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Eye of the World Read Along Week 4

Eye of the World Read Along

Welcome to week 4 of the Eye of the World read along awesome people! This week goes through Chapter 27 so there will be spoilers for those who haven’t read that far. As usual, if the linky isn’t working when you stop by (because it likes to torture me like a Trolloc!) then just throw your link in a comment and we’ll do this the old fashion way ;-).

1. Moraine and Lan were discussing how the Trollocs could be amassing such large numbers and other strange occurrences such as the Forsaken and possible opposition from the White Tower early in this section. What do you think about all of these revelations?

It seems like magic that hasn’t been around for a while might be coming back, since otherwise how could the Trollocs have been transported? As far as the opposition from the White Tower, is worries me that Moraine may be alone in her firm opposition to the Dark One, or maybe just in her belief that the boys are connected? Though it seems that our magic guides are always standing alone doesn’t it? ;-)

2. Turns out a side effect of using magic is taking foolish chances and acting giddy, sound like any boys we know? What do you think is happening to Rand? Mat?

It seems like Rand must have been suffering a side effect of using magic, but I just can’t think of what he used the magic for…. Since it would have had to happen a while before the incident with the Whitecloaks and have been something he desperately needed and “magically” got to happen…. That doesn’t bode well for when Moraine figures it out though. Mat, however, may not have that excuse, since he could just have been being giddy and foolish as he normally is. And now we know that this dagger he stole may be affecting him…. Oh Mat :(.

3. Egwene and Perrin end up wandering very far afield, why do you think the land is so thoroughly abandoned? Not just of people, but also of animals, if we assume that Perrin isn’t that horrible of a tracker ;-)?

I’m not quite sure, but did they venture into land that was closer to where the Trollocs had been troubling? Maybe the people moved away because they couldn’t deal with all the violence any more, but that doesn’t explain why they couldn’t seem to find any animals at all. There definitely seems to be some deathly influence scaring things away, though I’m not sure why Elyas didn’t mention it, or didn’t have trouble finding game. Maybe Perrin is just a horrible tracker, ha!

4. Elyas and his wolves! What do you think of this new type of magic and Perrin’s new skills? How about what Elyas said about “Old things coming again” and the Aes Sedai not being happy about it?

Generally I don’t approve of there being too many types of magic in one world because it gets confusing, unrealistic and convenient. However, I like the explanation that there was an older magic there before the Aes Sedai came and that the wolves have been separate from the humans for a long time, and for some reason the wolf magic has come back. I’m not sure how Perrin’s skills are going to integrate into the plot as a whole, though, since it seems like that won’t allow him to be a part of some crazy Aes Sedai magic plot. I love the “Old things coming again” line, since it starts to explain why the Trollocs invaded when they did and why everything is happening now for the boys. Something major is coming and has been building for a while, and by something, it seems to be something that has to do with the very magic of the world.

5. Rand had another dream, but we can’t be sure if the other boys did or not…. In it there was mention of the Eye of the World serving him, what do you think the Eye of the World is? Any other ideas for what this dream meant?

The Eye of the World might be some sort of magic device? It seems likely at least, though it must be semi-sentient or have some programming on it that enables it to choose who it will serve and who isn’t worthy ;-). From what we read of the other boys, it sounds like their dreams have been fine, at least Perrin mentioned that he didn’t have any of those nightmares. Maybe it was proximity to Rand that was causing them? At the end of the dream, it seemed to Rand that his face became the Dark One’s, which makes me worry that the Dark One is trying to possess him or something similar…. Just tell Moraine!!!

6. Domon told many tales about fantastic sights across the land, which was your favorite? :D

The crystal lattice covering the island that hums when the moon is up! I would totally go study that and try to figure out if it was alive or not >.> but I’m not a nerd or anything haha.

7. The Tinkers’ had an interesting and scary tale to tell. What do you think about this new omen about the Dark One? Why do you think the Tinkers’ thought Elyas would know more?

I think it’s safe to say that Elyas doesn’t want to reveal his past yet, but it will be important to Perrin and Egwene’s journey in the next couple sections. Perhaps he fought against the Trollocs himself at one point? The tale is further confirmation that the Dark One is stirring and up to no good, and Perrin and Egwene need to find Moraine to tell her this even more now.

Your turn! What did you think of this section? We learned a lot more about the world that the boys and Egwene have been thrown into and what a world it is! I just hope Thom is okay… he wouldn’t really have been killed already would he?? But no spoilers if you’ve read ahead! ;-)

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  1. 1. I think most of the Aes Sedai are active in opposing the Dark One, though there is supposed to be a hidden Black Ajah . . . but I think they all have their own ideas about how to proceed. Some, like the Red Ajah, want to gentle all men who can draw on the One Power, but others think that isn’t the best idea.

    2. That dagger is a BAD thing, Mat . . . put it down NOW! :(

    4. This feels more like a skill or talent to me, like with Min, so I’m not sure that it is a whole different magic system. However, I do like the fact that Perrin gets to be something really cool: I get the impression that he normally is the dull one of the trio! :D

    5. Oh, I like your idea about Perrin’s dreams being affected by being close to Rand. This suggests that Perrin can now be discounted as the Dragon Reborn . . . although I thought that the wolves were protecting him in his dreams until the Dark One broke through that protection . . .

    7. I am beginning to suspect that almost all the characters that have an influence on the plot are going to have some significance later on in the story. We saw this with Domon and the trollocs chasing his ship . . . that suggests that he has done something to annoy the Dark One and that he will be significant later. We already know that Thom is not exactly what he seems, and Lan is the last heir to some title or other . . . everyone seems to have aspects to their history that are hidden at the moment.

    • So is there some White Ajah out there that just plays with kittens? Seriously, are there any less scary ones??? ;-)

      I definitely agree that all these semi-random characters will show up again and play into the plot in a big way, I love it when authors flawlessly bring it all together in the end and you are just left wondering, wow, how did their brain come up with that?? I just hope Thom isn’t exactly what he seems in a “I can beat a Fade’s butt” kind of way….

  2. I think for standalone books or mainly action-driven series, having 1 magic system works well. However, for plot heavy fantasies, I find multiple magic systems to be more realistic, and much more entertaining. I mean, you can only do so much with one system before it becomes repetitive and predictable, or the author breaks his/her own magic rules to allow for some unprecedented outcome.

    So, I am glad there is some sort of wolf magic going on. And perhaps some malevolent magic attached to that dagger of Mat’s that isn’t attached to The Dark One.

    • That is true, I completely forgot about the dagger as well which is obviously influencing Mat! Oh Mat, please don’t go too crazy :(

  3. Eivind Fonn says:

    Warning: Comment from someone who has read it all.

    1. I honestly don’t quite remember what they were talking about. Anyway, you’ll see soon what the trollocs are using.

    2. You’re right on the money, of course. Rand can indeed channel, and I’ll be interested to hear if you have any theories about when/why he channeled to cause these episode(s). Remember they should have taken place several days in advance, getting progressively closer each time.

    I’m afraid Mat is just being Mat, however.

    3. I don’t remember if this is ever explained thoroughly. On the whole, civilisation is still recovering from the breaking, the Trolloc wars and the war of the hundred years. You’ll find this desolation in many places. I don’t think there is anything magical behind it.

    4. The wolves are among my favourite… er, concepts, in the series. Aes Sedai consider themselves experts on all things supernatural, and they would consider this their domain. They don’t like and prefer to ignore that there are powers that they can’t understand, and that aren’t related to the OP. If you’re hoping that this will keep Aes Sedai off Perrin’s back I’m afraid you are sadly mistaken. They decide where to meddle and they won’t take no for an answer.

    5. I’ll shut up on this one.

    6. Ha, I don’t remember any. :(

    7. Well, there’s more to Elyas than meets the eye, for sure. And I’m not just talking about wolves either.

    • Haha, thanks for the warning! prefer to mostly avoid spoilers ahead of the section for each week ;-)

      Yup, I just can’t figure out what Rand actually did magic for to get the side effects… hmmm ;-)

      Thanks for joining us this week :D It’s fun to know things are just going to get more exciting!

    • The Aes Sedai spend far too much time meddling and poking their noses into inconsequential stuff and ignoring the important stuff . . . it is quite frustrating! :D

  4. Great answers! I hope Thom’s okay too. I wish they’d gotten to spend more time in Whitebridge. It was such an interesting place and they had to go from it so fast! Hopefully we’ll see both it and the gleeman again. :D My Read-along. :D

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