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Bout of Books Read A Thon 5/14-5/20

All right all, I’m pumped. I didn’t get to participate in the past book blog community events because of bad real life timing, but I looked at the schedule and I think 5/14-5/20 is no crazier a week than normal, which means lots of time for reading and blogging! Please come join me!

All right, so I know that I should post goals, but I’m not sure exactly what vein they are supposed to be in, so I’ll post what I can think of here and would love suggestions for more that I should include!


  • Read at least 2 hours every day
  • Listen to audiobooks whenever driving (I’m sure I’ll have work that week)
  • Finish at least 2 books that week
  • Get at least one book from the Goodreads to-read list from the library
  • Spend at least 1 hour every day communicating with the community
  • Find 4 new blogs to follow

That’s all I can think of right now, but I might add more later >.> Who else is participating?  Any ideas for other good goals I should include?

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  1. How did your goals go for today? Good luck!

    Here are my goals:


    • Pretty good actually! Need to get in another 1/2 hour of reading to have completed that, but I’d say it was still pretty good for the first day + a full day of work huh?

  2. Audiobooks are the easiest for me to get through ! I listen to them in the car or when I’m cleaning.

    • Yeah, the cleaning one is something I want to work on >.> I need to bust on an old cd player to do it though since my library audiobooks don’t let you rip them for some reason ;-)

  3. I love how you did your goals :) Good luck!!


  4. Norliza Fenix Ismail says:

    wonderful goals! I set myself with one hour per day, as long as I read hehe.

    Good luck and have fun!

    When She Reads

  5. Jacinda (@ReadingWifeJac) says:

    Those are perfect goals!!! The best part of these events is finding new bloggers to <3. Good luck this week!

  6. audio books are a great way to get in extra reading, better than waiting for a stop light. :) good luck & have fun! ~dixie

  7. I love your goals. If it’s ok with you I might steal the ones about finding new blogs to follow and spending an hour a day communicating. :)

  8. Great goals! I love the community aspect :)

  9. louiselesley says:

    good luck for your goals :D

  10. Really realistic goals!! I like em =D


  11. Stopping in from the read-a-thon:) Good luck next week! Any idea what books you’re gonna read yet?
    The Fiction Diaries

  12. Audiobooks are da bomb for driving! I second what Amanda said—IDC is a great audiobook series :)

  13. Ashley Montgomery says:

    I’m participating too. Good luck! :)

  14. You do have great goals. I just made a list of books and intend to plow through it. LOL! Good luck and have fun!

  15. Those are some great goals! :) Meeting others is always one of my favourite parts

  16. Audiobooks are so helpful when you have to drive to work! Are there any specific books you want to read during the read-a-thon?

  17. We’re so glad you’re joining us for this week of decadent reading fun!
    You’re goals are great, btw! I usually just set a hard book goal for myself and let the rest come as it may. You are making me reassess my strategy and I like that!

    -Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal

    • Haha, thanks! I’m nervous about setting a book goal since I am really bad at estimating how long a book is going to take me and don’t want to make it a stressful experience xD This way I can feel accomplished instead :D


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