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Dragon Hunters by Marc Turner ARC {4 Stars}

Dragon Hunters by Marc Turner is another intricate and fascinating fantasy in The Chronicle of the Exile. While it is somewhat a sequel to When the Heavens Fall, it can easily be read on its own, though you’ll probably then be too addicted to not go back and read book one ;-). If you enjoy addictively readable door-stopper fantasies with many interweaving points-of-view, this is a series not to miss!

Note: I received an advanced copy of Dragon Hunters from the author. Some things may have changed in the final version.

Dragon Hunters by Marc Turner ARC {4 Stars}

Dragon Hunters by Marc Turner (The Chronicle of the Exile #2)
Published by Tor Books on Feb. 9th, 2016
Genres: Adult, Fantasy
Page Length: 496 pages
How I got my copy: Author
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Once a year on Dragon Day the fabled Dragon Gate is raised to let a sea dragon pass into the Sabian Sea. There, it will be hunted by the Storm Lords, a fellowship of powerful water-mages who rule an empire called the Storm Isles.

Emira Imerle Polivar is coming to the end of her tenure as leader of the Storm Lords, but she has no intention of standing down graciously. As part of her plot to hold on to power, she instructs an order of priests known as the Chameleons to sabotage the Dragon Gate. There’s just one problem: that will require them to infiltrate an impregnable citadel that houses the gate’s mechanism — a feat that has never been accomplished before.

But Imerle is not the only one intent on destroying the Storm Lord dynasty. As the Storm Lords assemble in answer to a mysterious summons, they become the targets of assassins working for an unknown enemy. And when Imerle sets her scheme in motion, that enemy uses the ensuing chaos to play its hand.

4 Stars


  • Dragon Hunters features a completely new location and characters, though if you’ve read When the Heavens Fall, you’ll notice a few references to previous events. This makes it easy to jump in at this book though, since you’ll get to know the Storm Isles and all the various political factions right along with everyone else.
  • I can’t get over how much I love how each of these books takes several seemingly separate characters and slowly weaves together their lives to show how they are all part of a much larger plot. I kind of suspect the same thing is going to happen with each of the books and I’m really flipping excited.
  • Even when dragons are killing people, I’m still a happy camper ;-). What’s better than normal dragons? Sea dragons! I’m honestly really afraid of deep water, so reading about these creatures was thrilling in both a good and bad way. You don’t encounter sea dragons in the pages of fantasy often enough though, huzzah!
  • While the main plot is focused on Dragon Day and who is going to be ruling over the Storm Isles afterward, there are some pretty epic revelations that occur within that main plot. Who are these new scary people???? I can’t express how excited I am to see how this series continues to build as these subtle events become less subtle, haha.


  • You definitely need to be prepared to keep a list of characters in your mind since there are a lot of perspectives from primary characters and then each of them of course has their own secondary characters involved in their lives. I struggled at times if I had put down the book for too long, but adult fantasy fans are generally pretty good at this I hope ;-).
  • While I could envision the dragons pretty well thanks to the cover, I still wish that there was more description sprinkled in. There are a lot of mentions of unique animals, but no hints as to what they actually look like besides some kind of shark or beast of burden. I want to really be able to sink into this fantasy world, and I can’t do that yet.


Dragon Hunters is a strong sequel and a good place to start this series depending on whether you read book one. If you are a fan of epic fantasy that is complex, but still a surprisingly fast read, try these out. Don’t be intimidated by the page length, I found the pages going by fast right from the start!

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings

Have you read this one? What did you think? Are you excited for it if you haven’t gotten to it yet?
– Anya


 Dragon Hunters by Marc Turner

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