recently posted…Paper or Plastic by Vivi Barnes #CoverRevealMy Profile

    • Aw, you’re not terrible! Might be worth it to take a couple of weeks to put your bits of time toward one of those cool things since I want to see it :D

  5. I’d say… pick the day that works for you :P But possibly Monday, since that’s the day I bet a lot of people catch up and might not have time to check out blogs.
    Leeanna @ recently posted…Book Review: Exquisite Captive (Dark Caravan Cycle #1) by Heather DemetriosMy Profile

    • I have actually been reading that exact reasoning a lot which amuses me because I thought it’d be the opposite (apparently I’m the only one that goofs off at work on Mondays >.>)

  6. I think taking an extra day off and being able to put your effort into a few GOOD posts is much better than writing every day and making them short and/or not your best :) Plus, blogging is supposed to be fun! No need to pressure yourself. I voted Thursday off, but I honestly don’t think it matters either way!
    Kayla @ The Thousand Lives recently posted…Weekly Update #57 (December 14) – Christmas Came EarlyMy Profile

    • So I completely agree with you, but I feel the need to tell someone about this weird thing that happens in my brain when people talk about quality over quantity: does that mean that my posts are inherently worse because I post more of them?? What if I want to post quality AND quantity?? My brain hurts!! D: Hehe, blogging is definitely fun still, that’s kind of the problem is that it’s more fun than grad school ;-)

  7. I always put blogging second after college, therefore I usually end up not having a schedule like you do! Honestly, I would say just do what you have to do haha! BUT I’M IMPRESSED BY YOUR SCHEDULE!
    Valerie recently posted…Stacking the Shelves #15My Profile

    • Yeah, that’s exactly why I need to put inflexible limits on myself because somewhere along the lines I failed at prioritizing properly >.> grad school is hard!

  8. I have to admit I tend to read all posts on the weekend, and am often a week or two behind, so cutting out specific days isn’t really something I can comment on . I myself tend to post 6 days a week, skipping Saturdays. Why Saturdays? I haven’t a clue. I just like seeing the grouping of posts on the calendar with the blank day at the end, and not in the middle, lol.
    Sarah recently posted…Review: The Knife’s Edge + GiveawayMy Profile

    • Haha, I totally get your logic! There is something strange about the open day that does definitely bother me a little ;-) I shall try to resist though because I strangely like posting discussions on Saturdays for again illogical reasons!

  9. I think cutting back before things get to be way too much is a very smart idea. If you need to, cut back even more. Make sure you leave at least a little downtime to decompress, especially with all this new stuff coming up.

    As for which day you ditch, I’m always behind on reading/commenting, so I probably won’t even notice. ;) Take it easy!
    Kel @ Booked til Tuesday recently posted…Transparent by Natalie Whipple (2 stars)My Profile

    • I’ll definitely try to stay in tune with whether I need to cut back more. There is a part of me that doesn’t want to let go of reading and blogging too much though since I think I’d go crazy D:

  10. I voted Monday because I think I’ve seen something that people are more likely to be browsing the web on Mondays (as an attempt to keep their weekend going?). But ultimately, whatever works best for you is what you should go with! :) We’ll read it when you post it.
    Lisa (@TenaciousReader) recently posted…The Shining Girls By Lauren BeukesMy Profile

  11. I voted for Monday since I hate Mondays, I always feel super lazy then, so if you feel the same, you might have one obligation less. ;)
    Dragana recently posted…Book Review: Gerard’s Beauty by Marie HallMy Profile

  12. It blows my mind when people post daily. Consistently for weeks, months, years! How do you find the time? Or the ideas!

    I chose Monday because I’m usually not reading blogs on Mondays. I end up spending all weekend getting caught up on my feed reader, so on Monday, I need a little break!
    Jackie recently posted…Weekend Review: A New Lease on LifeMy Profile

    • Reviews are pretty easy for me to write fortunately, so that definitely helps! There are times when I don’t write many discussions and then other times when I’m inspired and I just let it flow however it works ;-)

      Thanks so much for the feedback, I never realized how few people read blogs on Mondays!

  13. Do you schedule all your posts before the week starts or do you write some during the week? If you don’t schedule all, I think that you should consider whether it’s easier for you to write for Mondays or Thursdays. If you schedule the whole week in advance, I don’t think the day really matters, unless you’ve noticed that the traffic/comments are much lower on one of the two days. For me, I may have more time to read posts on Monday one week and on Thursday another. It really depends on how much work I have on the specific week.

    I always prioritise college over anything else, which is why I don’t post in a very consistent way, although now that I’ve found that blogger allows to schedule posts, I can write a few if I think that I’m going to be very busy.
    Hellen recently posted…Cadena de libros – Tema libreMy Profile

    • Everything is scheduled fortunately! Which is why I figured I’d see if one or the other was way better for you :) I have looked at my stats now though and noticed that Mondays tend to be lower, so I might just go with that since the poll is trending that way too, hehe.

      Yeah, when I had predominantly homework, it was easier to put those deadlines first. When there aren’t any deadlines or really much accountability at all, it’s really hard to make good choices D:

  14. For me, day of the week makes no difference because I just read blog posts when I can. I definitely run into trouble from time to time prioritizing because I care more about my blog than I do school (kinda hate school at this point) and its easy to let it take over. Good luck!
    Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun recently posted…My TBR List | December 2014 ResultsMy Profile

    • That’s me too, I just catch up on the weekend or standing in line since I have a feed reader on my phone :D Hehe, and that’s exactly how I’m feeling too (are we the same person?????) since it is way too easy for me to say “I NEED to stop working early to read this book because I need blog content and therefore I don’t have to feel guilty” >.> BAD LOGIC IS BAD!

  15. HAHA I love how your “stepping down” is posting 6 days a week, since I post every other day on a good week :)
    It doesn’t really matter which day you don’t post things, but I will continue to look forward to what you *do* post!
    Kritika recently posted…Happy Holidays!My Profile

    • It did take me three years to ramp up to my current posting amount whereas when I started I just posted one review a week and that was it! Yey, thanks :D

  16. I refrained from voting, because I think you should just do what is best for you :) I need a day or two break from blogging sometimes too, so I’m glad for days like Wednesdays where I can feature a Waiting on Wednesday – I can still post daily and it’s content I can do ahead of time and doesn’t take long.
    Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum recently posted…Lootz: Mogsy’s Book HaulMy Profile

  17. For me it depends from week to week, but if I don’t have 7 posts for a week I usually choose for tuesday to be my day without a post as I clean our rat cage on tuesday and don’t have as much time as normal to promote my post. Maybe you can just see from week to week what works best or try a few weeks with monday without a post and then a few weeks with tuesday and then find out what works best for you?
    Lola recently posted…My To-Be Read List #4: Chosen BookMy Profile

    • Ha, amusingly that is kind of what I ended up doing this week since I had already agreed to blog tours for Monday and Thursday so Tuesday is going to be the day without a post! And man did it feel great looking at that empty day and not caring :D

  18. You’re not the only one who has stumbled upon this road. I of course recently started blogging and cannot really compare my personal experience with yours, but you have to allow yourself the grace and freedom to create your own schedule. I have to juggle housework, homeschool, reading, video gaming, interrupted mommy moments in between my blogging and while I was deeply frustrated at first, I accepted that this is where I presently am in this season and learned how to prioritize around it :)

    You’ll still have your followers around! Like me! :)
    Claudia {Sparrowhawk} recently posted…Sparrow’s Reading Corner: {It’s About The Friday Book Memes | Volume No. 29}My Profile

    • Starting recently definitely doesn’t make life less crazy ;-). I almost wonder if some things are easier for me because they are routine now whereas when you first start, everything is harder because you’re still figuring stuff out?

      In any case *hugs* thanks!

  19. I also said Monday :P I’m not sure why but I almost never get on the computer on Mondays. Asking everyone is indeed a great idea to make sure you stick to something, I should do that more often xD It’s great you are making priorities, being a teaching assistant sounds like an amazing experience.
    Alise recently posted…Review: The Distance Between Us – Kasie WestMy Profile

    • That is a really good thing to know! I figured it’d either be that everyone spent Monday only on the internet because they didn’t want to work, or Mondays would be super crazy and it is definitely looking like most people don’t have time to read blogs on Monday which is so interesting! Hehe, you all can’t yell at me about today’s post though, I’m skipping tomorrow instead ;)

  20. I prefer to see reviews on your site every third Monday, alternating Thursdays. But if the month begins with the moon in a waxing stage then it has to be all Thursdays except the third week of the month whih would be a Monday. If the first Monday of the month is a full moon then no posts at all that week, unless it leads to a blue moon later in the month in which case each day must have a post entitled “Blue Moon, Clue Moon” and talks about nothing but what you ate for dinner the night before.
    Nathan (@reviewbarn) recently posted…Review: ‘Annihilation’ by Jeff VanderMeerMy Profile

  21. Adelynne Chang says:

    It’s always good to take a break- this isn’t a bad idea. I’ll still be reading your posts anyway so it doesn’t matter what you do. :)

  22. Okay, first of all, you don’t need to post 6 days a week, You could do 4 or 5 days and the blog wouldn’t suffer for it. So, as your life changes, make whatever changes are needed to your blogging schedule and habits.

    I voted a day but won’t say which as what really matters is what works for you.
    Bea @Bea’s Book Nook recently posted…ARC Review of The City on the Edge of Forever by Harlan Ellison, Scott Tipton, David Tipton, J.K. Woodward (Illustrations)My Profile

    • Hehe thanks! I like posting six days a week currently, since otherwise I wouldn’t get to write as many reviews and fun discussions :D But yeah, I’ll definitely take things easier if I need to <3

  23. When I first started blogging, I used to write a blog post almost every day. During the tail end of grad school I took a 5-month long blogging hiatus and almost quit blogging altogether. Balancing work, school, a relationship, blogging, and a life was just too much for me, and something had to give. After I graduated, I came back, but I completely changed my blogging style. I’ve been pretty strict about blogging 2-3 times per week and no more. I try to go for either Monday-Wednesday-Friday or Tuesday-Thursday, depending on how much content I have, and I schedule it all in advance. Ideally I’ll have a 2-week cushion so that if life gets busy, I can still catch up. Right now of course I have precisely zero posts scheduled, because the holiday season is hectic. :P
    Grace recently posted…“Awakening” by Karen SandlerMy Profile

    • Yeah, I might have to take a six month break to push through the dissertation writing, we’ll see! Taking the holidays off is not illegal you know ;-). I generally have a buffer for reviews since I try to keep enough of those (hard to do one the night before!), but then just do the SFFFriday posts and wrapup posts the week of. I always mean to get Top Ten Tuesday done a month in advance but then it just doesn’t happen, sigh!

  24. I’m not going to vote because I think it’s up to you what day you choose not to post. ;) Do you have a way of checking your site statistics? Does any one day of the week historically seem to get fewer views than other days?

    On a related note, I’ve been feeling overwhelming with blogging lately too, but not for the same reason. Mine is time. Work has been unbelievably busy (I often sneak in article-writing while I’m there), and holiday preparations have made time at home hectic as well. It’s all temporary; once Christmas is over, things will slow down again (hopefully). But for the past two weeks, I’ve had a huge case of GAAAAAAHHH! :S

    I hope your plan helps you cut down on any stress you may be feeling. It sounds like you have a full plate – and quite an interesting career in the works, too! Good luck with everything. :)
    Sara L. recently posted…What Kind of Reader Are You?My Profile

    • Haha, but it honestly doesn’t matter to my schedule, hence why I asked! ;-) Yeah, I just looked now that you mention it and Monday is actually generally the lowest of the week with Thanksgiving being an obvious exception!

      Sounds like a good time to just take a blogging break if you need it <3 Thanks!

  25. I voted Monday because as the start of the week, there’s usually so much to do, you might as well take it off. *grins* I’ve started not blogging on monday and wednesday myself just because it’s less stress on me, and to give myself less work now that I’ve actually been hired at a RL job place again.
    Silvara recently posted…Bookshelf Scavenger HuntMy Profile

    • Hehe, since I write most posts on the weekends, it also gives me a bit of breathing room that way ;-) Woot RL job places!

  26. I voted for Monday, but honestly, you should do a trial run of different days and see what works best for you. I used to blog 7 days a week, but about 8 months ago I cut out the weekends. It still feels great. There are times I do put up a weekend post but its rare.
    Marni J recently posted…My Ex From Hell by Tellulah Darling with Guest Post and a GiveawayMy Profile

    • I probably will keep it a bit flexible when someone wants to schedule a tour date that day or something, but since I schedule everything in advance, I’m not sure how much of a difference it’ll really make in terms of which day of the week I take off ;-)

  27. I voted for Monday, but mostly because Monday is always busy, and I have more time to read your review on Thursday. However, you should pick the day you prefer (:
    Celine recently posted…Review: Moriarty by Anthony HorowitzMy Profile


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