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Book Depository Giveaway: I Leave for a week, you get a book

$ 10 Book Depository Giveaway!

I felt so bad about accidentally taking last week off (this could be combined with me being generally happy due to a special anniversary coming up ;) ), that I decided to give away a book! The Book Depository ships to many many places, and as long as you are living in one of those you should enter. Basically, the winner will get to pick a book up to $10 and I will send it off to them :). The giveaway will be open for entries from now until Monday September 3rd, so be sure to enter :D. I might also be slightly bribing you to give me feedback on the blog, haha, oh so subtle I know.

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And to start you drooling over books to get, let me recommend anything by Ilona Andrews or Brandon Sanderson, but I’m biased ;-).

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  1. I like the Top 10 Tuesdays, as well! And sketches are always fun. :)

  2. I like the blog as it is to be honest :D Hmm maybe something like “International covers vs US/UK covers” posts or Top 5 (books, characters etc) would be great! I love reading those!

    • Aw thanks! Those are great ideas though! I love doing the top ten tuesdays, so those will definitely be continuing :). I also find the US vs UK covers and all the others so interesting, so that’s a great idea!!

  3. I would like to see more of your cute lil sketches :D

    • You liked those? really?? Haha, I was afraid that they looked dumb and got all self conscious of them xD I can totally start doing those again if you don’t think they detract from the review, haha!

  4. I would like to see more reviews from less known books.

    • Oo, I can do that! I’m a big fan of finding random old books and telling you if they are worth reading :D. In fact, I talked to a nice lady at the used book store in the basement of the library this weekend and she said she is going to set aside some of the older 80 cents paperbacks she thinks I would like since she shelves the sci-fi and fantasy section :D.


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