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Cover Lover #4

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Cover Lover is hosted/thought up by Hannah from Once Upon a Time! I’m just riding the naff rainbow love ;-).

This week’s Cover Lover is from the wonderful blog of author Jim C. Hines. I not only love all the books I’ve read by Hines, he also is just a freaking awesome person. He is hardcore into women’s rights and safety, and if you click on that previous link, you’ll see his explanation for why the model on this cover is a little heavier, but he still wishes she was heavier still to properly portray the character and show that you don’t have to be stick straight to be beautiful (and a dryad?? :D).

 There isn’t a description on Goodreads yet, but this is the sequel to Libriomancer, and wow do I want to read this book even more now! Codex Reborn looks like one of those books that I’m going to buy the hardcover of just to have the pretty thing on my shelf :D. I love this cover partially for Jim’s campaign against overly thin models and unnatural poses, but also because it’s so freaking beautiful! Lena looks like a woman that I would be instant friends with, and that forest is somewhere I’d be happy being lost in forever. This is one of those covers that just sucks you in because you already feel connected to the character portrayed and the expansive world! Has anyone read Libriomancer yet and want to tell me how awesome it is??

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  1. Hannah @ Once Upon A Time says:

    I really want to read Libriomancer but it’s soo pricey over here. :(

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