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Buried in Books (& Marks)! #5

Hi, I’m Anya and I have a problem with borrowing books. I tend not to ever buy any new books (unless as gifts for others :D ) and just wait until a friend has a copy of a book I want to read, or until I find it at the library :D. Hence this week’s ridiculous amount of books….



So first off, my mom is awesome, and lent me all three of her birthday presents (from me) that I hadn’t read yet. She’s crazy too, since she was able to lend me the Edge books without having read them, how does she have that willpower?? Needless to say, there will be a lot of Ilona Andrews in my future, and that will be a good future. Also, a friend of mine has all of the published Lost Hero series, and lent me the first :D. This is an example of a book I simply couldn’t convince myself to buy in hardcover (because of lack of practicality, so many people in my life read this author, might as well wait) and I was thrilled that Melissa was all right with me borrowing hers :D.



After everything that I had heard about Stormdancer and after reading Jay Kristoff’s awesome blog, I simply had to purchase Stormdancer. It was one of those books that no one in my real life friends had heard of, so I wouldn’t be able to borrow it from them, and I was worried the library wouldn’t carry a copy, since it’s a little more edgy that most library books. This means that I had to buy it and lend it to my friends to repay them for all the books they lend me :D. I also spotted Sizzling Sixteen at the bargain book section of Meijer for $6 and snagged the hardcover. Stephanie Plum novels are light and happy with just a little sexy romance to spice things up. These are the things I need in life right now :).

For Review:

There are a couple still in the mail, but I received Carlousia this week and am super loving that cover! Who said teenagers exploring fantasy lands isn’t relaxing?? And stylish :D. Thanks to E. G. Carter for sending me a copy!


On Starships and Dragonwings Bookmark  

Making bookmarks is so much fun, and it was my good friend’s birthday last weekend, so what did we do?? Made ice and bookmarks! :D It was so delicious… she had gotten a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream making cookbook from one of our other friends, and we each ended up having three bowls of ice cream each (had to try all the flavors :D). We also had pizza and amazing garlic cheese bread (omg I love cheese bread, in fact I need to finish this post so I can eat the cheese bread I just cooked!), and I’d say it was a very successful birthday :D. I’m a super fan of autumn so I had to try out the pumpkin stamp, which started out horribly (messed up some inking) but turned out really well through sheer willpower :D. Also I had been eyeing the owl stamp for a while. Finally, look, I have a On Starships and Dragonwings bookmark!!! My awesome co-blogger Stochastic has surprisingly awesome handwriting, and he wrote the text with an embossing pen, how amazing is that?? I really want to make a stamp of his writing so I can make duplicates and give them away >.> Anyone want one??

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-AAnya from About The Story


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  1. Anya! There were a bunch of fall / autumn / pumpkin papercraft challenges floating around, so I entered your jack-o-lantern bookmark in a few of them.

    Actually, I don’t think I entered any of the pumpkin-y ones, because their prizes were digital stamps. I think it’s more fun to get packages in the mail if one happens to win.

  2. Hannah @ Once Upon A Time says:

    Want to read Ilona Andrews.. steal *cough* borrow Stormdancer.. read Stephanie Plum.. and OMG those bookmarks are gorgeous!!

    • Haha! Well if you swing through Michigan sometime you can totally borrow Stormdancer, I just finished it :D

      Dude, making bookmarks is so much fun, especially since now I never have to search for a piece of paper to mark my spot :D And I have an excuse for reading multiple books at once, I need to use all the bookmarks :D

  3. I can’t believe I have never read anything by Illona Andrews OR Rick Riordan. I really want to read the Percy Jackson books so I can catch up but I just haven’t made the trek to the library or scooped them up yet. Unfortunately I’m the only reader that I know so unless I can get them by borrowing on the Kindle I’m pretty much out of look. So you’re super lucky to have such awesome reader friends! :D

    Oh and LOVE the bookmarks. Especially the On Starships and Dragonwings one. I’d totally love one if you made a ton. It’d look gorgeous in my bookmark collection.

    • Wow, I can’t believe you haven’t either!! Luckily, they are both fairly popular authors so they should be available through the library (or definitely inter library loans, which are awesome). But you are super lucky because you can look forward to an amazing reading experience :D. I was definitely thrilled when I started getting up the courage to actually tell people that I was a sci-fi and fantasy book blogger, because then they felt comfortable telling me about all the YA, sci-fi and fantasy that they read :D Also I’m a grad student, and so the people around me tend to be huge nerds xD

      :D That makes me so happy! I think that I will have to make this actually happen, Stochastic says he’s pretty sure we can make a stamp out of his hand writing, and until then apparently he’s okay with writing on a bazillion bookmarks for me xD I’m going to have to find more of the right color paper since I don’t want to completely deplete my friend’s supply. You are officially first on the list :D

      • Love inter-library loans! I don’t know what I would have done without them when I first started blogging. And then, you know, I just had to get addicted to building my own collection and all of that went out the window. LOL. Might have to get back into the habit of borrowing because there are just too many amazing authors/books/series that I need to get into.

        I’m still working on building up the courage to admit to everyone that I’m a book blogger. Its easier in my Literature class because they’re like-minded and all but I’m still super shy about it and I just know I’m missing out on having tons of awesome readers in my life. Who doesn’t love getting recommendations and gushing with fellow readers? [And yay for nerds! :D]

        I hope you do make it happen, I really really do. And yay for being first on the list! Can’t wait until it becomes a reality. :]

        • Haha, yes building a collection is also very tempting… My sad problem is that my interlibrary loans don’t let me put hold requests on loaned books because “there should always be one available immediately so that feature is unnecessary” so for popular books, I have to just keep checking back. This is especially annoying for audiobooks since a lot of libraries don’t library lend their audiobooks, so I basically can’t get any audiobooks I want through ILL….

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