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Bookish Accessories – Bathroom Edition

Books are awesome right? So it’s okay that I want to incorporate them into everything in my apartment? >.> But I got to thinking last night, I don’t have anything cute and book-themed in my bathroom! Hence a fair amount of searching for book-themed bathroom accessories, and a collection post to make staying in your budget difficult this week :D.

Book-themed Shower Curtain

First up, the easiest place to sneak in a cute book design: the shower curtain (if you have one). I sadly could only find one book design on Amazon though:

It’s definitely cute, but this book-themed shower curtain’s colors wouldn’t really match the rest of my bathroom :-/. I really want a more manuscript and cursive-y feeling design ya know? Oh well, I guess I won’t go broke this week.

Book Toothbrush/Toothbrush Holder

I have one of those fancy electric toothbrushes, but a toothbrush with a book as the handle or a toothbrush holder that was a book would be so cute! I sadly couldn’t find anything when I search around D: There is a market for this people!

Book Soap Holder

While we’re at it, let’s get the whole matching set, like you can at Target! But seriously, they have monkeys and duckies and all that stuff when you go to a big box store, why can’t they have a cute book themed set?? I seriously can’t find anything when I search, and it makes me so sad! I want books everywheeeeeere!


So, what book-themed bathroom accessories am I missing (besides the rest of my apartment ;-))?? I seriously can’t believe the Internet doesn’t have these things!  I want a very well compiled list of bathroom essentials, including filters and water softeners, why not. What are book-themed random items that you find yourself wishing for in your life? Am I crazy for wanting to brush my teeth while holding onto an adorable plastic book? (The correct answer is no >.>)

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  1. I love the idea of a manuscript as a shower curtain…then you could read while in the shower! :D

  2. Not really a bathroom idea, but I wish I had a book-themed bedspread. Like a manuscript, cursive-y look, like you mentioned with the bath curtain. A book soap dish would be excellent…and I wonder if I’m the first one to fantasize about a book-shaped bookshelf (like the side of it could be a spine). You’re right– there is definitely a market for these products, even if it’s a small one!

    • Yes! I had so much trouble picking out a bedset for my new bed this fall, and a cursive-y, elegant, manuscript style bedspread would have been just what I wanted!

      Haha, yes, a book shaped bookshelf, so meta, and so awesome.

  3. Hannah @ Once Upon A Time says:

    Lol ILU <3
    Can't say I've ever really considered book themed toothbrushes or shower curtains. Checked Etsy and Ebay?

    • :D <3 I searched briefly on Etsy, but shower curtains don't seem to be something that people feel like crafting, can't say I blame them lol!

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