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Cover Lover #3

cover lover

Cover Lover is hosted/thought up by Hannah from Once Upon a Time! I’m just riding the naff rainbow love ;-).

This week’s Cover Lover is a book that I’ve received for review and struck me as soon as I saw the cover! Here is Veil by Aaron Overfield:


I just completely love the tattooed veil and the intensity of the model’s stare! I’m very excited to review this book and have it on my shelf :D. Here is the Goodreads description:

Dr. Jin Tsay’s revelation entices the military with a potential to uncover and disarm any covert threats. The government that funded the engineer’s classified project orders Tsay’s death, so they can solely and secretly possess his alluring technological consummation: VEIL

Veil proves to be the purest, deepest form of espionage and anti-terrorism by endowing humankind with the ability to experience life through another person. Dr. Tsay’s technology offers submersion into another’s mind; Veil provides a direct perception of their immediate thoughts, emotions, memories, and the rush of their most intimate senses. If it ever escapes the military’s relentlessly selfish grip, Veil swears to permanently alter the psychosocial, sexual, political, economic, and religious landscapes of our lives. Veil promises to usher in our ultimately unifying evolution: the New Veil World.

Retribution for Dr. Jin Tsay’s assassination comes in the form of his widow, who races to deliver Veil unto the world and share it freely, before those who ordered her husband’s murder can exploit it. Wielding the inescapable force of Veil, Suren Tsay seeks to inflict justice upon all those responsible for her husband’s demise, culminating in an unforgiving, brutal, obsessive hunt for the elusive killer of the father of the New Veil World: the Great Jin Tsay.

Taking Veil beyond limits Jin himself could’ve imagined, the revered Widow Tsay vows to get her revenge at any cost. Suren Tsay soon realizes she too must inhabit the world created by her husband’s invention and her own bloodlust.

Suren must learn to live in the New Veil World.
She must also fight to liberate it.

Yey a sci-fi book with a beautiful cover! It can happen, haha! Have you heard of or read Veil yet?

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  1. Hannah @ Once Upon A Time says:

    Ooh VERY pretty! :D

    • I know right :D And I just got the review copy in the mail and wow it’s a thick book xD It might take me a while to get through, but at least I’ll have some eye candy ;-)

  2. wow what a cover fantastic

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