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Buried in Bookmarks! Let It Snow

Buried in Bookmarks – Let it Snow!

So as some of you may know, I don’t just love books, I love bookmarks as well :D. I haven’t gotten to make bookmarks for a while, since my friend who owns all the supplies is currently in the middle of writing her dissertation (poor excuse to ignore crafting if you ask me ;-) ). However, we had a crafting night to relieve stress all around this weekend, and I made a pre-seasonal bookmark! I failed a bit at the stamping if you can’t tell, but I’m pretty happy with the whole penguins-making-a-snowman scene going on; it’s just so adorable :D. Anyone else like making bookmarks??

If you squint, the text says “Let it Snow” over and over again…. Sort of…. Oh well :D, it still holds my place in books!

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings-A

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  1. Super cute bookmark, and I didn’t even have to squint to read it! :]

  2. My favorite thing about buying books at my favorite independent bookshop might be the bookmarks. Though with my own I’m allowed to turn down the pages – go figure! I also like to be a walking advertisement. I love Let It Snow because I love this time of year!

    • Haha, yes, I have been trying to break my habit of turning down pages :) I had to make a winter themed bookmark since my fall themed bookmark is getting a little out of season ;-)

  3. Aww it’s absolutely adorable! I do make bookmarks! it’s a long process because i design them out, then draw them a final, color them, then make extra layers so they’re durable, and then I ask my dad if he can laminate it (if I really like it). But I haven’t made one in a long time because i’ve been satisfied with my current one. :)

    • Wow! That’s a much more intense process than mine. I’m more of a think about it a little bit, throw some stamps and embossing power on the pretty paper and see how it turns out kind of girl :D Since I’m doing it to relax, I don’t think I could take making it more stressful ;-) I like this laminating idea though! Mine get pretty beat up as it is!

  4. I should get my students to make bookmarks, they would love that!

  5. Way cute design! :D

    • Thanks :D I think I accidentally made it snow in real life though >.> We had 60 degree whether one day and then our first snow the next!

  6. I made bookmarks one year for a friend’s wedding – they were little remembrances for the guests to take away with them. Yeah portable laminator!

    • Nice! I don’t laminate mine because I’m all right with them getting beat up (then I have to make more :D) but I like that idea for a wedding in the future >.>

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