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Between Two Thorns {Read Along}


Week two of our exciting read along of Between Two Thorns starts now! And look, I’m actually on time this week, yey ;-). I’ll be honest that I struggled a bit coming up with questions this week since it seems like things are mostly in set up mode, but hopefully we still have something to discuss.

We get to meet Will and see a couple of different sides to him. What do you think of Cathy’s betrothed?

At first I thought I liked Will since he went against the strict moral code pushed on him. Then when I realized he was talking about Cathy as the woman he was betrothed to, I got rather pissed. How dare he speak about her like that?!? He clearly has some growing to do and it’ll be a while before I trust him, if ever.

The Sorcerer seems to be acting a bit inconsistently, any ideas what is going on with him?

This is the part of this section that I was most intrigued by. He seems to be forgetting parts of his personality and needing to be coached some days on how to interact with others. Is this normal for Sorcerers? I assume not since Max seemed to think it was odd too. Perhaps he is ill or it is a consequence of some magic?

Things are starting to link up now that we have context for the events at the beginning of the book, but how do you think it all connects together? Could it really be all coincidence? How do you think Cathy will tie into Max’s story?

I felt rather brilliant when I realized that we finally had insight into the kidnapping in the prologue, though it probably took me longer than it should have ;-). Obviously I don’t think everything is a coincidence since this is a story, but I’m not really seeing how things connect. Cathy’s story currently seems rather dull in comparison to Max’s, so I’m hoping she joins him in mystery solving soon!

We get up close and personal with Cathy’s family. What do you think of her brother Tom and sister-in-law Lucy? Her parents? Do you think she’ll have any allies going forward?

Ugh, poor girl, I see why she ran away. Lucy seems nice though also stuck in a bad situation…. I hope she escapes home soon since everyone there is rather a piece of work and I worry badly for Cathy’s safety.

What are you thinking of the book so far?

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  1. The only redeeming thing Will has going for him right now seems to be the way he made his little sister feel included. But even his “rescue” of Cathy from the dance floor seems to be self-serving at the moment. I was pretty disgusted with what he said about her to his friend too. He does strike me as a shallow cad, but who knows, maybe he’s just hiding his heart of gold.
    Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum recently posted…Week 2: Between Two Thorns Read-AlongMy Profile

  2. I agree, Will seems like an ass. He’s up to something though, and I admit I’m intrigued about what it could be! Maybe it’s connected to the missing Master of Ceremonies somehow?? I really have no clue, I guess I’ll just have to keep reading to find out. ;)

    Thank goodness for Lucy…I really hope she becomes a friend to Cathy, because let’s be real: the poor girl really needs someone on her side!
    Danya @ Fine Print recently posted…Between Two Thorns Read-Along: Week 2My Profile

  3. I was distrustful of Will in this section (although I’m warming to him in next week’s chapters… to a point), but I realised I’m basically distrustful of ALL the Fae-touched. They’re horrid. The only one who isn’t horrid is Lucy, and that makes me distrust her even more! I, err, may just have trust issues in political environments.

    The Sorcerer, by comparison, is adorable. Awkward, socially inept, and very inconsistent, but he seems relatively straightforward (although I’m not sure I entirely buy his logic for keeping secrets).
    imyril recently posted…Be Careful What You Wish For (Between Two Thorns 2)My Profile

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