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Cover Color Guessing

Cover Color Guessing Game

One of my favorite things about series is the matching covers with beautiful variations on a theme. When the variation is the main color, I like to try to guess what the color scheme of the next book of a series is going to be :D. And now for the first time I’m letting you all in to the colorful craziness that is my brain to see what my current guesses are!

Complete Examples


Cover Color Guessing Divergent

I loved the blue, green, and orange background covers with the elements in the sky (though I’m still not sure why they are there >.>). I’m pretty sure I had a passing thought that the cover of Allegiant would be orange/red, or at least I like to think I did ;-).


Cover Color Guessing Lotus Wars

I was so freaking pumped when the cover to Endsinger was revealed because I definitely did guess that it would be yellow :D. I actually didn’t love Kinslayer’s cover at first, but my love of that book apparently made it grow on me and now I’m gleefully petting my copies of the first two as I wait to get my hands on Endsinger!

Dreams of Gods and Monsters

Cover Color Guessing Daughter of Smoke and Bone

I’ll be honest: I’ve never loved these covers. I just don’t get why they are a random girl with stuff on her face. However, I do love the color variations!

Guess with me!

Storm (Paper Gods #3)

Cover Color Guessing Paper Gods

I’ve been enjoying the Paper Gods series and the covers are gorgeous. The watercolor pastels obviously have to be continued to the third cover, but I’m thinking that it is going to be blue both because of the title Storm and because it would look pretty on my shelf ;-).

Bone Season #3

Cover Color Guessing Bone Season

I know I’m horrendously impatient that I’m already thinking about book three when Mime Order’s cover was just revealed, but it is just so much fun! This one I’m a bit stumped on since the blue and red mirror each other so nicely and there isn’t a third main color that clearly would work for the third book. I’m thinking though that they might take advantage of the gold designs in the first two and make the third cover gold with red and blue accents. Thoughts?

Throne of Glass #4

Cover Color Guessing Throne of Glass

Again with the impatience ;-). I love the rich, jewel tones of the Throne of Glass covers and am really hoping that book four is purple, probably partially because it is my favorite color, but it is also the color of royalty right? The series just wouldn’t be complete without a purple cover, ha. We should also see if we can guess what weapon will be on the cover, thoughts?? :D

What colors do you predict for these series? Feel free to guess something different than me ;-). What other series do you have guesses for??

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  1. Storm might also look very pretty with pastel green! I think you are right about Bone season #3. I think they will go with golden/yellowish tones for the background. Throne of glass #4 with purple would be gorgeous and perhaps she doesn’t get a weapon, but we see her with her fire magic?
    Mel@thedailyprophecy recently posted…The GIF tag.My Profile

    • I’m definitely hoping Storm gets a green cover now since so many people have said just that and I’m now convinced :D

      Purple would look so great with fire too!

  2. Oh this is so fun! I have to agree with your guesses, except Throne of Glass. Not that I don’t like purple – it’s my color! – but they already have a purple & blue cover – The Assassins Blade. I know it’s just the collection of novellas, but the cover so clearly matches and is meant to be part of the collection that I don’t think they’d use those colors again. Of course I haven’t got a clue what else they could do. I would guess the weapon will be one that’s mentioned in the Heir of Fire though :) There were two that seemed very significant.
    Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun recently posted…The Wright Brother by Marie Hall | Book ReviewMy Profile

    • But only the cloak is purple! I have hope that since the background isn’t purple they’ll do one in the style of the main books ;-).

  3. Weeee I love colour guessing with book covers too :D I’m hoping for a purple addition to the ToG series, though they teased us with purple teasers before releasing the HoF cover (as much as I love the green) a purple one would be amazing! And maybe a darker blue at some point! I was actually surprised that they went with yellow for the last DoS&B book, I’d guessed white, silver, purple and green but they so rarely use yellow in book covers D: Yellow would be good for the 3rd Bone Season book though – oh and when were you planning on reading the first book? I’d be interested in a buddy read for sure but depending on how soon you’re thinking hehe – let me know!
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Review: The Dream ThievesMy Profile

    • Woot! We’ll have to make this a thing, do you think it would be a fun meme for people? >.> Maybe just a once a month thing? Could be fun :D

      I think I would have preferred any of those for DoS&B to be honest >.> I’m not really sure the yellow works well, sigh

      I was going to try to read Bone Season sooner, but now I added a bunch more to the stack, so I can wait too ;-). Definitely before the release of book two though, maybe November or December?

  4. Haha, I try to guess cover colors all the time. I’m betting the next cover of Bone Season will be yellow. Same goes for the Throne of Glass series, though I hope you do end up getting your royal purple :)
    Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum recently posted…Sunday Musings: Nothing but the RainMy Profile

    • I could see a rich yellow working well for Throne of Glass 4, fortunately there are enough books that they would have to really hate me not to include a purple one ;-)

  5. Bone Season 3: My guess is black! The first one has a red spine, then the second one was red. Then the second one has a black spine… :D (No idea though what color they would use for the spine then, but gold sounds good to me too :D)

    Paper Gods 3: Green, maybe mint (because it’s my favorite color and I think it would match)

    ToG 4: I want to see that cover NOW! I’m wondering how Celeana is going to like after HoF^^ As for the color…maybe blue! :D
    Crini recently posted…Top Ten Authors I’ve Only Read One Book From But NEED to Read MoreMy Profile

    • Oh excellent logic for Bone Season! I hadn’t paid attention to the spines so that makes me excited :D

      Mmmmm mint!

      A lovely royal blue would be great! I guess I would consider the first book to be light blue already?

  6. Haha, I love doing this too! I’m usually way off though, I feel like they see us guessing for the cover and then make sure not to do that xD But that’s paranoid. (Or is it? *glances around* ) Anyways, for the Paper Gods series the title would suggest Blue, like you mentioned, but for some reason I’m feeling a green cover next. Totally agree with your other choices, I was thinking that before I even read your answers-gold feels like a logical choice and I would love to have at least one purple Throne of Glass book :P Fun post!
    Alise recently posted…TRCReadathon: Halfway Point (well, more or less)My Profile

    • HAHA I was worried for a second actually that I would mess up my game by influences cover artists either way and then realized that it would be awesome if cover artists even found this post ever ;-)

      A lot of people are liking green for Storm and I can definitely see that now that you mention it! Or maybe a nice compromise of blue-green? :D

  7. Very cool idea. I would guess myself, but I don’t know enough about the series in question. That is an advantage of YA, matching covers on strong selling series. So much adult stuff goes so long between books that an entire new cover style is introduced between books.
    Nathan (@reviewbarn) recently posted…Review: ‘Ace of Skulls’ by Chris WoodingMy Profile

    • Yeah, I feel like fewer adult series have strong color associations too, though now I feel like this is a challenge to do an adult version :D

  8. Mary DeBorde says:

    For some reason I am envisioning a lot of yellows/gold tones … even though deep cobalt blue is my absolute favorite lol

  9. :) Most series are pretty consistent about cycling through the primary and secondary colors. Like His Fair Assassin was red, yellow, green like some of the others.

    For ToG, I’d guess… mmm, purple might work. Or maybe red, since the second book was more yellow.
    And for the Ink books, I definitely think the next one will be green.
    Shae/Shelver @ Shae Has Left The Room recently posted…Review: THE SCANDALOUS SISTERHOOD OF PRICKWILLOW PLACE by Julie BerryMy Profile

    • Definitely! Though throwing blue in there gives trilogy some choices to make still ;-)

      Oh yeah, so more of a blood red than orange red?

      I’m so excited that we’re torn between green and blue for Storm, the bets are placed! :D

  10. Ooohhhh purple for book 4 for ToG would be awesome – maybe with her wielding her flames?? That would be so badass
    Kayla @ The Thousand Lives recently posted…The GIF Book TagMy Profile

  11. I’d lean toward green for Paper Gods, though blue would make sense with the storm theme. Unfortunately, the green that makes me think of storms is definitely not a pastel color…

    I love this post though; color guessing games!
    Liza Barrett recently posted…Blog Tour: The Sunken (Engine Ward #1) by Steff GreenMy Profile

  12. Hmm I never really thought about the concept of predicting book cover colours because I am usually attracted to them because they are pretty, but then I do not tend to analyse it too much! Hope your predictions are right!
    Liv_TheAbsentHistorian recently posted…A Trip Through Time #3My Profile

  13. Love this, idea. I agree with your colour for Bone Season #3 . If you look each cover has two accent colours, either blue and gold, or gold and red. So it makes sense for the next cover to be gold and have blue and red accents.
    Michelle @ Much Loved Books recently posted…Book Wars!! The Jewel by Amy EwingMy Profile

  14. This is such a neat idea!! I’m always excited for the cover unveilings for book series I enjoy. I’d love to guess colors for the books you mentioned, but since I haven’t read any of them I feel weird doing that…

    George R.R. Martin’s A Song Of Fire And Ice series just popped into my head, though. Each book has had a different cover color: yellow / gold, purpole, green, red, and white (Books 1 through 5 in that order). Knowing the title of the upcoming sixth book, “The Winds of Winter” (unless Martin changes it, of course), I have a feeling the sixth cover will be black / grey. Maybe blue, but my gut feeling tells me black or grey.
    Sara L. recently posted…Recent Reads: “Storm Siren” by Mary WeberMy Profile

    • Haha, I haven’t read them all either ;-)

      Song of Ice and Fire is a good series for this too! Yeah, hopefully the cover reflects the title well haha

  15. Love this!! I’m so impatient to see the Shannon and Maas covers! Gimme gimme. Maybe black for the next Scion book? Not sure. I think after I read TMO I’ll have a better guess. For Maas maybe purple?
    Kristen@My Friends Are Fiction recently posted…Stacking the ShelvesMy Profile

  16. I’m not sure, but maybe the third book of Paper Gods would be green? It would complete the color wheel. And your idea for Bone Season seems spot on, especially since the other two covers all have blue and red.
    The Throne of Glass book I’m hoping will be blue. A mace or daggers might work. I’m worried the cover artist and author will run out of titles/weapons/colors by the end.

    • Oo, I like that idea for Paper Gods! A nice pastel green would be lovely :D

      Agree, six covers is a lot, perhaps they already have them all planned out? *crosses fingers*


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