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Daemons are Forever by Simon R. Green {4 Stars}

The larger-than-life Drood family protects the world from just about every possible threat, mundane and supernatural:  wars, demons, witches, mass murderers, alien invaders, you name it.  They’re a cross between MI6 and the Justice League except that the entire organization is one big dysfunctional in-fighting family.  They’ll protect you from all enemies only to stab you in the back themselves.  That kind of family. 

This latest installment of the series pits the Droods against beings that are literally from out of this world, and the action doesn’t let up until the very end.  Favorite characters are back to join in the mayhem, and Eddie Drood’s challenges with his family are about as complicated as you …. and he ….. would expect. Afterall, he does have a relative who is half-demon and is dating a witch from the wild woods.  

Daemons are Forever by Simon R. Green {4 Stars}

Daemons Are Forever by Simon R. Green (Secret Histories #2)
Published by Roc on June 3rd 2008
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Page Length: 406 pages
How I got my copy: Purchased
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The name's Drood. Eddie Drood. Of the great and powerful Droods - the clan that's been watching mankind's back since we all first dropped out of trees - the group of hard-fighting, devilishly handsome arse kickers who take on the monsters of the world so you lot can go about your happy lives.

During World War II, the Droods made a pact with some nasty buggers from another dimension. We needed the Loathly Ones to fight some other nasty buggers the Nazis were using. But once the war was over, they decided that they liked this world to much to leave. We Droods are the only thing standing between them and you. Unfortunately, I'm not keen on trusting some of my own kin - and if I choose the wrong horse to back, everything we know is going bye-bye.

4 Stars


  • I continue to enjoy our protagonist, Edward Drood, aka Shaman Bond.  He is over his head …. again …. but he won’t give up or go down without a fight.  His principles get tested many times, but Eddie is very thoroughly a hero, even when …. especially when …. his family doesn’t think so.  He’s a good role model for sure determination against overwhelming odds.

  • The relationship between Eddie and Molly continues to grow.  It’s tested, and it feels very realistic in this book.


  • It’s definitely a light action adventure suited for a quick summer read in the hammock.  (Yes, that’s where I read most of it.)  The plot is pretty much what you expect.  Characters may try to  overcome their nature, but mostly they stay true to form.  It’s fun, but it is not deep or thought provoking or original. 


Daemons Are Forever is a good book for people who enjoy the Harry Dresden series.  The wise-cracking underdog hero always does the right thing, fighting improbable monsters with magic and an arsenal that would make Q blush with envy.  It’s lighter in tone than the Sandman Slim novels (or the Constantine comic series), but with a similar sort of world behind our apparent reality. 

What do you think, is this one going to be part of your summer reading list?
– Barbara



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