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Clean Sweep ARC Challenge Wrap-up

Clean Sweep ARC Challenge

Clean Sweep ARC Challenge Finish Line

Yey, we finished! I honestly spent most of the month of May reading nothing but review copies so I’m feeling pretty pumped. I was barely tempted to read random other things since I was so excited about getting more books read for this challenge. Thank you so much to Kimba and Kimberly for running this challenge and helping me so much with my upcoming ARCs. Since I needed to write reviews to get extra giveaway entries, I also have written reviews for ALL of the review books I read. That’s right, I’m completely caught up with my reviews! I seriously have review posts scheduled for all of June. THIS NEVER HAPPENS TO ME! This was also my first challenge ever so I’d say it was a riotous success ;-).

What was that? You want to know what I read? How silly ;-). Here are the books I read that you can watch for reviews for in the coming months! These are all links to Goodreads since my reviews aren’t out yet on the blog, but they are on Goodreads :D.

  1. Outcast
  2. And All the Stars (I got this ages ago through NetGalley and am so happy to have finally read it!)
  3. Through the Door
  4. Siege and Storm
  5. Gameboard of the Gods
  6. Clockwork Prince
  7. Mirage (Above World #2)
  8. Shadows of the Realm (DNF’ed D:)
  9. School Spirits

Yey! 9 is actually less than I had hoped I’d be able to read, but that’s okay since some of them were a bit long :). I also didn’t actually make that much of a dent in my pile since NetGalley kept luring me in as soon as I went to turn in reviews…. Oops. These are the review books I still need to read (not counting ARCs I got from friends because those are just way too many).

  1. Playing Tyler (got during May, oops)
  2. Mist (Also got in May through NetGalley, sigh)
  3. Clockwork Princess (just didn’t get enough driving time in ;-) )
  4. Some Quiet Place (currently reading!)
  5. Tormented
  6. Order of the Dimensions
  7. Carlousia: The Passing of the Guard
  8. The Breeders
  9. Tavern on the Edge of Time
  10. Fire
  11. The Deepest Night (just won this through LT, still in the mail)

So I added some and made some progress on older books that have been waiting a while. I still have a good shot at getting completely done with this review pile within the year!

How did you do with your Clean Sweep Challenge? Do you have my problem of adding books as fast as you read them?

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  1. kimbacaffeinate says:

    I am so excited about your calendar for June. This is how I am every month. My reviews and posts all but 3 (last minute additions) are written and in the scheduler. I also have a few done in for July and it makes reading, blogging and socialize so much easier. Keep reading and reviewing at least 2 -3 weeks ahead and feel the difference!

  2. 9 books; not bad at all! It feels good to whittle down the TBR pile sometimes, doesn’t it? :)


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