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Buried in Books! #1

I enjoy looking at everyone else’s book haul posts each week, but I also marvel at how many new books everyone gets. I have been living the life of a college student, which involved moving very frequently, and when I combined that with a small budget, buying books was low on the priority list. However, now that I have my own apartment and some very empty bookshelves, I find myself scooting over to the bargain books section of stores every time I go in >.>. And can you really say no to a hardcover for $6??? So with that, time for a book haul update post, which I’m thinking of calling Buried in Books :D!

From the Library:

I went to the library with a friend a few weekends ago and got a bunch of books, which I’m totally going to count for this weeks post >.>. There might have been a Brandon Sanderson fan-girl moment or two….



The best part about meeting new people (which I’m doing a lot of since I just moved!) is that if they like books, they will have new books which you haven’t read yet! In addition to some fun books, I also have borrowed a number of self-improvement books to make my graduate school career run smoother. If you have any recommendations of grad student self-help books that really helped you, I’m all ears! Or eyes…. Or something, ha.



So did I mention that at my local super store there is a bargain books table with $6 hardcovers?? I’ve gotten into a horrible habit of scooting off in that direction before buying groceries. It’s just in case there is anything I have to have! Unfortunately there has often been a book or two that is too awesome to pass up….


So yes, I have a lot of books to read…. Unfortunately, I’m working my butt off to get a couple of research projects well underway before classes start, so I only have time to read for an hour in the evenings most days. Also, don’t worry awesome authors who have sent me review copies, I will still be reviewing them! A girl just needs to balance review copies with other shiny books when life gets crazy.

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-AAnya from About The Story


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  1. Oooh, looks like you got some great books! Elantris is lovely, especially since it’s one of those rare standalone epic fantasy novels.

  2. Can I read Homecoming when you’re done??

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