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Buried in Books (& Marks)! #4

All right, after last week’s books binge I contained myself much better this week! In fact, for the most part I both books for other people. I also made a new bookmark for the season, and I’m super in love with it!!

Gave Away:


One of my friends’ birthday is coming up this weekend (well Monday, but we’re celebrating this weekend) and I’m giving her Graceling, but it hasn’t arrived yet :(. Hopefully it comes in tomorrow so that I can bring it to the party on Saturday! I’m also secretly hoping that she’ll let me borrow it after she finishes :D. Another of my friends’ birthday was a few weeks ago, but she was nice enough to let me delay her present until the next paycheck came in, haha. She’s already read The Name of the Wind, but she loved it as much as I did and wanted a copy so that she could reread it.



After finishing Destiny Binds and lending it to my mom, she and I were both so excited to read the rest of the series that we agreed to each by one and lend them to each other. So technically I didn’t buy Time Mends, but my mom did! I also read it in two days, and will be starting Fate Succumbs soon. Keep an eye out for some more Tammy Blackwell reviews in the next month. I will repeat my statements before: these books are awesome, go read them now.


I was craving some Ilona Andrews and so I went to check on the Free Ebooks section (scroll down a bit to find it) and realized that I hadn’t read Fathers and Sons yet. It’s a short story and I buzzed through it while waiting for a flu vaccine, but it was fun! It’s about when Curran wakes up from his multi-week coma and kicks some fuzzy bear butt.


A friend of mine is super into bookmark making, she even has a bookmark blog, and so when we hang out, I tend to walk away with pretty things :D. I also made a tropical one last weekend, but I didn’t like it as much as this one! Fall is my favorite season, and I’m completely in love with this shiny bookmark :). Does anyone else make bookmarks??

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  1. Love that bookmark, its gorgeous! :]

    • Thank you! It’s funny that that one took the least amount of time, but turned out the best. I just love Autumn so much! :D

    • Alyson@SnifferWalk says:

      The books look great and I LOVE the bookmark!

      • TY! Making bookmarks is so freaking fun! I basically end up doing it once a week when I hang out with those friends xD You should try it sometime, you just need strong paper (we use sticker paper actually, lol), a stamp or two that you like, embossing inks, embossing powder and a heat gun. Well, maybe that is a lot, but it’s fun :D

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