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Expedited Book Review Service

I am now offering an Expedited Review paid option that guarantees a review published on this site within 2 weeks. This service applies only to this website. I make no promises one way or the other about ratings, reviews, comments, etc. on other websites including but not limited to Goodreads, Amazon, and Twitter.

  • For $40 I will review a book up to 400 pages payable by check, money-order, or PayPal. Longer books will be considered for an extra $10 per 100 pages.
  • Expedited Review requests may be submitted by publicists and authors, including independently-published authors.
  • At most twice a month, I will publish an Expedited Review, which will be in my normal review style of pros and cons with all book information and book links. This review will be non-biased and still focused on how I enjoyed the book and if I think my followers would enjoy it. A disclaimer will be posted in the review stating that the review is an Expedited Review and therefore paid.
  • There is not a refund policy and I do not guarantee a positive review. I will send you the text of the review before it is scheduled and you may decide if you would like it to go live. If you decide you don’t want it to be published, I will not refund the payment.
  • No matter what you decide about the review, I will likely rate and comment on the book onGoodreads because that is how I keep track of my personal reading. I will post to Goodreads as I read.
  • I will accept Expedited Review submissions completely at my own discretion and make my best judgement of whether I am likely to enjoy the book. Please read the General Review Policy to get an idea of what I like to read.
  • If I accept your Expedited Review request, I guarantee a published review within two weeks of receipt of payment and book. This means that I’ll get you the text of the review within 12 days so you will have 2 days to decide whether you’d like it to be published. If you don’t get back to me before the agreed upon review date, I will not publish the review. If you contact me after that point and do want the review published, I will do my best to arrange a publication date, though the 2 week guarantee is obviously then void.
  • I can accept physical or .mobi files. I will consider audiobooks. I will contact you when I have received the payment and book to confirm a review date.
  • If you would prefer the Expedited Review to be published more than two weeks out (for advanced copies for example), I am happy to schedule it whenever fits your marketing plan best but I will still get the text of the review to you within two weeks.
  • To request an Expedited Review, please email me at anya (at) onstarshipsanddragonwings (dot) com with the subject Expedited Review Request: Book Title. I look forward to working with you.