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Do You Have an Addiction to Starting Books?

Starting Books Addiction

Starting Books Addictions

Confession: I’m addicted to starting new books. And by new I don’t mean “omg I got a book from the bookstore/mail, I’m so excited to start reading it!” I mean a grass is always greener kind of problem. Before I start a book, I look at it and see all the possibilities. This is especially bad when the cover is beautiful and the reviews have been positive because I start madly hyping a book in my head. I mean, I seriously stared at Cinder so long that I imagined it to be THE BEST BOOK EVER. Let’s be honest, no book, no matter how good, can live up to that pressure! I’m surprised my copy of Cinder didn’t crumble from all the expectations I heaped on it, the poor thing D:

But seriously, if I wasn’t such a completionist as well (topic for another day!), I probably would never finish a book. I freaking love that feeling when you start reading the first couple of pages and you are discovering a new world and getting to know new characters. I think this is similar to my love of meeting new people and getting to know them, but having a hard time staying in long-term contact with anyone (seriously, it’s a depressing flaw). I have come to love short books even more these days specifically because I know that I will get that starting high and then not have too much more to go before I get that “yey I finished a book” feeling (also a great feeling :D). And then I can start the next one!

This also leads to my book buying addiction because I see the books on the shelves and get so excited about the idea of starting to read it that I simply must buy it! But then I get afraid that it won’t live up to expectations so I put off reading it because then I can’t be disappointed. I’m so weird right??

Please tell me you also love the beginning of books. It’s like that new relationship feeling, ya know? You don’t know the faults of the book yet, and so you can just fill in your ideals into the poor, innocent book. Once  you start reading and bump into a couple of faults, it’s no longer the world’s perfect book. It might still be an amazing book, but no book is perfect right?

Do you get as excited as I do about starting a new book? Do you ever find yourself battling against finishing one book (that you might quite enjoy) versus the temptation of starting that other book that now looks so cool? Am I just freaking insane??? (The correct answer is yes, but this might not be evidence of it, hehe.)

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  1. I love the feeling of starting a new book. The expectations, the fun of stepping into a new world or a new section of a familiar world… It’s all very appealing.

    I used to be terrible for doing this, though, because I’d start far more than I’d finish. I’d put the book down in favour of starting a new one, and by the time I wanted to get back to the first one, so much time had passed that I’d forgotten some of the plot, and I had to start from the beginning again. Thankfully I’ve gotten myself out of that habit (doing book reviews certainly helped break me of it), but now and again it does raise its ugly head.

    • “the fun of stepping into a new world” -> this a hundred times :D I think I’m mostly addicted to new worlds >.>. Having a book blog that I want to write reviews for has definitely helped me just keep reading the book I have and finish it before starting another one. This also means that I sometimes read hurriedly through one book to start the next >.> increasing my reading speed isn’t a bad thing right?? Haha.

  2. I am exactly the same! I went through a stage where I was usually reading about 10 books at a time because I could not resist starting awesome new books. It’s just so fun!
    Same reason I like reading book blurbs and reviews, I suppose.

    • Oo true, the blurbs and reviews help a lot when you just really want to start the book but are trying to resist, haha. Though they can also just make me more excited and fail at resisting ;-)

  3. Hannah @ Once Upon A Time says:

    I don’t, actually. :o I won’t lie and say I don’t have many many books started that ended up put to one side for another day but that’s more because I couldn’t be arsed to get into them properly. No. I’m addicted to that “Yay! I finished a book!” feeling, which hasn’t waned for me because I still read an incredibly fewer amount of books than many book bloggers. Though the last few books I’ve had “Oh.. it ended.. where’s the next one? D:” which is less cool when they’re the latest releases. /flail!

    • Haha, fair! That finished feeling is especially awesome after the third book in a trilogy that has a really epic and satisfying ending I think. I need to read more of those… *eyes trilogies that the third book hasn’t come out yet*

  4. Weird enough, I guess I’m the exact opposite. I mean, sure I love reading and everything, and I’m always looking for the next book to open. But the first few chapters are never quite enjoyable for me. I’m always trying to figure out what’s happening and (deep down) I’m judging the book by the few pages I’ve read and anticipating what will happen next all while still getting used to the writer’s style. So, umm, yeah, too much pressure on the book, I know. But almost always, my first impression is not good, and almost always I’m wrong, so I guess that’s a good thing! :)

    • Excellent point! Especially if I’m unsure of a book (don’t have a good idea of the premise/plot from what I’ve heard or something), then I’m quite hesitant and overthinking the beginning. Fortunately the good books have evidently made me completely forget that feeling apparently haha

  5. I wish I had this issue – I HATE starting books! I am addicted to buying books. When I find the book IRL, I feel like I have accomplished something, and feel like a winner.

    • Haha, I agree on that one too! I have such a book buying problem, though I’ve been doing better lately. I love have physical books so much. My eReader is only for reading eARCs really, since I like holding the pretty covers and organizing shelves xD

  6. I tend to have a handful of books scattered throughout the apartment that I’m in the middle of reading. I’ll have a small one in my purse for when I’m out, a chunkster on the bathroom counter for bathtub time, and then something else sitting on my nightstand. Books that I’m working on reviewing end up in the shelves on my desk. I enjoy starting new books, but like you, I also like finishing them.

    • Fortunately I only have two places that I like to read in my apartment and a Kindle, so that’s three books plus an audiobook that I can realistically have an excuse to spread around, haha. That doesn’t stop me from browsing though, oof!

  7. I really really really love the beginnings of books. It is one of my favorite moments in the book. The first 100 pages. It’s like who are these people and what adventures are we going to go on?

    Angela’s Anxious Life

  8. Jenn @ A Glo-Worm Reads says:

    I do love starting books! A new world is always fun to learn about. I also love finishing books though because I just get such an awesome sense of satisfaction from finishing and closing the book.

    I do have like 4 books on the go right now

    • Haha, I have only three at least >.> I also am having the problem of wanting to start “for fun” books instead of review books, boo :(

      • Jenn @ A Glo-Worm Reads says:

        Yeah, I know what you mean about review books. I’ve stopped requesting them and only have one more to read and then I’m done them and can read whatever I want :D I’m pretty excited.

  9. It is kinda of like going on a first get all dressed up, not sure what to expect..etc. Then either it thrills you or wish you had gone out with Joe instead of Jake LOL

  10. I am beyond grateful that you have this discussion post! I’ve felt like it before, but never truly examined how I love to start a new book. I’m with you on the seriously depressing trend I have going on about letting relationships/friendships go away after the initial “nice to meet you.” I love seeing what happens though with these new character friends so at least I’m not completely hopeless. But it really is nice to start a new book and meet new characters! Great post!

  11. Yes, I know exactly what that is like. For me it goes in stages. I’ll go through months of “being good” and reading one book before moving on to the next, and then I’ll get in places like where I am at right now where I have several books going, all very good,highly rated books that I am enjoying, and it won’t stop me from buying or borrowing more books that I will start, in addition to pulling other tempting looking books off the shelves. I imagine I would get a lot more reading done if I could control this intermittent bad habit.

    • What’s important is that you’re having fun right?? ;-) Maybe I would be able to focus more if I did give in a read the beginning of a couple books so that I stopped wondering how they are, haha

  12. Hahaha, I love this! Although I think with me, I have the opposite problem. I love *finishing* books. I love the feeling on coming to the end of a journey with the characters, swelling with emotion a the denouements, the (hopefully) feeling of closure — or perhaps a cliffhanger — at the end. I love closing a book and heaving a big sigh of satisfaction. Funnily, I think that is also why I am more keen on the shorter books these days. I get to have that feeling more often!

    Of course, I also really enjoy the feeling of being right in the middle of a good book. I get the satisfaction of having enjoyed so much of it so far (the beginning feeling), coupled with the knowledge that I will still get to enjoy this book for a while before it’s finished. <3

    • Hehe, I completely understand that feeling of accomplishment as well! In fact I have to focus on that to keep to one book often ;-). Maybe I’ve been hitting less exciting books recently because I very much miss that middle feeling when you just can’t stop reading and love the book so much :(

  13. I definitely have that! My only solution is to try and limit the number of books that I come into contact with – but it’s so hard!

    • Haha, oo that’s a good idea, but then I would never be able to read book blogs ;-). I am totally shooting myself in the foot though because I have a bookshelf directly across from my reading area that is filled with all the pretty books, so tempting!

  14. I know the feeling, I’m currently reading 6 books at the time. I enjoy the books I’m already reading but then I look at my bookshelf and I’m look “Oooh, that’s right, I’ve got that beautiful book standing there that sounds awesome, I so want to read it.” And then I start reading in that one and the same thing happens again a few days later.
    I’ve now decided I’m going to finish every one of the books I’m currently reading before I start a new one, but it’s really hard, the temptation of all those beautiful books… Argh!

    • Excellent goal! I know the temptation is hard, but eventually we all have to finish something right? haha


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