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Blogger Trick-or-Treat

Blogger Trick-or-Treat

What is Blogger Trick-or-Treat you ask? Well pop over to Great Imaginations to find out!

Welcome, welcome adorable bloggers dressed in your cute costumes! Don’t be afraid of my lair *ahem* I mean parlor…. There’s nothing at all to fear, mwahahahaha! No, seriously, there isn’t anything to fear because to be honest I’m a HUGE scaredy cat. But I also loooooooove Halloween because I love all the non-scary part of Halloween. This makes for a rather amusing (to others I’m sure) tug-of-war between wanting to buy and decorate with all the cute Halloween things and needing to hide my precious eyes from all the terrifying and gross Halloween things D: Therefore, I want to take the opportunity to discuss all some of the things that are AWESOME about Halloween and pretend the scary things don’t exist for a bit ;-). (All my comments about scary things being bad are very much a joke in that I don’t care if you have scary things over in your house, just not near me >.>)

  • Pumpkins! I’m not saying my favorite fruit is the pumpkin (yes, it’s a fruit!), since peaches are pretty darn tasty, but my favorite fruit to use as a decoration is definitely the pumpkin :D. From pumpkin-carving to oggling at the ginormous pumpkins at the fall festivals to drawing funny faces on the little mini-pumpkins, I love it all. The only Halloween parties I go to a ones with pumpkin carving ;-). I even love crocheting pumpkins:

    • Cute scary things! Things like ghosts and monsters are awesome when they’re cute instead of scary ;-). Small children make adorable ghosts in fact and I highly approve of those costumes over gruesome ones any day! Ghosts even make for adorable crochet ornaments as well! (Is this just an opportunity to show off the crocheting I’ve been doing? Maybe, but I also just love making crochet Halloween things!)



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  • Pretty costumes! Halloween is like the Ren Fest and various conventions in that it gives you an excuse to wear pretty old-fashioned dresses and capes without anyone looking at you like you’re crazy :D. I definitely wore my wench outfit from the Ren Fest every Halloween in college because the bodice is so pretty and fun to wear (minus breathing of course, who needs that!). I’m also super looking forward to having children so that I can put them in adorable costumes. I’m going to take a baby dragon trick-or-treating at least once!
  • Adorable party favors! I have never hosted a Halloween party, but if I did, I would use it as an excuse to make lots of cookies that are of adorable scary things, like these that Finley Jane made for her daughter’s party! They are so cute I almost don’t want to eat them :D. *nom nom noms*
  • Caaaaaaaaaannnnnnnndyyyyyyyyy! Yes, finally, the most important Halloween perk of all, the candy! I really love all the Halloween-special-edition candies, like the fall-colored M&M’s and the orange Oreos (cookies are close enough to candy >.>). But this Halloween, my favorite candy has to be the KitKats even though they aren’t specially colored or shaped or anything at all. They are just so crunchy and tasty! I am totally that person that pretends there might be trick-or-treaters to have an excuse to stock up on snack sized candy even though no one is going to come trick-or-treat at an apartment building! >.> *noms*

That’s probably enough cute things for now, I feel like I need to go watch an old horror movie to even things or something. Pfft, who am I kidding, I think I’ll crochet more cute things like this:

Also just so that it’s clear, I’m making a bunch of fall-themed crocheted items to give to coworkers ;-). Let me know if you want one too, I might have extras if I go crazy, haha.

What are you favorite things about Halloween? Anyone want to join my scaredy-cats support group??

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -Anya

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  1. I’m with you I LOVE Halloween, but I don’t do scary, so I enjoyed this post. Also, isn’t it great to play dress-up without being looked at like there’s something wrong with you? Cute crocheted Halloweeny things. :)
    Molly Mortensen recently posted…The Griever’s Mark by Katherine HurleyMy Profile

  2. Ahhhh I want that baby candy corn! Candy corn is my favorite Halloween candy! That’s so cool you make this stuff!
    Michelle @ Unraveling Books recently posted…Top Ten TuesdayMy Profile

  3. I love cute Halloween things. And your crocheting is awesome! I’ve never learned to crochet, just knit, and even that is something I haven’t done in a while. I’m not a fan of scary things, especially movies. They give my nightmares, even as an adult. I do love the occasional scary book though.
    Sarah recently posted…Review: The Eye of ZoltarMy Profile

    • Thanks so much :D I used to try to knit from time to time and never got into it, but crocheting has been really easy to pick up and you can make such cute things :D

  4. Great crocheting! I’m not a big Halloween person, but the cute stuff is cute. :) And I have to be in a particular mood to eat lots of candy. But if you’re up for a classic scary film, might I recommend Nosferatu and/or The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari?
    Kel @ Booked til Tuesday recently posted…Fan Art Up! – RemyMy Profile

    • No scary! Not even classic scary D: I think I’ve seen clips of Nosferatu actually now that I think about it since my friend insisted on showing me some of it or it was playing in the background last Halloween or something ;-)

  5. Thanks for the shout out today :) The cookies were a lot of fun to make, and even more fun to eat :D
    Finley Jayne recently posted…{Halloween Special} It’s All About the Candy!My Profile

  6. I love watching all the Halloween movies, not the scary ones, the fun ones. Like Hocus Pocus. Having an excuse to get bags of Halloween candy, and wear my Ren Faire garb. I used to work NorCal Faire, but I’ve since moved and don’t have much opportunity to wear my garb anymore.

    And those tiny crochet dolls are adorable!
    Silvara recently posted…Earth & Sky (The Earth & Sky Trilogy Book 1) by Megan Crewe (review)My Profile

    • Yes Hocus Pocus! Yeah, the local faire just isn’t as much fun as the one in Minnesota so I haven’t dressed up much lately D:

      Thanks :D

  7. Egg Nog is back in stores. It almost makes up for the trees dying every year. Almost.

    And my little boy is going to be a fireman, which while not as cool as being Link from Zelda, is still pretty damn cute.
    Nathan (@reviewbarn) recently posted…Dystopia Review: ‘Gleam’ by Tom FletcherMy Profile

    • Mmm true, but pine trees are still pretty :D

      Awwwww, cute! Does your local firehouse do outreach event where the kids can touch the firetrucks and such?

  8. Historical Costumes? That sounds pretty cool, but I think I’ll first need to find a costume that fits… probably I’ll dress again as Princess Leia…. :P
    But I agree totally about the candy ;-)
    Windsprite recently posted…Fünf am Freitag /Friday Five #15My Profile

  9. Cuyute! I’m loving this time of year and my favorite thing is probably all the food – pumpkin pie *yum*
    Tanya Patrice recently posted…3 Books That Will Make You Scared to Travel By Plane, Boat and CarMy Profile


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