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Dissension by Stacey Berg {Just Hatched}

Just Hatched Book Feature

Just Hatched is a feature where I share my first impressions of a book after the first chapter. Check out the announcement post for more information.

Dissension by Stacey Berg is a sci-fi dystopian that takes the dystopia idea to the max with a realistic portrayal of how society might attempt to endure. Add on a same-sex romance and a kick-butt heroine and I can’t recommend this enough. I will definitely be reading the rest asap.

Note: I received an advanced copy of Dissension from the publisher. Some things may have changed in the final version.

Dissension by Stacey Berg {Just Hatched}

Dissension by Stacey Berg (Echo Hunter 367 #1)
Published by Harper Voyager on March 15th, 2016
Genres: Adult, Dystopia, Sci-fi
Page Length: 384 pages
How I got my copy: Edelweiss
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For four hundred years, the Church has led the remnants of humanity as they struggle for survival in the last inhabited city. Echo Hunter 367 is exactly what the Church created her to be: loyal, obedient, lethal. A clone who shouldn’t care about anything but her duty. Who shouldn’t be able to.

When rebellious citizens challenge the Church’s authority, it is Echo’s duty to hunt them down before civil war can tumble the city back into the dark. But Echo hides a deadly secret: doubt. And when Echo’s mission leads her to Lia, a rebel leader who has a secret of her own, Echo is forced to face that doubt. For Lia holds the key to the city’s survival, and Echo must choose between the woman she loves and the purpose she was born to fulfill.

4.5 Stars

How is the writing style?

Everything is from Hunter’s perspective, third-person past tense. I like the writing of Dissension since it gets the descriptions across for you to visualize the scene without slowing down the action or muddying the mystery. It’s the kind of writing that lets you focus on the characters and plot.

General tone of the beginning

Right from the start, it is clear that things are really really screwed up in the world. Some sort of disaster happened and a cult-like religion sprung up to try to hold the last city together. Survival of humanity is the only priority, and that is clear when the eggs of a dying hunter are ripped out because that’s the important thing. You are immediately pulled in to Hunter’s world with no sugar-coating and privy to her struggles with the society she has been raised in. Things are dark, but fascinating.

Setting, genre, etc?

Sci-fi/dystopia adult with a lesbian romantic subplot! This is definitely in the category of gritty and realistic dystopia where humanity is barely holding on and has resorted to drastic measures to persevere.


  1. My current read, leave me alone! (~5 stars)
  2. Reading in the near future *hides from TBR pile glare* (~4 stars)
  3. Hoping to get back to eventually (~3 stars)
  4. Probably not getting back to but someone else will like it (~2 stars)
  5. Don’t really want to push this copy on anyone else (~1 star)

I’m giving Dissension a solid 4.5 stars. I’m feeling pulled in so many directions currently that it isn’t actually my current read, but I’m determined to read it soon and I felt compelled to order you to read it in the mean time ;-).

Here’s a preview:

Have you read this one yet? Are you inclined to check it out?

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -Anya

Dissension by Stacey Berg

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