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Buried in Books! And Dragons! #2

I don’t know how this happened. Well, I do, but I really wasn’t planning on it, I swear! I was just hanging out on a Thursday afternoon, and my friend calls and demands I come hang out with them at GenCon. This seemed like a good idea, so I toddled on down to Indianapolis and was just walking through the dealer’s hall looking for dice, just dice. But no, there had to be an author’s alley this year…. So I got some new books from that. That would be bad enough, but then I was going to the library to return some books and had a specific plan not to check out any more, but no, they had to have a book sale going on…. There were paperbacks for 80 cents!!! How can a girl resist that????? How!?

From the Library Book Sale:


So it’s not quite as bad as it looks since I’ve already read Beggars in Spain by Nancy Kress (and it was awesome, go read it!) but I didn’t own a copy, so I wanted it :). Also, I would now like to be known as the Mistress of Dragons (only semi-serious >.>) because dragons are teh bomb!

For Review:


Aren’t they all so pretty? :D Seriously, all you indie authors rock, I’m loving the covers I’ve been seeing lately!




Here’s a secret: I freaking love dragons. Anything dragon really…. And a friend of mine has all of this fun crafting stuff that is perfect for making bookmarks, including dragon stamps! :D! So I hung out with her last night and made the too bookmarks above with her new fantasy set of stamps. The purple one is for me of Midnyght (the little dragon at the top of the page is another incarnation of Midnyght) and the red one is a late birthday present for my mom which I’ve hopefully given her already, otherwise pretend you didn’t read this Mom! While I was hanging out, gushing about the awesomeness of dragons, my friend’s boyfriend handed me  the sleepy dragon magnet on the second row, which simply rocks. Finally, I know it’s cheating to post books twice, but they belonged! More dragon books! :D! So yes, some sort of dragon nickname for me is probably appropriate….

Well, that was a novel right there…. Whew, if you stuck to the end, you rock.

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