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Buried in Books! #3

So remember last week how I accidentally got a whole bunch of books from the library book sale? Well while I was there the nice lady selling me books mentioned that she stacks the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section and would be happy to pick out books she thought I’d like from the overwhelming number of paperbacks…. Gah! How can you say no to a nice old lady offering to pick out books for you???? How??? And of course I dutifully went back this weekend to look through the pile she had set aside for me (and was amused at her similarly sized pile that she had picked out for herself while looking for books for me, awesome!) and they all looked so great, I couldn’t leave any out. That would have made the books sad, and sad books cause global warming!! Or something like that…. Also pretty much all of them are from two decades or more ago, so everyone out there who wanted more random/old/unknown books, here you goooooo!

From the Library Book Sale:


Don’t they all look awesome and classic :D I’m pumped! Libraries rock, yo.

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  1. Oh wow, what a fantastic find, someone to keep books aside for you! xD They do all look awesome, and I can especially recommend the Otherland series, it’s completely awesome (although is made up of four enormous books)! Hope you enjoy them :D

    • The enormous books! It is strange how I’ve been feeling pressured to only read shorter books so that I can churn out more reviews :( But I’m definitely going to be going through this whole haul over the next year whether I can keep up with enough reviews or not, haha!

      And the best part was that she was such an adorable little old lady! And she liked sci-fi and fantasy, and volunteered at the library! That’s who I want to be when I grow up :3

  2. What amazing retro covers! When I first started reading the Wheel of Time series, I managed to get the first 6 in the illustrated covers but then they stopped selling them in the UK and the rest of the series is in the dreary black covers. I know that they’re still awesome on the inside but they don’t look as fun on the shelves…

    My local library’s fantasy section is a bit hit and miss so I’m also jealous of your super librarian!

    • I know right?? It was just a miracle that I mentioned that it was hard to figure out which books were good and she happened to be the one that stocks that section. I was in heaven! And literally just bought everything she recommended to me, ha!

  3. I recognize a number of them and think you’ll love LeGuin, Anthony, and Garrett. Williams is on my “to read” list as well. You have a MUCH better library than we do … and your librarian is AWESOME! Enjoy.

    • For some reason Lansing MI libraries just love having used book stores in their basements! The one closer to me also has a book store basement that I’m going to have to check out (once I need new books again, ie in a few years!). They are a little crazy cramped, but it’s just so quaint! Also they are mostly volunteer run so I think I know what I’ll do on vacation >.>

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