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Cloud Roads Read Along {Week 3}


Hello everyone and welcome to week three of the Cloud Roads read along! I was in charge of questions this week, so I hope you like them, ha ;-).

Things between Pearl and Jade are getting even more tense. Do you think Pearl is lying about Jade using Moon? How do you think this conflict will end?

I’m really hoping that it turns out that Jade just didn’t want to pressure Moon and that’s why she hasn’t marked him as her consort yet, but she really isn’t helping her case against Pearl when she doesn’t tell Moon these things! I just want to yell at them that communication is important and make them get everything out into the open, gah! I’m assuming that eventually Jade with overthrow Pearl, but I hope that it doesn’t have to come to violence for Jade’s emotional sake.

We found out a lot about Moon’s past with the Fell. What do you think of Kathras’ statement that the Fell would have loved Moon?

I’m super confused about what is going on in that scene. The Fell seem to be wanting to bring Raksura into their Flights and are trying to humanize themselves? (Or Raksurasize?) Or maybe they are still trying to trick Moon because even though one dies, its hive mind survives….

Speaking of Fell, it sounds like they have some strange powers that haven’t been seen before. What do you think is going on there?

I think I know what is going on, but it’s because of reading the spin off series, so I don’t want to give anything away >.>.

The Fell poison seems like the last chance Moon has of saving Indigo Cloud. Do you think it’ll work? How do you think the final conflict will play out?

I hope that they get it into the Fell and are able to save everyone, but it seems likely that some Fell won’t drink the water or something and so a heated battle will ensue in which some Raksura don’t make it :(. We shall see!

And now on to the finish!

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